Signs That Silencer Is Having Problems

- Signs that the Muffler is Having Problems
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The silencer is responsible for minimizing the sounds emanating from the engine area. This unit works on the principle of limiting the pressure on the gas pressure section, the gas velocity restricts noise.

The silencer is located between the exhaust pipe and behind the exhaust catalyst. In the event of a silencer malfunctioning your vehicle will often emit a sound and some other signs. This affects the effectiveness of the exhaust system is reduced.

In addition, when the muffler is punctured, CO will enter the cabin. The characteristic of CO is a colorless, odorless gas, produced in a chemical reaction during combustion of the engine. When the concentration of CO is low, it will cause dizziness headache or nausea for the driver. Long-term inhalation of CO can lead to unconsciousness or death.

Based on the user's essential needs, Thanh Phong Auto Send you some indication that your silencer is having problems?

04 Basic Signs That Your “Carnal” Silencer is In Problem.

The sound is coming from the exhaust unit.

Signs that the silencer is having problems

The sound coming from the state exhaust unit is a sign that the silencer is now in need of top repair. First, when the sound is emitted, the connection points for loose parts are uncertain. Once you have made sure all the connections are ok, take care of the silencer.

In addition, in some cars the silencer has a shield, when the shield is loose it also causes a clicking sound when the vehicle is moving but the silencer in this case is okay.

Appearance of rust on the surface of the silencer.

- Signs that the Muffler is Having Problems

Put the car in the right position so the hydraulic squadron fits under the car. Activate the hydraulic unit with your own force to lift one side of the vehicle. Raise to a height just high enough so that the user has enough space to burrow under the test. Do we look closely at the part where the silencer has holes or rust? If any of these signs appear, replace them immediately.

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Notice the amount of water draining from the silencer.

- Signs that the Muffler is Having Problems

It is normal to get steam from the silencer. In some vehicles, the bottom of the silencer has a hole design to escape water vapor. In case of water condensation, too much metal shell silencer is very easy to be corroded by chemical reaction.

Abnormal increase in engine temperature.

- Signs that the Muffler is Having Problems

After moving for a while, you need to pay attention to the engine temperature through the cooling water temperature meter. If the engine gets too hot, the meter will display, then the engine's exhaust system has a problem.

In addition, when the silencer is jammed, the exhaust will escape into the combustion chamber area. When the new fuel is not burnt completely, the engine warms up and produces a lot of CO and is harmful to users as mentioned above.

If you still feel unsure about the quality of the silencer, bring it to the center right away! Remember you must choose a reputable, quality repair center with a team of qualified and experienced engineers.

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Hopefully with information from Thanh Phong Auto The above offers will help you gain more knowledge in taking care of your beloved driver. If you need to find a quality and reputable car maintenance and repair unit, you can contact Thanh Phong's service. Thanh Phong Auto will surely bring you absolute satisfaction with its service.


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