Top 7 places for quality Ca Mau Auto Electric Vocational Training

TOP places to teach quality Ca Mau auto electrics
Top places for vocational training in auto engineeringTop 7 places for quality Ca Mau Auto Electric Vocational Training

It's not too hard to find recruitment news automotive electrician with good income, attractive remuneration. Being a car electrician does not require too much "superior" knowledge, but just hard work, inquisitiveness, passion for machines - car engines and meticulousness, you can initially join the profession.

If you are learning and have a desire learn car electrician in Ca Mau, refer to the TOP review right away Prestigious Ca Mau auto electric training address after.

1 Vietnam - Korea Vocational College Ca Mau

Vietnam - Korea Vocational College Ca Mau provides automotive technology training program for college and professional intermediate level with contents related to mechanics, mechanics, electricity - electronics, automation. … The output standard of the course is that students will master the knowledge and skills of industry overview and in-depth automotive electrical field. Graduates will also be facilitated to study further to a higher level.

Vietnam - Korea Vocational College Ca Mau
Vietnam - Korea Vocational College Ca Mau

School advantages:

  • High quality teaching staff with many years of experience in the profession.
  • Extensive cooperation with businesses, garages inside and outside the province to create good job opportunities for students after graduation.
  • Many attractive financial aid programs and scholarships.

Address: 08 Mau Than, Ward 9, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau.

2 Kien Giang College

If students are near the Ca Mau area adjacent to Kien Giang, they can choose reputable automotive electrical training institutions in Kien Giang to study. Kien Giang College provides urgent study programs and majors such as: electricity - electronics, information technology, construction... In which, automobile electrical profession belongs to the training program of the faculty of electricity - electronics.

Kien Giang College
Kien Giang College

Why should you study automotive electrical engineering at Kien Giang College?

  • Highly professional lecturer, with teaching experience and practical skills in the industry.
  • The training program flexibly meets the requirements of the automotive electrical industry, updated according to market trends.
  • Parallel practice in addition to theoretical topics, commits students to a career after graduation.

Address: 425 Mac Cuu, Vinh Thanh Ward, Rach Gia, Kien Giang.

3 Kien Giang University

Kien Giang University is a prestigious vocational training institution, chosen by many students in Kien Giang province and neighboring areas to study. Here, you can refer to 2 training programs:

  • Short-term elementary program in Automotive Electrical Repair - Refrigeration.
  • Long-term diploma program in Automotive Technology.

Two parallel programs provide theoretical and practical training, providing students with knowledge from basic to advanced levels.

Kien Giang University - Admission information for automotive electronics majors
Kien Giang University

Studying at Kien Giang University, students also receive the following benefits:

  • Have the opportunity to practice at a garage, a large local business.
  • There is an opportunity to continue learning to a higher level.
  • Study in an environment with adequate facilities.
  • Reasonable tuition.

Address: 320A National Highway 61, Minh Luong Town, Chau Thanh District, Kien Giang.

4 Bac Lieu Vocational College

Bac Lieu Vocational College (adjacent to the Northeast of Ca Mau province) is the favorite address of automobile electrical training for young people in Ca Mau province. Students can choose to study the Automotive Technology program at intermediate level (2 years) or college system (2.5-3 years) depending on their needs.

Overall, the training program provides an overview of the automotive industry and specializes in automotive electrical diagnosis, repair, and maintenance. Interspersed practice hours with theoretical programs help students learn as much as they can practice. The school creates conditions for students to transfer to higher training programs.

Bac Lieu Vocational College - Recruiting automotive electricians in Ca Mau
Bac Lieu Vocational College

Address: 68 Ton Duc Thang, Ward 1, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu.

5 Vietnam Automotive Technical Training Center – VATC

Vocational training centers and schools in Ho Chi Minh attract a large number of students from Ca Mau every year. As the largest and most developed city in the country, Ho Chi Minh offers many good learning opportunities for the automotive electrical profession with a series of training centers, intermediate schools - colleges - universities. Various study programs from short term to long term with attractive internship and work opportunities.

Vietnam Automotive Technical Training Center – VATC is one of the leading automotive electrical training units in Ho Chi Minh City. Operating with the criterion of "studying to get a degree", VATC regularly improves the conditions of facilities and professional qualifications of lecturers.

Vietnam Automotive Technical Training Center - VATC - Receive training for automotive electrical trainees
Vietnam Automotive Technical Training Center – VATC

The automotive electrical repair training program is divided into several levels, including the following courses:

  • Automotive electrical repair class.
  • Modern automotive ECU electrical repair class.
  • Diagnostic class for new car models.

Short-term study time, certificates are awarded to facilitate the job search process later.

Address: 50 Street No. 12, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh.

6 9 District Vocational Training Center

Vocational Training Center District 9 offers short-term automotive electrical training courses in Ho Chi Minh. Targeted training subjects include:

  • Students just graduated from high school, students have absolutely no knowledge of the profession.
  • Employees need training and retraining to improve their professional skills.

The training method is associated with practice, distilling the most necessary content into the teaching process to save time and training costs. The study period lasts about 6-8 months depending on the subject.

Vocational Training Center District 9 - Vocational training in electrical and automotive electronics in Ca Mau
9 District Vocational Training Center

Address: 2 Ngo Quyen, Hiep Phu, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh.

7 Automotive Technical Practice Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto

Automotive Technical Practical Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto is a prestigious short-term automotive electrical training address in Ho Chi Minh. The center's courses are aimed at:

  • "Newbie" has no knowledge of the industry, needs to be trained from the beginning.
  • Those who work in the field of car repair and maintenance, need to learn more about automotive electronics.

Top 7 High Quality Ca Mau Auto Electric Vocational Training Places Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Established by the combination of Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Thanh Phong Auto garage, the center fully converges many factors:

  • High quality lecturers are lecturers of Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and technicians at Thanh Phong Auto.
  • The training curriculum is compiled from many reputable official sources, company documents and practical experience through the process of practicing automotive electrical.
  • Fully equipped facilities for theoretical and practical lessons.
  • Facilitating internship and working at major repair garages in Ho Chi Minh City.

Top 7 High Quality Ca Mau Auto Electric Vocational Training Places Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Automotive Technical Practice Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto is committed to becoming a career for students after completing the automotive electrical course. In addition, students can improve and add more knowledge in the automotive field with other courses:

Learning to be an automotive electrician in Ca Mau is no longer too difficult for those who are passionate about pursuing it. Carefully consider many factors about training time, study program, tuition fee to choose a place for yourself Ca Mau car electrician vocational training at quality. Good luck!


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