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Notes When Installing 3M Heat Insulation Film on High-Quality Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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For those who sit in cars for many hours, especially when moving the car in hot weather, it is important to know how important the car insulation film is. On the market today there are many different types of insulation films, but the most popular product is 3M insulation film. So note when 3M insulation film of cars including what? To find out more about this, we invite you to follow the article below.

What is window film? Effects and Cautions When Pasteuring 3M Insulation Cars

Applying Heat Insulation Film to Cars Brings Many Benefits
Applying Heat Insulation Film to Cars Brings Many Benefits 

The effects of insulation film

What is insulation film? You can simply understand that insulation film is a thin film used to paste on the surface of car glass. The main effects of insulation films are: Anti-heat, reducing ultraviolet rays on the car, protecting your skin and family, saving fuel, protecting the interior of the car, increasing the durability of the glass, beautify the car.

3M insulation film

3M window films are quite famous brand. The feature of 3m window film is that it has low internal and external reflectivity, which helps people in the car have better visibility.

How is genuine 3M insulation film of good quality? The criteria for evaluating the quality of 3M insulation films:

  • The insulation film is dark and can block ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet ray.
  • Good surface of 3m window film must have smooth, taut surface and do not cause eye-ache when driving.
  • Good insulation film after use time will not be peeling cause loss of aesthetics or affect vision.
Need to Choose Genuine 3M Heat Insulation Film
Need to Choose Genuine 3M Heat Insulation Film

Notes when applying 3M insulation cars

1. Need to find genuine 3m insulation film of good quality

  • There is a reflective "safe driving" stamp: this is a sign that helps you recognize the actual 3M automotive insulation film. Not only that, reflective stamps also help ensure safety for vehicles when traveling at night.
  • There is always an electronic warranty card and a serial number with the product: An authorized distributor of 3m insulation film is distributed with an electronic warranty card. Especially all information related to the product package is included in the warranty card.
  • Brand identity logo: On genuine 3M insulation films, there will always be a brand identity logo with sharp, subtle lines.

2. Choose a reputable construction unit

The reason you should choose a reputable 3M insulation film construction unit because:

  • Professional construction team, ensuring product quality is genuine
  • The product is adhered to the standard rules and is guaranteed not to affect the visibility of people in the car.
  • There are many warranty policies and attractive offers.
You Should Look For A Reputable Place To Install Heat Insulation Film
You Should Look For A Reputable Place To Install Heat Insulation Film

These are just the pasting points of car window films that we want to share. Wish you find the right kind of insulation film to use. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

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