3 Notes When Oto Nano Film Stickers Should Not Be Ignored

3 Things to Note When Installing Nano Film on Oto Cars You Should Not Ignore the Quality of Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 16, 12

Nano film for cars will help cool air inside the vehicle from escaping. From there help the car always cool and people will feel relaxed and more comfortable. So when Nano car film stickersWhat do you need to keep in mind? Please share with us the note when pasting Nano cars in the article below.

Issues You Need to Pay Attention to When Applying Nano Film to Cars
Issues You Need to Pay Attention to When Applying Nano Film to Cars 

Benefits of applying Nano car films

Nano automotive film pasting will help remove UV rays from the sun. This is one of the causes of adversely affecting the skin of people in the car. Besides, they also bring many other benefits such as reducing the sun's heat and helping drivers not to be dazzled during driving.

Nano car film stickers also help the interior of the car to be preserved in the best way. From there help your car increase life expectancy and you will feel relaxed during your journey more.

Car Nano Film Stickers Help Maintain Car Interior Equipment
Car Nano Film Stickers Help Maintain Car Interior Equipment

+ Note: 2 noted when covering the underbody of cars to help the car operate more smoothly

The note when car Nano film stickers you should know

  1. Choose to buy Nano quality films

To ensure the car avoids environmental impacts, it is essential that you choose to buy Nano film. You should buy them at reputable garages because there are fake, poor quality nano films on the market. You can check this fidelity by illuminating the infrared light before and after Nano car film stickers.

  1. Comply with the process of applying Nano film for professional cars

  • Prepare necessary tools such as drying tools, spray bottles, specialized rollers, scissors, etc. Note the environment for making nano films to be airtight and temperature from 25 to 30 degree C.
  • Carefully clean the exterior of the windshield with soap bubbles and water. Then proceed to create a nano film of cars by spreading the key roll on the glass surface. Then cut the film along the rim of the car and heat the nanoscale film to the adhesive.
  • Test the effect of nano film to ensure that the products you buy are up to the quality standards.
Thoroughly Clean the Exterior of the Car Before Applying Nano Film
Thoroughly Clean the Exterior of the Car Before Applying Nano Film

+ Note: 2 noted that when applying ceramic coating, cars can be protected effectively

  1. Find a reputable garage when applying Nano car film

For those who are clumsy, do not know the film or do not have time, you should take your car to the prestigious garage. Here, the technical staff will carry out cleaning and glue according to the process. Make sure the glass surface after applying Nano car film meets your requirements and help your family have a more comfortable trip.

Above have shared the note when Nano car film stickers You should not ignore. Thereby, in order for the film to always grip, you should lower the glass in 48 the first hour and carefully clean the glass.

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