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Signs That Your Car's Spark Plug Is Having Problems Best Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Spark plugs are an important component in the ignition system of a car engine. The main function of the spark plug is to create an electric spark to ignite the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, starting the engine's working cycle. However, due to operating in harsh environments with high temperatures and high pressures, spark plugs are easily worn out or damaged over time, affecting the performance and operability of the engine.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) recommends: Replace spark plugs periodically as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure optimal ignition performance. SAE research shows that worn or inefficient spark plugs can increase fuel consumption by up to 5%.

To recognize signs that spark plugs are having problems and promptly fix them, don't miss the article below.

What are car spark plugs?

Spark plugs are known as the last set of components in the ignition system. The mission is to generate sparks between the central electrode and the electrode of the cool connector to ignite the air and fuel.

Car Spark Plugs
Car Spark Plugs

How to check spark plugs by color

  • Spark plugs are brick red or yellow brown: When checking spark plugs that are brick red or yellow brown, you can rest assured because the ignition system is still working well.
Bigi Golden Brown Is Working Well
Bigi Golden Brown Is Working Well
  • Spark plugs are black and dry: With this condition, your spark plugs may be having problems such as: fuel is not burned completely, or the spark plug wire is expired, the carburetor is broken, the piston is worn, should be checked and replaced promptly.
Black Spark Plug Dry Fuel Parts Are Having Problems
Black Spark Plug Dry Fuel Parts Are Having Problems
  • Spark plugs are white: This condition may be due to the spark plug not being suitable, reducing performance, or the cooling system malfunctioning, lack of fuel, etc.
  • Black and wet spark plugs: The cause may be due to oil leaking into the cylinder and the oil being burned, creating a layer of black soot on the ceramic shell of the spark plug.

Spark plugs are extremely worn

Spark plugs are worn out due to the following reasons:

  • Spark plugs have an inappropriate amount of heat.
  • Lack of air to fuel.
  • Ignition time sooner.
  • Engine lubrication is not enough
Spark Plugs and 5 Signs Related to Best Engine Condition Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023 Garage
Extremely Worn Spark Plug

Some signs show that car spark plugs are having problems

The most accurate signs that car spark plugs are having problems:

  • Consumes more fuel: If you have a spark plug problem, it can cause the engine to consume more fuel than usual.
  • Engine not starting: Could be due to worn, contaminated spark plugs, cracked spark plug wires or other problems.
  • Unstable engine light: The ECM is very sensitive so it can detect if it detects misfire in the cylinder.
  • Difficulty starting the car: When the spark plug is worn, it is difficult to ignite, leading to difficulty starting the car.
  • Slow response: This is also considered a sign that your spark plug is having a problem. This will often cause the vehicle to suddenly jerk.
  • Poor power: Faulty spark plugs or weak ignition may not produce a strong enough spark to ignite the fuel and produce the necessary power.
Signs of Spark Plug Problems
Signs of Spark Plug Problems

How to choose the right spark plug for your car

Choosing the right spark plug is extremely important, it will help to operate at its proper capacity and function, limiting the problems of damage to the vehicle. Therefore, to choose the best and most suitable automobile spark plug, it is necessary to base on the following basic principles:

  • For vehicles running short distances, low engine speeds, engines with low compression ratio, also known as small distribution, should choose the type of hot spark plug.
  • In contrast to cars that often run long distances, heavy loads, run at high speed, the most suitable option is the cold spark plug.

Currently on the market there are 2 most popular types of spark plugs are DENSO and NGK. How to identify those who have no experience are:

  • The smaller the heat index: the hotter the spark plug.
  • The higher the heat index: the cooler the spark plug.
Popular Types of Spark Plugs Today
Popular Types of Spark Plugs Today

Most frequently asked questions about car spark plugs

1. What effect does spark plug have in a car engine?

Car spark plugs plays an important role in creating a spark to ignite the air and fuel mixture in the engine's combustion chamber. Thanks to that, the engine can operate and generate power to operate the vehicle.

2. Why are car spark plugs often broken?

Spark plugs must operate in harsh environments with high temperatures and pressures. In addition, impurities from fuel and lubricants can also stick to the spark plug and cause damage. Therefore, spark plugs are susceptible to wear and tear and need to be periodically maintained and replaced.

3. How long does it take to replace car spark plugs?

Depending on the vehicle type and usage conditions, the spark plug replacement cycle is usually from 20.000 - 30.000 km or 1-2 years. Refer to your vehicle owner's manual to learn the correct spark plug change interval for your vehicle.

4. What are the consequences of using poor quality spark plugs?

Using poor quality spark plugs can lead to:

  • Reduced engine performance and power
  • Increase fuel consumption
  • Causes the engine to be difficult to start, slow to start, and vibrate
  • Damages other parts in the engine

5. How to clean car spark plugs?

Steps to clean spark plugs:

  • Remove the spark plug from the engine
  • Use a wire brush to remove dirt and soot on the spark plug
  • Use fine sandpaper to gently sand the electrode surface
  • Clean the spark plug with gasoline or solvent
  • Dry and install the spark plug back into the engine

6. What is the standard spark plug gap for cars?

Standard spark plug gap is usually in the range of 0.6 - 1.1 mm depending on the engine type. A gap that is too large or too small negatively affects the spark plug's ignition performance. You should refer to the manual to adjust the spark plug gap appropriately.

5. How many spark plugs do cars use?

The number of spark plugs on a car corresponds to the number of cylinders in the engine. For example:

  • The 4-cylinder engine uses 4 spark plugs
  • The 6-cylinder engine uses 6 spark plugs
  • The 8-cylinder engine uses 8 spark plugs

6. Can I change my car's spark plugs at home?

You can completely change your car's spark plugs at home if you have the necessary tools and knowledge. Steps to replace spark plugs include:

  • Disconnect the battery
  • Disconnect the high voltage wire and remove the old spark plug
  • Check, clean or replace new spark plugs
  • Adjust spark plug electrode gap
  • Install the spark plug into the engine and reconnect the high voltage wire
  • Reconnect the battery

However, if you are not confident in your abilities, you should take your car to a garage to have a professional replace the spark plugs.

7. Can car spark plugs be reused?

If the spark plug is still in good condition, you can reuse it after cleaning and adjusting the electrode gap. However, if the spark plug is too old, worn or damaged, it needs to be replaced to ensure engine performance.

8. How to distinguish real and fake spark plugs?

To distinguish between real and fake spark plugs:

  • Check the manufacturer's packaging and anti-counterfeit stamps
  • Observe the quality and sophistication of the spark plug
  • Compare prices, avoid buying unusually cheap spark plugs
  • Only buy spark plugs from authorized, reputable dealers
  • Check the product code on the manufacturer's website

9. Is it better for cars to use hot spark plugs or cold spark plugs?

Choosing hot or cold spark plugs depends on the engine type and operating conditions:

  • Hot spark plugs are suitable for engines with low compression ratios, or running at low speeds and short distances
  • Cold spark plugs are suitable for engines with high compression ratios, or running at high speeds, heavy loads, and long distances. Using the right type of spark plug will help optimize engine performance and avoid ignition problems.

With the information that we have provided above will certainly be very helpful for many car owners. Please save it for later reference. Especially if your car is experiencing one of the above conditions, do not hesitate to take it to Thanh Phong Auto to be tested, repaired and replaced by our experienced technicians to help your horse work best.

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