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Ho Chi Minh City, with high traffic density and many narrow roads, is prone to problems such as breakdowns, traffic accidents, or running out of fuel. In these cases, professional rescue teams will quickly arrive and perform necessary measures such as towing the vehicle, providing fuel, or making minor repairs on site.

24/7 car rescue service not only brings peace of mind and timely support to drivers but also contributes to ensuring traffic safety on the roads. But you should call Which car rescue unit is reputable?? If you are in HCM then Thanh Phong Auto confident is the professional name you should choose. Let's learn more about 24/7 rescue service of Thanh Phong Auto ok

When Should You Call Car Rescue?

The fact that the car unfortunately had a problem and could not move made many people confused. If you don't know anything about car repair or encounter the following situations, you should call the rescue service:

  • Car damaged on the road and cannot be repaired on your own: When your car breaks down and you don't have the skills or tools to fix it, call rescue service. Staff will come to the place to check, repair or tow the car to the garage.
  • Vehicle has a punctured tire: If your vehicle has a puncture and you do not have the tools or experience to change a tire yourself, you should call for service. Car rescue to handle.
  • Vehicle won't start: If you can't start your car for some reason, call car rescue service to check and fix this situation. Your vehicle may have problems with the engine, electrical system, fuel, battery or starting system.
  • Traffic accident: If you are unfortunate enough to be in a traffic accident and your car cannot be moved, call an auto rescue service. Rescue personnel will go to the accident site to tow your vehicle to a safe place and plan appropriate repairs.
  • Stuck on the road: In some cases, your car can get stuck on the road for some reason. It is best to call a car rescue service to get out of this situation, especially when stuck in dangerous roads such as tunnels or highways.
cheap car rescue hcm
Fast and professional car rescue service

Thanh Phong Auto's 24/7 Auto Rescue Service

Understand the psychology of customers when encountering unexpected problems on the journey, 24/7 Rescue Service of Thanh Phong Auto will support:

  • Jack up the battery, connect the battery, charge the battery and fix the error of the vehicle not starting in case the vehicle stalls.
  • Patch shells, change tires, change spare wheels for cars quickly.
  • Check and repair on-site if the vehicle is slightly damaged.
  • Crane, tow, transport cars to the garage for repair in case of serious problems.

Thanh Phong Auto provide 24/7 service including Tet holidays. We do not mind rain or shine, long distances to solve problems as quickly as possible for customers. All services will be consulted and clearly quoted by Thanh Phong Auto team before implementation. Ensure transparency and bring the most peace of mind to you.

Why Choose Thanh Phong Auto Service?

With 10 years of experience in the industry car repair and maintenance, Thanh Phong Auto understand the worries of customers when encountering unexpected problems on the way. Owning a staff of many years of experience and a diverse system of rescue vehicles and modern specialized equipment, we are confident to provide the most suitable rescue and relief plan for our customers' vehicles.

- Fast - Professional 24/7 Car Rescue Service in HCM
Thanh Phong Auto provides professional 24/7 car rescue service – good price

Reasons to choose Thanh Phong Auto's rescue service:

  • Operating for many years in the field of auto rescue services, ensuring quick advice and handling of situations.
  • Available quickly when requested by customers.
  • Clearly advise on the problem the vehicle is facing and offer the safest and optimal solutions.
  • Clear and reasonable service quotes before deploying rescue.
  • Serving 24/7, excluding days and nights, weekends and New Year holidays.
  • Professional repair garage, ensure the right disease, repair quickly, replace genuine parts.
  • Deliver the vehicle in the best operating condition.
  • Has good warranty and after-sales service.

Constantly improving in terms of facilities, equipment systems and human resources, Thanh Phong Auto confidently present quickly, handle problems promptly, bring the most satisfaction to customers.

Notes To Know Before Calling Car Rescue

In order for the rescue to be carried out as smoothly as possible, customers should pay attention to the following points:

  • Provide full information about the car such as model, model, vehicle condition, so that the rescue team can advise the most suitable rescue plan.
  • Provide clearly the address, the distance the car is stopping.
  • Need to put up signs or turn on emergency lights so that vehicles on the road and rescue teams can easily identify. Especially at night.
  • If you are inexperienced, do not attempt to repair the car. This can make the damage worse.
professional car rescue service hcm
Car rescue needs to pay attention to what?

From the information provided by the customer, the rescue team of Thanh Phong Auto Will dispatch the vehicle quickly to the place to support.

24/7 rescue and rescue service Our team is ready to serve you anytime, anywhere, on any road; ensure timely presence – fix quickly with optimal cost. Thanh Phong Auto says no to "price cut”, committed to public and transparent quotation, bringing peace of mind to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Thanh Phong Auto's average response time when receiving a rescue call?

Thanh Phong Auto's average response time is 15-20 minutes in the inner city and 30-45 minutes for suburban areas of Ho Chi Minh City, depending on traffic conditions.

2. Does Thanh Phong provide rescue services for electric vehicles?

Yes, Thanh Phong Auto provides specialized rescue services for electric vehicles with 3 rescue vehicles equipped with specific equipment to handle problems related to the vehicle's battery and electrical system.

3. What is the average cost for a car rescue at Thanh Phong Auto?

The average rescue cost at Thanh Phong Auto ranges from 500.000 VND to 2.000.000 VND, depending on the type of service and distance. Specific prices will be announced before implementation.

4. Does Thanh Phong Auto provide insurance for rescue services?

Yes, Thanh Phong Auto provides a rescue insurance package with an annual fee from 1.500.000 VND to 3.000.000 VND, including up to 5 free rescues during the year.

5. Does Thanh Phong Auto provide rescue services for trucks and passenger cars?

Yes, Thanh Phong Auto provides rescue services for trucks up to 20 tons and 45-seat passenger cars, with 3 large capacity cranes specialized for heavy vehicles.

6. Does Thanh Phong Auto provide rescue support on the highway?

Yes, Thanh Phong Auto has a specialized rescue team for highways, equipped with 5 special rescue vehicles that meet highway safety standards, ready to support 24/7 on highways around Ho Chi Minh City. . You can refer to these Rescue plan for cars that have trouble in the middle of the road shared on the website.

7. Does Thanh Phong Auto provide cross-province rescue services?

Yes, Thanh Phong Auto provides cross-province rescue services within a 300km radius from Ho Chi Minh City, with costs calculated by km and specific type of service.

8. Does Thanh Phong Auto provide online tracking of the rescue process?

Yes, Thanh Phong Auto provides a mobile application that allows customers to track the location of rescue vehicles in real time, with an accuracy rate of 95% and updates every 30 seconds.

9. Does Thanh Phong Auto have a warranty policy after rescue?

Yes, Thanh Phong Auto provides a 30-day warranty policy for post-rescue repair services, and 90 days for replacement parts, applicable to 100% of customers using the service.

10. Does Thanh Phong Auto provide technical consulting services over the phone?

Yes, Thanh Phong Auto provides free 24/7 telephone technical consulting services, with a team of 10 technical experts rotating on duty, solving 70% of simple problems without the need for on-site rescue. place. Read the article now: Top 9+ car rescue services in HCM Fast, professional, cheap, highly appreciated by many customers today.

Hope the above information will be useful. Any questions about services and plans car rescue If you encounter a problem on the road, contact us immediately for the fastest advice!

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