Genuine Vinfast Automotive Gearbox Overhaul Service In Ho Chi Minh City

Vinfast Car Gearbox Overhaul

Gear is an important part to ensure effective transmission between the engine and the wheel Vinfast cars. However, the gearbox can be worn or damaged after a period of use, causing the car to lose power, transmission error ...

Therefore, the Vinfast automobile gearbox overhaul will help increase the life of the gearbox, the car will work better and save more fuel. Thereby providing a safe and comfortable driving experience for you.

You are in HCM and need to overhaul a genuine Vinfast gearbox, Thanh Phong Auto Confidence is a prestigious destination for you with Professional, quality service - genuine spare parts - reasonable price.

Find out more information about the service with the following article!

1 Causes of Damage to Vinfast Automotive Gearbox

Vinfast car gearbox Damage can be caused by the following:

  • Due to the fault of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • The process of disassembling gearbox accessories is not up to technical standards, causing damage and lack of gearbox details.
  • Driving without technical standards, carrying overloaded goods creates large frictional forces on the transmission, increasing temperature and increasing wear and tear of parts in the gearbox.
  • Using the wrong oil or not enough oil to supply the gearbox; cause wear, gearbox damage due to improper lubrication of internal components.
  • Gearboxes that have been used for too long cause parts to degrade over time.
  • Failure to maintain (check, clean, lubricate) the gearbox periodically causes wear and tear.
Vinfast Car Gearbox Overhaul
Vinfast Car Gearbox Overhaul

2 Signs Vinfast Automotive Needs Overhaul Gearbox

When Vinfast cars encounter any of the following signs, you need to take your car to a reputable auto service center to have the gearbox checked & overhauled:

  • The car is difficult to start: a damaged gearbox will make it difficult to start the car because the inner gears cannot move.
  • Engine vibration: the gearbox is damaged, causing the engine to not be fully driven when operating; cause a noticeable shaking sensation if the vehicle is accelerating or running at high speed.
  • A damaged transmission can cause the vehicle to make strange noises when changing speeds.
  • Difficulty shifting gears indicates a possible damage to the transmission.
  • Gearbox failure can cause the lubricant in the transmission to be dirty or have a burning smell.

3 Benefits When Overhauling Genuine Vinfast Auto Gearbox

Overhaul Vinfast automobile gearbox Genuine brings many benefits, specifically:

  • Increase gearbox life: helps the gearbox operate more smoothly, efficiently and sustainably.
  • Increased safety: ensure the gearbox operates stably, reducing the risk of damage and breakdown.
  • Increase performance and save fuel: effective gearbox overhaul helps to increase the vehicle's performance, the car runs smoother and saves fuel.
  • Reduce maintenance costs: overhaul helps the gearbox operate stably, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Increase car value: if you plan to sell your car in the future, an overhaul of the genuine transmission will help increase the value of the car.
Vinfast Car Gearbox Overhaul Garage Hcm
Vinfast Car Gearbox Overhaul Process

note: The process of overhauling Vinfast automobile gearboxes is only guaranteed to be effective if it is carried out in the correct process - technique and using genuine spare parts. For more peace of mind, it's best to go to a reputable repair garage - get a genuine and professional Vinfast auto gearbox overhaul.

4 Thanh Phong Auto – Providing Professional Vinfast Auto Gearbox Overhaul Service In HCM

Vinfast car gearbox structure with many complex details, so not all units have enough experience and capacity to gearbox overhaul accurate, efficient. With many years of operation in the profession, owning a team of skilled technicians and modern machinery system, Thanh Phong Auto confidently provide Professional and genuine Vinfast car gearbox overhaul service.

Genuine Vinfast Car Gearbox Overhaul Service in Ho Chi Minh City Professional Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023
Vinfast Car Gearbox Overhaul Service at Thanh Phong Auto

There are 2 large branches in Nha Be and District 7, Thanh Phong Auto is ready to quickly and effectively serve the needs of customers in Ho Chi Minh City to overhaul gearboxes. Thanh Phong Auto overhauls Vinfast automotive gearboxes with the following items:

  • Check the gearbox, advise the appropriate overhaul solution.
  • Replace train oil Genuine.
  • Repair, genuine replacement of damaged gearbox parts.
  • Recheck all components to make sure the transmission is working at its best.

Thanh Phong Auto's commitment:

  • Overhaul the Vinfast gearbox properly, following the company's standard procedures to prolong the life and performance of the gearbox.
  • A team of highly skilled technicians ensures in-depth knowledge and flexibility in gearbox overhaul.
  • 2 spacious garages, fully invested in facilities, modern specialized equipment for the most accurate transmission inspection - disassembly - diagnosis process.
  • Only use genuine parts, clear origin.
  • Dedicated advice; Transparent, affordable and non-trivial quotes.
  • Clear and long-term warranty policy.

Above is information about Genuine Vinfast Automotive Gearbox Overhaul Service In Ho Chi Minh City of Thanh Phong Auto. Currently, Thanh Phong Auto receives gearbox overhaul for most cars from popular to high-end. Any service inquiries, you can contact with us for a thorough consultation.

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