Top 7 Prestigious Ben Tre Auto Repair and Maintenance Vocational Training Places

Top Prestigious Ben Tre Auto Repair and Maintenance Vocational Training Places

Before the increasing demand for car repair - restoration - maintenance in Vietnam (the number of cars increases due to tax reduction policies, economic development ...), the auto repair and maintenance segment is in dire need of human resources. professional force.

You need learn car maintenance and repair in Ben Tre but do not know where to register for the course to ensure the best knowledge and skills - meet industry requirements? Take a look at some of the suggestions mentioned in this article.

1 Dong Khoi College

Auto repair and maintenance is one of the leading training majors of Dong Khoi College that many students are interested in. Apprenticeship here, students are thoroughly trained in electrical knowledge, electronics, automobile engines... by experienced teachers.

Reasons to learn auto repair here:

  • Learning theory and practice at the same time, practice right after the theory lessons.
  • The learning environment is fully equipped with facilities and machines.
  • Get paid internships at auto repair garages.
Dong Khoi College Car Repairing Vocational Training In Ben Tre
Dong Khoi College – Ben Tre

Address: 17A4, National Highway 60, Phu Tan Ward, Ben Tre City, Ben Tre Province.

2 Ben Tre College

Ben Tre College provides training in auto repair and maintenance at both college and intermediate levels. Established and developed over the past 8 years, this school has contributed to the automotive repair and maintenance industry with good human resources.


  • Method of training theory combined with practice, practical skills training.
  • Good and dedicated teachers.
  • Design a detailed route.
  • Students can practice on many car manufacturers, many car models, many countries of manufacture, different types of engines...
Vocational Training in Auto Repair at Ben Tre College
Ben Tre College

Address: 1H Hamlet 1, Son Dong Commune, Ben Tre City, Ben Tre Province.

3 Ben Tre High School of Technology

As an address specializing in training today's urgent professions, Ben Tre Technology Intermediate School is also the choice of many students who are passionate about auto repair.

Why should you choose Ben Tre High School of Technology:

  • Enthusiastic and creative faculty.
  • Good facilities, focus on investing in modern technological equipment specialized in automobiles.
  • Learn where to practice.
Automobile Repair Vocational Training at Ben Tre Technology High School
Ben Tre High School of Technology

Address: 899 Provincial Road 884, Hamlet 2, Son Dong Commune, Ben Tre City, Ben Tre Province.

4 Automotive Technical Practice Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto

In addition, students in Ben Tre can also refer to the address of car repair and maintenance training in neighboring provinces such as: Ho Chi Minh, Vinh Long, Tra Vinh, Tien Giang... Because the geographical distance is not too big and it is easy to move by private and public transport.

Automotive Technical Practice Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto (HCMC) provides a professional auto repair and maintenance vocational course, with the goal of training skilled human resources - able to work. At the center gathers leading lecturers, experts and coaches in the field of automotive engineering.

Top 7 Vocational Training Places for Car Repair and Maintenance in Ben Tre, Reputable and Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

What is the center's vocational training program?

  • The curriculum is oriented to the real world of work, learning to do it.
  • Wide and practical practice place: there are new and old car lines (many places only allow hands-on learning on models).
  • There is a policy to support both studying and working, reserving/relearning upon request.
  • Certificate issued by Thanh Phong Auto - Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.
  • Job support for graduates.
  • Limit 15-20 students per class to ensure training quality.

Professional Auto Repair Vocational Training
Company's Intensive Theoretical Curriculum &Amp; HCM University of Technology
Prestigious Automobile Repair and Maintenance Vocational Training
Students get practical practice at 2 large garages - Exposure to many of the latest car models

Contact information:

5 Vinh Long Vocational College

Vinh Long Vocational College is also a prestigious and quality auto repair training unit today. The school focuses on designing practical and modern training programs to create good human resources to meet social needs.

Other advantages:

  • Professional training in theory and practice.
  • Invest in learning equipment: cars, machinery and equipment for repair and maintenance.
  • Highly qualified teachers, modern training methods.
Automobile Repair Vocational Training Course at Vinh Long Vocational College
Vinh Long Vocational College

Address: National Highway 1A, Phu Quoi Commune, Long Ho District, Vinh Long Province.

6 Tra Vinh University

If you want to learn auto repair and maintenance at university level, you can refer to Tra Vinh University. The school gathers senior lecturers, practical training programs and modern learning environment.

Reasons to study at Tra Vinh University:

  • Focus on investing in teaching equipment and car models.
  • Lectures combine theory and practice, theory only accounts for about 10% and focus on practical hours.
  • Degree with high prestige, open job opportunities.
Automotive Mechanical Engineering Major at Tra Vinh University
Tra Vinh University

Address: No. 126 Nguyen Thien Thanh, KP4, Ward 5, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province.

7 Tien Giang College

Tien Giang College is famous for its car repair and maintenance training course with high quality output - 90% of students are guaranteed to be accepted to work in repair and maintenance centers, garages...


  • The learning space is fully equipped, modern and spacious.
  • A team of experienced instructors who are regularly trained to improve their expertise.
  • Learned on many car brands, models, car models...
Vocational Training in Auto Repair at Tien Giang College
Tien Giang College

Address: 11B/17 Hoc Lac, Ward 8, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province.

It's just Top Place Vocational Training for Car Repair and Maintenance in Ben Tre Prestige for your reference. Hope you find a reputable place to learn a job - have a solid luggage to do the job.

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