Signs That Wheel Bearings Are Damaged

Signs That The Wheel Bearing Is Damaged Genuine Genuine Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
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Once the car has emitted strange sounds, loud noises, it is certain that the details, some parts of the car are having problems. The bearing is also one of the details of the car that will make a loud noise when it is "unwell". 

So how to Recognize wheel bearings are damaged? The following article Thanh Phong Auto Please send you information to help identify the problematic bearings, which can be overcome promptly. Stay tuned!

Signs of Damaged Wheel Bearings

What is the wheel bearing concept?

Signs That The Wheel Bearing Is Damaged Genuine Genuine Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
What is a car wheel bearing?

Wheel bearings are a form of shaft support, a collection of steel balls made of an indispensable metal ring in the parts that need to reduce friction. The ball bearings will change from the sliding friction of the two parts when moving and contacting each other into rolling friction between the balls. 

They are used on all types of vehicles from bicycles, motorcycles, cars to airplanes. For cars, the wheels will be fitted with a metal shaft called semi-shaft through the hub, on the bearing frame that will be fitted behind the trailer.

When the bearing is about to be broken, there are usually the following signs

- The bearing assembly temperature has increased abnormally.

Makes harsh noises and hisses.

- Vibration increased higher.

When the bearing has signs of damage, how will it make a sound?

Signs That The Wheel Bearing Is Damaged Genuine Genuine Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
A bearing with a sign of damage will sound like something

Once the failed bearing will make a lot of noise, you will have to drive to hear the sound again because it is difficult to diagnose. Therefore, when damaged, it will cause many difficulties for new technicians. However, for experienced and skilled technicians like Thanh Phong Auto, it is not difficult. 

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Possible causes result in damage to the bearing

- In all cases, when the dust seal on the bearing is damaged or even broken, the noise generated will be very small at first, but then gradually the noise gets louder over time. We can imagine the sound of that sound similar to the sound of the wheel when rolling on a slow speed road and not very loud.

- When the vehicle is moving at a speed of 65km / h and steers to the left and right very gently, if the noise gradually subsides when you turn right, this proves that your left wheel bearing can be damaged and vice versa. But you should pay special attention that you should not do it on wet roads and should only rotate the steering wheel a small angle enough to give the car a slight shake.

Signs That The Wheel Bearing Is Damaged Genuine Genuine Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
Possible causes result in bearing damage

What method is used to determine the location of the noise?

  • If the bearing is damaged we can use a stethoscope to diagnose or a large screwdriver to hear the sound emitted on the wheel bearing. 
  • Note that the wheel should spin at a speed of 65km / h if you want to hear the sound of bearings.
  • If you use a screwdriver to listen to the sound, you should never put the screwdriver in the rotating parts on the wheel, because they can turn out to be dangerous.

Instructions on how to replace the wheel bearings when damaged

Although the wheel bearings will not immediately be damaged, they emit loud, loud and annoying sounds for both the driver and the driver. Besides, they cause the car to consume engines due to increased friction, so we should pay attention and need to replace them immediately. 

Signs That The Wheel Bearing Is Damaged Genuine Genuine Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
How to replace the wheel bearings when damaged

In the event that only one bearing is damaged, it is not necessary to replace a bearing, because the bearing is a permanent part on a car. On the other hand, replacing them is also quite difficult and not very easy, because if they are replaced, other parts of the car also need to be removed to be replaced. 

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However if your car is there Damaged wheel bearings you should bring your car to the garage for repair. Thanh Phong Auto is a garage address specializing in repairing quality and professional cars. Bring your car to Thanh Phong Auto to be diagnosed, fix the problem related to the most effective drive offline!

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