Top 7 Prestigious Places of Vocational Training for Electrical - Automotive Electronics Binh Thuan

Top 7 Prestigious Places for Vocational Training in Electrical and Automotive Electronics in Binh Thuan

Today, when the demand for cars and especially the Vinfast electric vehicle system is covered in Vietnam, the automotive electricity industry becomes super hot. However, this industry requires continuous improvement and improvement to keep pace with the world's technology.

As a small province with an accelerating transformation in terms of infrastructure, the number of cars operating in Binh Thuan is increasing. However, the number of quality garages and low-skilled workers are still rife in the province, and finding a reputable and quality automobile electrician-trainer has become a difficult problem.

So where are the bases? Good, high quality car electrician - electrician vocational training in Binh Thuan worth referencing? Let's find out with Thanh Phong Auto.

Binh Thuan Investment Joint Stock Company

With more than 10 years of experience in repairing as well as vocational training in automotive electronics - Binh Thuan Investment Joint Stock Company is the place to produce hundreds of high-quality vocational training classes of the province.

The company owns many features of a prestigious automotive-electrical training center such as:

  • A team of professional and experienced technicians and teachers, so the learning and practice content is close to reality.
  • In the process of participating in vocational training, students who do not fully understand will be re-taught to keep up with the practical program.
  • The company has a full range of state-of-the-art equipment for vocational training.
  • Students can practice directly on the customer's car under the supervision and guidance of a team of technicians.
Binh Thuan Investment Joint Stock Company
Binh Thuan Investment Joint Stock Company

Especially when participating in vocational training at Binh Thuan Investment Joint Stock Company, students will receive support in terms of food, accommodation and job opportunities after graduation. Each vocational course takes place, the company also has programs to encourage your learning ability to enhance students' will to study.

Contact information:

  • Address: No. 06 Tu Van Tu, City. Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.
  • Phone: 0916 990 777 & 025 2362 2222.

Hoang Duong Auto

Not only is a famous address providing comprehensive car care services in Binh Thuan, Hoang Duong Auto is also chosen by many as a professional automotive vocational training institution, especially automotive electrician.

Since its inception, the center has always strived to improve its expertise and facilities to meet the most dynamic and optimal learning environment possible for students. Specifically:

  • A team of teachers with many years of experience and high enthusiasm, are trained to improve their knowledge continuously through courses associated with major centers of Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.
  • The center has a large area with the arrangement of each scientific subdivision, ensuring to meet the needs of students' regular study and practice.
  • The teaching curriculum is only circulated internally, which is the "bloody" knowledge and experience that the technicians and teachers have gathered over many years of working.
  • There is a place to eat and sleep for students who live far away, so students can save a good amount of money.
Hoang Duong Auto - Automotive Electrical Vocational Training Address in Binh Thuan
Hoang Duong Auto

Moreover, the issue of employment after apprenticeship is particularly interested by Hoang Duong Auto. After the vocational courses, those who want to stay in the profession will continue to try jobs at the center. Those who want to develop their own career are also supported by the center in terms of professional equipment.

Contact information:

  • Address: 56 Mau Than, City. Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.
  • Phone: 0941 399 988 & 0911 868 639.

Trong Khang Garage

Referring to Garage Trong Khang, more than half of Phan Thiet people know it because it is the largest garage in the city. Training many excellent students who are the owners of prestigious auto repair facilities in Binh Thuan.

The motto of operation throughout the career process: "Creativity - Precision - Dedication - Professional", Trong Khang garage brings together outstanding automotive electrician training competencies:

  • The factory is 500m2 wide - this is both a car repair place for customers and a place for students to practice.
  • Each week, students will be directly involved in each work of the workshop to understand the working process as well as gain experience.
  • The system of modern machinery, imported from the US, Japan, and Taiwan along with modern error-reading and erasing software is an outstanding advantage that not all garages have.
  • The teaching staff are engineers and experts with many years of experience, continuously cultivating their profession. Therefore, the knowledge that students receive is always updated.
Trong Khang Garage
Trong Khang Garage

Each course at Trong Khang garage is practiced directly on modern vehicles with modern equipment systems, so students are not passive when encountering new car cases after graduation.

Contact information:

  • Address: J 57, 58 Ton Duc Thang, City. Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.
  • Phone: 0393 575 686.

Saigon Auto Garage

Saigon Auto Garage with a lot of experience in the automotive field is a prestigious address for training students in the automotive - electrical profession for many years.

Apprenticeship electrical - automotive electric here, students will receive:

  • The team of trainees is the core force of the garage, with high expertise and long experience, handling countless cars from old to modern.
  • The system of equipment and machinery for vocational training is complete and diverse.
  • The content of the course is closely related to reality, the practice of students is monitored by teachers to point out mistakes that students do not realize.
  • Being involved in the customer's car repair process helps students improve their ability to identify errors.
  • Garage facilitates accommodation for students far away completely free of charge.
Saigon Auto Garage
Saigon Auto Garage

In addition, after the apprenticeship, students can stay at the center or go to the facilities that Saigon Auto links to work without worrying about unemployment.

Contact information:

  • Address: N27 Nguyen Binh, City. Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.
  • Phone number: 0943 232 661.

Auto365.VN Binh Thuan

With the effort and improvement of expertise as well as the quality of machinery, Auto365.VN is trusted by many Binh Thuan people to deliver their pet for repair. Here, in addition to car refurbishment services, the garage also trains trades related to electrical - automotive electricity with committed output.

Auto365.VN Binh Thuan possesses many outstanding capabilities:

  • The teachers are professional engineers with expertise, enthusiasm and have been with the garage since its establishment.
  • Equipped with a system of modern tools and machines, has its own workshop for practice.
  • Students have the opportunity to interact with new models of cars and practice repairing on these cars.
  • In-house curriculum, summarized through many courses and regularly updated with new technology lines.
Auto365.Vn Binh Thuan
Auto365.Vn Binh Thuan

Not only that, the garage is also a place to supply and distribute replacement accessories for many car models. Students here have more opportunities to understand the products being distributed in the market, while learning more professional consulting skills that are difficult to meet.

Contact information:

  • Address: 125 Hung Vuong, City. Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.
  • Phone number: 0978 573 939.

Automotive Technical Practical Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto: Prestigious, Professional Place of Vocational Training in Electrical - Automotive Electrical

With the development of the city as well as the people's intellectual level is improved, vocational training in electrician - automobile electric in Binh Thuan also meets the basic knowledge and skills needs of the profession. However, this profession is a profession that requires the speed of updating knowledge to be fast, to have the acumen to continuously respond to new car lines. Choosing a teaching institution in big cities will bring more advantages, for example:

  • Dynamic learning environment, many students increase their competitiveness.
  • Being exposed to many expensive cars, cars using new technology.
  • Job opportunities after graduation are also more open or when you want to improve, update knowledge is also easier.

Top 7 Vocational Training Places for Automotive Electrical and Electronics in Binh Thuan with Prestige and Quality Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Facing such many benefits, if you want to choose a prestigious vocational training place in Ho Chi Minh, then the Automotive Technical Practice Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto confidently is a quality address for you. With many years of experience in auto service as well as student training, Thanh Phong Auto is committed to helping you graduate with the most solid knowledge and skills possible depending on your perseverance to learn. you.

Thanh Phong Auto gathers all the advantages:

  • The latest practical training, hybrid and electric vehicle programs are also regularly updated.
  • To study intensively if needed with a preferential tuition fee.
  • A team of professional teachers combined with the teaching team of Polytechnic University - the unit associated with the center.
  • Support for accommodation if students are far away.
  • Tuition fees can be paid flexibly.
  • The number of students is small from 9-25 people to ensure the best supervision and interaction of teachers with students.

Each training course in electrician - automotive electrician at us takes place from 2 to 6 months depending on the level of students' acquisition. Be re-taught until there are standard outputs of the course.

Short, In-depth Theory
Short, In-depth Theory
Practice Directly at the Garage, Exposing Many of the Latest Car Models
Practice Directly at the Garage, Exposing Many of the Latest Car Models

For those of you who are worried that learning a job will not have a job, don't get a job, don't worry, Thanh Phong Auto will give you the best support, creating conditions for you to work at the center or other agencies. reputable affiliates. If you want to work in the provinces, the center will issue a certificate after each course so that you can easily have higher job opportunities.

Above are the Top 5 Places Vocational Vocational Training Electrical - Electronic Automotive Binh Thuan Prestige you should refer. If you really feel the benefits of learning an electrician - automotive electrician in Ho Chi Minh City, then the Automotive Technical Practical Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto is always ready to welcome you.

Apprenticeships everywhere need learners to try, cultivate knowledge and practice regularly to improve their skills. Only then will there be a place in the automotive industry. Hope you soon find a suitable study address and succeed on the upcoming path!

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