Instructions for Checking Gasoline Pump For Cars

- Instructions for Checking Gas Pumps for Cars
Latest update date: February 07, 09

Car fuel pump is an important part, which is responsible for bringing gasoline from the tank to the injector, thereby pushing fuel into the combustion chamber and helping the car operate. If this part is damaged, the motor will lose its capacity and directly affect many other parts and operation of the car. Therefore, to help you quickly identify and test your car fuel pump easily, Thanh Phong Auto Please share the following basic instructions:

Instructions for Checking Gasoline Pump For Cars

1. Signs that Gasoline Pump Is Damaged

Usually, gasoline pumps are very durable. However, when used too continuously or too long, this unit will also encounter some problems:

- Instructions for Checking Gas Pumps for Cars

  • The pump is overheated

After operating for a while, the fuel level in the tank will gradually decrease. If the fuel level is too low, the fuel pump will not be cooled sufficiently and will overheat. This can easily cause the fuel pump to be damaged and the check engine light will not be on.

  • The ability to pump gasoline is weakened

When checking in the port of loading in the engine compartment, if you feel that the gas pressure is lower than normal, it is possible that your petrol pump has a problem in the pipeline or is weakening. This is also the reason why your pet does not work "smoothly".

  • There is no noise in the gas tank when starting

When starting the car (the ignition is turned ON), if there is no noise coming from the fuel tank area, your car may have the following damage: Damaged fuel pump, A some wiring, the power relay has a problem.

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  • The pump is contaminated

When overworked or contaminated, the fuel pump will not be sufficiently lubricated and cooled. Thereby leading to the risk of the fuel pump unit overheating when the fuel level is too low, causing damage and malfunctions in operation. The performance of the fuel pump is also significantly reduced from contamination.

  • Vehicles with sudden signs of stalling

The easiest sign of recognition is probably the car suddenly stalling while running. After stopping the car for a while, the car can return to normal. Or in the case the car only starts for a few minutes, then engine and can not be started again.

2. So, How to Check the Oto Gasoline Pump?

  • Check the electrical system section of the petrol pump

- Instructions for Checking Gas Pumps for Cars

Step 1: Check the fuel pump fuse

You can use your car manual to find out the fuse box and the fuse position of the gas pump:

If the fuse burns: then you replace it with a new fuse of the same ampere level. If after replacing and restarting the car, the fuse still burns, possibly due to a short circuit. You should take the car to the garage for a quick repair.

If the fuse does not burn: Please ask someone to turn on the car keys, and you have to pay attention to see if the fuel pump relay jumps.

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Step 2: Check the voltage at the petrol pump

The manual of the car has the Procedures for checking the voltage of the petrol pump to check whether the petrol pump relay is damaged?

Step 3: Use a VOM meter to check for pressure drop

Do you use a VOM meter to check that the power cord and cool cord are sufficient voltage and properly connected? If the results are good, then perhaps petrol pumps are having problems. Please contact the garage for inspection and replacement.

  • Check the fuel pressure section of the petrol pump

- Instructions for Checking Gas Pumps for Cars

Step 1: Check the gasoline filter

Clogged gasoline filter will cause the car to accelerate slowly. This is easily misleading because you can remove the gasoline filter to check:

  • Remove the gasoline filter and remove the gasoline that remains in the filter.
  • Use an air gun to blow into the holes to see if the residue is coming out. If so, it is necessary to change the filter.

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Step 2: Use a pressure gauge to check the operation of the petrol pump

  • Pressure gauges are often sold at automotive parts stores. Pressure gauge is used to check the operation of the petrol pump when the vehicle is started.
  • Use the user guide to attach the pressure gauge to the petrol pump test connector (because each meter has a different head, each vehicle also has a different pump position).
  • Run the engine and check the pressure on the meter. If the pressure varies with engine speed, the petrol pump works well. In contrast, petrol pumps are having problems and need to be replaced.

Understanding and testing your pet driver will help you flexibly handle in case of unexpected vehicle damage. Especially simple parts such as petrol pumps. Hopefully the above sharing of Thanh Phong Auto will be helpful to you. Wish you always have interesting experiences with your pet driver!

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