Signs of a Broken Ignition Bobbin & How to Check

Signs of a Broken Ignition Bobbin &Amp; How to Professionally Check Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
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Bobin (or Mobin) ignition is in detail a car's ignition systemIt is responsible for supplying incoming current bugs create sparks to burn fuel, create motion. If this part is damaged, it will greatly affect the operation of the vehicle, so it is necessary to detect and take appropriate measures to replace it when the coil is damaged.

So how to know if the ignition coil is damaged? How to check for accuracy? To answer the above question please Thanh Phong Auto Find out Signs That The Ignition Bobin Is Broken And How To Check In the following article.

Car Ignition Bobbin
Ignition Bobbin

Signs That The Ignition Bobin Is Broken

The engine exploded backwards

A damaged bobin will emit a strange noise on the exhaust, smell of fuel and emit colored smoke. In addition, it also causes the ignition time to be erroneous, the fuel that is not being used up is prone to fire in the hot exhaust storage, causing the engine to explode.

Fuel consumption

Because the ignition coil is damaged, the fuel is not fully burned, causing the engine's fuel consumption to increase.

The engine was disconnected

Quitting is a phenomenon that usually occurs when the coil is broken, and the engine will lose power, vibrate when operating or stall when accelerating.

The car has stalled

Failure of Bobin can cause a moving vehicle to stall because the spark plugs are not fired at this time, so the fuel cannot be burned, affecting the operation of the vehicle.

Engine fault indicator light

When the bobbin fails, the lamp will indicate an error on the taplo to warn the driver, at this time, the car should be taken to the nearest garage to be checked and replaced in time, ensuring the safety of the user and letting the car operate stably.

The engine is difficult to start

In addition to the above signs, when the engine is damaged, the engine is difficult to start. Because the engine is spinning now, but it won't start because there is no fire in the cylinders.

Operating Principle of Ignition Bobin
Operating Principle of Ignition System

How To Check The Ignition Bobin

Method 1: Perform the ignition coil spark test.

Step 1: Turn off the machine, open the capo to locate the ignition coil. Be careful to wear goggles or other insulation tools to avoid electric shock.

Step 2: Remove one of the high-voltage wires from its spark plug, it is recommended to use a replacement spark plug to test it to avoid damaging the spark plug. Then start the vehicle and observe the electrical sparks between the opening of the test spark plug.

Step 3: Remove the spark plug with a dedicated spark plug opening tube. Note that it is necessary to use a clean cloth or rag to cover the hole, not to let objects fall into the hole, and will cause damage to the vehicle engine.

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Step 4: Reinsert the spark plug on the cable or wire, use the spark plug thread to test the metal positions on the engine and observe.

Step 5: Remove the fuse or fuel pump relay and have the person start the car to power the electrical system. Observe that it is normal to see if the ignition turbine emits a blue spark, but if it is orange, there is a problem.

Step 6: Install the spark plug and reconnect it to the power cord in the original position.

How To Check The Ignition Bobin
Check Ignition Bobbin

Method 2: Check coil resistance

Step 1: Remove the ignition coil from the vehicle.

Step 2: Use a thermometer to measure resistance. Place the hydrometer probes on the electrodes of the primary and secondary winding.

Step 3: Observe the parameters. Usual standards for primary windings: 0,7 -1,7 Ω and 7.500 - 10.500 Ω for secondary windings.

If the resistor value is beyond the specifications even by a small amount, you should also take the car to the center to be checked and replaced as they may be damaged.

Above is the information about Signs of a Broken Ignition Bobbin And Alternative that Thanh Phong Auto has shared. Hopefully, the readers will have more experience in detecting and checking the coil when needed.

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