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Genuine Lexus transmission overhaul price in HCM
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Gear is a key part of the vehicle, responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels, while adjusting speed and torque to suit the driver's needs. When a transmission is damaged, it can significantly affect performance, increase fuel consumption, and even cause serious engine and transmission problems.

Lexus transmission overhaul is an important solution to prolong the life and improve the performance of the vehicle, and is also a service that many car owners are interested in and choose when they have problems with the transmission system. Taking your car for regular maintenance and promptly detecting signs of damage is also a good way to prevent major problems and avoid expensive repair costs in the future.

Working for many years in the field of auto repair and maintenance, Thanh Phong Auto Understand the complex structure, how to diagnose and repair the damage of the Lexus gearbox. Therefore, we confidently bring Genuine Lexus car gearbox overhaul service in Ho Chi Minh City quality, let's explore!

Professional lexus auto transmission overhaul service hcm
Professional lexus car gearbox overhaul service, good price HCM

Why Lexus Car Gearbox Degraded And Damaged?

Lexus car gearbox Deterioration and deterioration stem from many different causes. Here are some common reasons you should consider:

  • Using the wrong type of transmission oil: Using an oil of poor quality or not suitable for your vehicle's transmission can cause wear and damage to this part.
  • Low or high oil pressure: Oil pressure needs to be maintained at a stable level, about 2,5 - 4 kg/cm2. If the oil pressure is too low, it is not enough to lubricate the gearbox, leading to rapid wear and damage. On the contrary, when the oil pressure is too high, it will damage the oil pump, oil filter ... and affect the operation of the gearbox.
  • Technical error: Technical errors in the production or assembly of the engine can also cause damage to the Lexus transmission.
  • No routine maintenance: Failure to perform routine maintenance or to replace damaged parts properly can cause deterioration and damage to your car's transmission.
  • Vehicle use history: Lexus vehicles that have been used in harsh environments or subjected to repeated bumps can cause damage to the car's transmission.
  • Carrying an overloaded mass: Using an overloaded Lexus car or operating it at high speed for a long time can also cause damage to the car's transmission.
  • Using unsuitable components: The replacement of parts that are not quality can affect the operation of Lexus cars, wear and damage the gearbox.

Signs That Know When It's Time to Overhaul Lexus Gearbox

In the process of using Lexus cars, if you notice the following problems, you should quickly take the car away gearbox overhaul:

  • The car shakes or jerks when shifting gears.
  • Hear louder-than-normal engine noises.
  • Having trouble starting the car, especially when in automatic mode.
  • Having trouble shifting gears or shifting gears is not smooth.
  • The transmission oil is dirty or out of oil.
  • Detects oil that has a burning smell or changes in color.
  • Difficult to cut clutch or slow clutch.
  • The control panel displays a transmission error light.
prestigious lexus car gearbox overhaul garage hcm
What should be noted in the overhaul of the Lexus car gearbox?

Attention: If the Lexus car does not appear the above signs, you should still have it checked after running for 50.000 km to ensure smooth and smooth operation.

Genuine Lexus Car Transmission Overhaul Service in HCM?

Overhaul Lexus car transmission help your vehicle operate smoothly, efficiently and prolong its life. Thereby helping to save fuel, reduce maintenance and repair costs and keep the value of the car from being worn out too much over time.

Because the Lexus car gearbox has a rather complicated structure, car owners need to have it overhauled at reputable addresses, with a team of good technicians and modern and advanced machinery. With many years of operation in the field of auto repair and maintenance, Thanh Phong Auto confidently bring Professional, high quality genuine Lexus car gearbox overhaul service at an affordable cost.

- Genuine Lexus Car Transmission Overhaul Service in HCMC
PROFESSIONAL car gearbox overhaul service – GOOD PRICE HCM

Advantages of the service:

  • Performed by a team of technicians who are highly trained and experienced in repairing and overhauling Lexus automotive transmissions.
  • Solve gearbox problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Use genuine parts to ensure the quality and durability of the parts being replaced.
  • Professional working process, the process of overhauling Lexus gearboxes quickly and thoroughly.
  • Applying modern machinery and advanced technology to overhaul Lexus car transmissions safely and accurately.
  • Providing optimal and suitable gearbox overhaul solutions for each vehicle case, saving costs while ensuring smooth operation of the vehicle.
  • Good after-sales service, warranty replacement parts according to the company's policy.

Present, Thanh Phong Auto nhận gearbox overhaul almost every model of Lexus and other popular brands such as: Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Toyota, Land Rover...

Frequently Asked Questions About Lexus Transmission Overhaul

1. What steps does the Lexus car transmission overhaul process at Thanh Phong Auto include?

The Lexus transmission overhaul process at Thanh Phong Auto includes 6 main steps:

  • General inspection and diagnosis of gearbox
  • Disassemble, clean and evaluate the condition of parts
  • Replace damaged components with genuine spare parts
  • Reassemble the gearbox and check for accuracy
  • Thay train oil and test run
  • Cleaning, handing over vehicles and consulting on maintenance

2. How long does it take to overhaul a Lexus car transmission?

Normally, the time it takes to overhaul a Lexus car transmission ranges from 2-4 days depending on the level of damage.

In cases of severe damage, repair time can last 5-7 days.

3. How much does it cost to overhaul a Lexus transmission?

The cost of overhauling a Lexus transmission depends on the following factors:

  • Lexus car models and models
  • Degree of damage to the gearbox
  • Price of genuine replacement parts

At Thanh Phong Auto, the cost of overhauling a gearbox ranges from 12-30 million VND. In addition, you can refer Price list of Lexus car parts Latest updated today.

4. Does Thanh Phong Auto have a mobile transmission rescue and repair service?

Currently, Thanh Phong Auto does not provide mobile transmission repair services. Please contact us in advance to schedule and bring your car directly to our garage for the best support.

5. How long does Thanh Phong Auto warranty overhaul a Lexus transmission?

Warranty period depends on the condition of the gearbox and replacement components.

Genuine components are warranted for 6 - 12 months or 10.000 - 20.000 km depending on type.

With transmission oil, the warranty is 3 - 6 months or 5.000 - 10.000 km.

6. Notes to make Lexus transmission more durable and less damaged?

To make the Lexus transmission more durable, car owners should:

  • Warm up the engine before moving, do not shift into reverse gear when the car is still cold
  • Change gears gently, do not steer or apply the clutch suddenly
  • Do not let the vehicle be overloaded or run at high speeds continuously
  • Check and change the transmission oil periodically according to the company's recommendations
  • Regularly maintain overall vehicle maintenance to detect abnormalities early

7. What will be the consequences if the Lexus transmission is not repaired promptly?

If not overhauled and maintained promptly, the Lexus transmission can have serious problems:

  • The transmission malfunctions, causing gear slippage and difficulty shifting gears
  • Wear of parts inside the gearbox, leading to component damage
  • Causes loud noise and vibration when operating
  • Reduces engine life, affecting performance and driving safety
  • Expensive repair and replacement costs for the gearbox if the damage is too severe

8. Why should you choose Lexus transmission overhaul service at Thanh Phong Auto?

You should choose Lexus transmission overhaul at Thanh Phong Auto because:

  • A team of experienced and well-trained technicians
  • Using modern machinery, equipment and advanced technology
  • 100% genuine replacement parts, quality guaranteed
  • Professional working process, saving repair time
  • Good after-sales warranty policy, enthusiastic customer support
  • Service prices are competitive compared to the general market level
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