Signs of a Broken Car Undercarriage

Signs of a damaged car chassis
Latest update date: February 13, 06

Damage to the vehicle's underbody not only affects the vehicle's performance, but also poses a potential safety risk for the driver and passengers. Therefore, promptly detecting and handling signs of undercarriage damage is essential.

The following article will summarize the signs of a damaged car chassis, helping you proactively check and detect damage early to promptly handle it, ensuring driving safety and extending the life of your car. Bowl.

Signs of a Broken Car Undercarriage

The machine makes strange sounds

After a long period of operation, the steering column bushings and rotors are likely to become loose or worn. This causes the vehicle to make strange sounds when moving on the road, especially on rough roads or when the vehicle is cornering.

At this time, you need to replace fork bar A promptly before the damage becomes more serious, affecting other details in the chassis.

Signs of a damaged car chassis
Signs of a damaged car chassis

The steering wheel vibrates

Vibration of the steering wheel during movement is one of the signs that the car's chassis may be damaged. The reasons for this phenomenon come from:

  • Tires that are too low or too inflated are worn out.
  • Bent steering balance system.
  • Degeneration of rubber in the balance.
  • Having problems or damage to nuts, joints, bearings, etc.

Engine coolant has a higher temperature than normal

Car engine temperature fluctuates between two heat alarm levels H (hot) and C (cold). If the coolant temperature exceeds this threshold and becomes unusually high, you should not continue running it because it will be very dangerous for the engine.


Engine coolant has a higher temperature than normal
Engine coolant has a higher temperature than normal

Car brakes have problems

Car brakes often encounter problems such as:

  • Brake pedal travel is too short or too long.
  • Leaking air or oil lines of the brake system.
  • Front wheel disc brake piston assembly.
  • ...

This phenomenon lasts for a long time, the braking force affects the wheel positions unevenly, causing the car to move to one side when braking. This negatively affects the operation of the vehicle's chassis.

To handle the above case, you can repair the brake pedal stroke, change the booster, pads, tighten the joints...

The exhaust system makes strange sounds

Some common problems that cause strange sounds and exhaust gas leaks under the hood include:

  • The exhaust pipe bolt has come off.
  • The seal between the exhaust system and the engine is leaking.
  • Exhaust pipe is cracked.
Image of inspection and repair of car chassis in Thanh Phong
Image of inspection and repair of car chassis in Thanh Phong

In addition to strange sounds and exhaust leaks, you also need to pay attention to other abnormalities such as the color of the exhaust gas and electric candlesticks.

  • Exhaust gas is black: This is a sign that the engine is not burning fuel perfectly. The cause could be a dirty air filter, damaged fuel injectors, or a leak in the fuel system.
  • Exhaust gas is white: Because the cylinder head gasket is damaged or the piston ring is worn.
  • Electric candlesticks are dirty or black: This may be due to dirty fuel or a broken ignition system.

Cars run on fuel

When the car's underbody is damaged, the engine will have to work harder to compensate for the loss of energy, leading to the car wasting fuel. Some causes of vehicle fuel consumption include: broken suspension system, broken steering system, uneven tire wear...

The vehicle is unbalanced and shakes

When the car's underbody is damaged, the suspension system will not work effectively, leading to the car shaking when moving. This shaking condition can occur at low speed or high speed.

The reason this phenomenon occurs may be because: Worn shock absorber covers, weak shock absorber springs, damaged wheel bearings, bent rims.


Photos of car repair in Thanh Phong
Photos of car repair in Thanh Phong

There are also some signs that the car's chassis is damaged, including:

  • Tires squeal loudly when stopping.
  • Engine power is reduced.
  • Oil or grease leaks from under the vehicle
  • Cracks and rust appear on the car's chassis
  • ...

If you detect one of the above signs, you should take your car for inspection at a reputable garage for timely diagnosis and treatment.

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Thanh Phong - Professional car chassis repair and maintenance garage in HCM
Thanh Phong - Professional car chassis repair and maintenance garage in HCM

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