Causes Of The Brake Disc Warped And Identification Mark

Automotive brake disc
Latest update date: February 12, 06

When the brake disc is warped, the braking efficiency is greatly reduced, causing many dangers to the user. So, what causes the brake disc to warp and what signs help us realize that? And Thanh Phong Auto Find out more in the following article.

What is car brake disc?

The brake disc is part of the brake system, made of steel or carbon ceramic (Refer to the article: The main reason why carbon ceramic disc brakes are so expensive). This unit connects to the wheel shaft, so when the wheel moves, it also rotates.

It has the function of slowing down the vehicle's speed when applied by the brake pedal, mechanical or electronic pressure to force the brake pad into the brake disc.

Automotive brake disc
Automotive brake disc

The cause of the brake disc is warped

  • Due to the uneven surface of the brake disc, or the uneven surface wear, the brake disc reversal is created.
  • After a period of using the brake disc is grounded, the mud on it causes the contact between the brake pad and the brake disc to quickly wear out in the most area. concentration. This causes the brake disc to be rough, warped or the thickness is not uniform.
  • External impacts such as kicks and undercarriage are all causes of the brake disc being warped.
  • Due to a technical error, when the surface of the brake disc is mounted on the wheel motor holder but it is not in flat contact, the brake disc is warped.

Signs of warped brake discs

In addition to the maintenance and replacement milestones of the brake disc that the manufacturer offers, the owner should also pay attention to other factors to know that the brake disc is warped such as: the brake does not eat, the noise of the brake pedal is released. , the vehicle is shaken, deflected when braking, ... Since then, early detection of problems and timely remediation to ensure safety when used.

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Why car brake disc is warped
The reason for the car brake disc is warped

When the brake disc is warped, it can be easily identified with signs such as:

  • Noise is generated when braking

When you step on the brake pedal, if you hear a long hissing sound, your brake disc may have worn off to an alarmingly high level and touched the metal plate. At this time, the car should be taken to the nearest reputable garage to be replaced to avoid further damage to the brake system.

  • The car is shaken when braking, deviating

If you encounter this situation, it is really alarming, it will cause danger for the user during the move, especially on narrow roads. It can be seen that the brake disc is bent when the brake pedal is depressed and the pedal is vibrated. If the brake force is higher, the pedal will vibrate harder. Many cases also cause the steering wheel to shake, the vehicle slightly deviates and the brakes do not eat.

  • The brake pedal is close to the floor

If the brake pedal is close to the floor, it can be caused by the drop of brake fluid when it is leaking or water is mixed so it cannot create enough pressure. In addition, this is also an indication that the brake disc has worn out and should be checked and replaced if necessary.

Specializes in repairing and replacing car brakes
Replace the car brake disc

How to prevent warped brake discs

  • When going down a long slope, you should change the gearbox to a lower gear, with automatic transmission cars should choose to switch to 3 accordingly.
  • When the brakes get hot, avoid depressing the brake pedal in place.
  • Should check and maintain the brake disc and brake system periodically.
  • Clean the brake disc cleanly, to avoid getting dirt on it, gradually causing the brake disc to wear out.
  • Replace the car brake disc when traveling 50.000 km before the brake disc reaches maximum wear. If the car is used regularly, running on a crowded populated road or carrying heavy loads, ... then surely the time to change the brake disc will be faster than the car running on a low-road, flat road.

The above are the ones causes and signs that the brake disc is warpedThanh Phong Auto shared.  Hopefully the above information will help the owner to have more useful experiences to ensure the brakes are always working well. Refer brake system inspection and repair services automobile and those pay attention when repairing brakes for cars For more useful information. If you still have any questions, please contact us for further advice and answers.

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