Top 6 Prestigious Quang Tri Automotive Electronics - Electrical Vocational Training Places

Top Prestigious Vocational Training Places for Automotive Electrical and Electronics in Quang Tri
Top places for vocational training in auto engineeringTop 6 Prestigious Quang Tri Automotive Electronics - Electrical Vocational Training Places

Automotive electrical and electronics profession has a high demand for recruiting workers, with good salaries, so many people are interested, especially for those who love cars. However, if you want to become a professional automotive electrical-electronics technician, learning is a necessary path, as well as an initial step to create a solid foundation for future development and advancement.

Candlestick Where can I learn electrical and automotive electronics in Quang Tri?? Join us to discover TOP prestigious vocational training addresses through the article below!

1 Quang Tri Technical College

Quang Tri Technical College is a formal vocational training address in Quang Tri that receives support from the Korean Government in infrastructure construction and training of trainers. If you are passionate about automotive electrical and electronics, you can refer to an intermediate or college degree in Automotive Technology here.

Advantages of Quang Tri Technical College:

  • Located in the central area of ​​the province, convenient for many students to study.
  • Spacious and well-equipped learning facilities.
  • Commit to introducing jobs to students after graduation.
  • Dynamic learning environment, many extracurricular programs to support students to develop soft skills, contact with businesses...
Quang Tri Technical College
Quang Tri Technical College

Contact information:

Address: 179 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Dong Le Ward, Dong Ha, Quang Tri.

2 Hue Industrial College

Instead of studying in Quang Tri, many students choose a vocational training school for automotive electrical and electronics in Hue and Quang Binh because the geographical distance is not too far and the training quality is good.

In particular, Hue Industrial College is highly appreciated for its training program in Intermediate level of Dynamic Mechanics and College of Automotive Engineering Technology.

School advantages:

  • Support job introduction at major repair garages in Hue, leading large automobile corporations such as Kia, Honda, Toyota...
  • The training route from basic to specialized in automotive electronics.
  • Easily transfer to higher education levels.
  • Modern and advanced teaching equipment system with spacious practice workshop.
Hue Industrial College
Hue Industrial College

Contact information:

Address: 70 Nguyen Hue, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province.

3 Vocational College No. 23

23 Vocational College under the Ministry of National Defense, is a professional, disciplined and quality vocational training environment in the Central region. With the desire to study automotive electrical - electronics, you can refer to the intermediate and college programs of Automotive Technology at the school. The training course presents an overview of the automotive industry and specializes in each technical area in electricity and electronics.

Advantages of studying at Vocational College No. 23:

  • Many special support policies for demobilized soldiers, students in difficult circumstances, children of wounded soldiers, martyrs ...
  • Training knowledge in parallel with practical skills training.
  • The training route is designed based on the framework of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, so it is easy to transfer to higher education levels.
Vocational College No. 23
Vocational College No. 23

Contact information:

Address: Thuy Phuong, Huong Thuy district, Thua Thien Hue province.

4 Phu Xuan University

Phu Xuan University takes the lead in applying Learning Office and Project Based Learning in teaching so that students can firmly grasp their skills after completing the Automotive Engineering Technology program.

With this major, students participating in the 3-year study period are trained in knowledge around automotive technology, electrical - electronics, maintenance and repair of cars...

Student benefits when attending Phu Xuan University:

  • Support 100% job placement for students after graduation.
  • System of spacious facilities, modern machinery and equipment.
  • Dynamic learning environment, close to reality with practical classes and extracurricular activities.
  • The 3-month internship period at large garage workshops helps students perfect practical skills.
Phu Xuan University
Phu Xuan University

Contact information:

Address: 176 Tran Phu, Phuoc Vinh, Hue, Thua Thien Hue province.

5 Quang Binh Vocational College

Quang Binh Vocational College considers admissions for intermediate and college students in Automotive Technology for those who wish to pursue electrical and electronics majors.
Benefits of studying here:

  • 100% tuition fee waiver for students attending Intermediate level with some specific conditions.
  • Support vocational training fees for all students.
  • Free in dormitory, sports field, football field…
  • Learn hands-on with advanced and modern equipment and practice at enterprises to practice professional skills.
  • Get advice and support to find jobs inside and outside the province, even abroad after graduation.
Quang Binh Vocational College
Quang Binh Vocational College

Contact information:

Address: residential group, street 1, Bac Ly ward, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province.

6 Automotive Technical Practical Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto: The Top Leading Automotive Electrical - Electronic Teaching Center in the Country

Automotive Technical Practice Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto is a unit established under the cooperation of Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Thanh Phong Auto garage. The Automotive Electrical - Electronic Diagnostic Vocational course is designed in the form of a short-term training program, distilling the necessary knowledge and skills in accordance with the needs of students and the current labor market.

Top 6 Prestigious and Quality Places for Vocational Training in Quang Tri Automotive Electrical and Electronics Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Subjects can study:

  • Newbie new to the industry.
  • Long-time technicians need to improve and update their knowledge.
  • Management and related positions need to find out information about the industry to serve the current job and advance to higher ranks.

Located in Ho Chi Minh City - the economic center of the country, where many businesses and large garages are concentrated, many Quang Tri students choose to study at the Automotive Technical Practice Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto.

Theory (20%) - Brief, In-depth - Textbook of HCM Polytechnic University and Company
Theory (20%) – Brief, In-depth – Textbook of HCM Polytechnic University and Company
Hands-on (80%) - Direct hand-holding at the garage - Exposure to many latest car models
Hands-on (80%) - Hands-on instruction directly at the garage - Exposure to many of the latest car models

Advantages of the center:

  • A team of highly qualified, experienced instructors imparting professional knowledge and skills, enthusiastically support students as much as possible.
  • The program is industry-intensive, focusing on essential knowledge and compiled based on official sources.
  • The moderate class size, ranging from 9 to 25 people, helps students easily exchange knowledge with the lecturer when they have problems or questions.
  • Support certificate of completion of the course, recommend places to practice and work reputable.

Hope to synthesize information about the place Prestigious automotive electrical and electronics training in Quang Tri help you have a more overview to choose from. Pay attention to the study program, degree, training time and tuition fee to make the correct decision and best suit your study aspirations!

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