Professional, Prestigious Auto Car Wash Service in HCM

- Professional, Reputable Automatic Car Wash Service in HCM
Latest update date: February 24, 06

For those who own cars, car washing is a very familiar service - used regularly for the purpose of maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the car; feel comfortable and satisfied when sitting in the car. Currently, most car wash and care points are only using traditional car wash methods, this method also depends largely on labor factors such as quantity, productivity...

When Thanh Phong Auto got more Automatic car wash solution with fast washing time, high efficiency, less dependent on human strength. Also at Thanh Phong Auto There is also a service of cleaning and disinfecting the engine compartment/interior with hot steam beam harmony and many other service packages… 

From there, customers can easily choose the right car wash solution for each need - situation. And when you want your car to be washed and not have to wait long when the number of cars to be washed is large but human resources are limited, automatic car washing is a reasonable solution.

- Professional, Reputable Automatic Car Wash Service in HCM

With outstanding automatic technology from CANADA, Thanh Phong Auto commits that your car will be Washes clean, fast and does not affect the quality of the car

Advantages of Automatic Car Wash Method 

With the method rautomatic car shop, the non-touch solution will be sprayed evenly on the entire surface of the car body. After this process, all detergents and dirt on the car will be removed through a system of 21 high-pressure nozzles with no-touch technology.

After this process, the car is dried with compressed air and the technicians will wipe it again before delivering the car to the customer. As a result, the parts and equipment on the vehicle are not wet - limiting degradation and damage; Maintain the beauty of the car.

Automatic car wash equipment also provides a very effective, high pressure, clean, fast and accurate underbody washing service package with a dedicated sensor system.

With such an operating principle, the automatic car wash system has brought many satisfactory experiences to car owners:

  • Good quality of spray - cleans the car evenly, ensuring the car's aesthetics and creating comfort for the occupants.
  • Saves more time than traditional car wash: automatic washing only takes 5-10 minutes to clean the whole car, while traditional car wash services can take 30-45 minutes (not to mention the time of car wash). wait your turn)

Summary, automatic car wash is the solution car cleaning integrates many modern features - high efficiency, reducing the amount of manpower and saving time compared to traditional car washes. And to experience Automatic car wash service prestige, professionalism in HCM – come to Thanh Phong Auto for us to have the opportunity to serve and satisfy you.

What's outstanding about Thanh Phong Auto's Automatic Car Wash Service?

Understanding the needs of customers to clean and protect their vehicles, Thanh Phong Auto provides automatic car wash services towards the following criteria: “FAST – CLEAN – SAVE”.

Automatic car wash technology by Thanh Phong from CANADA - one of the leading countries in the application of automation to car care, repair and manufacturing.

With this technology, the machine will automatically spray the undercarriage, the non-touch solution will be evenly sprayed on the entire surface of the car body. After this process, all detergents and dirt on the car will be removed through a system of 21 high-pressure nozzles with no-touch technology.

Car wash time is shortened to only 5-10 minutes; does not use a lot of human labor in the car cleaning process.

The service strength of Thanh Phong is also evident in the following aspects:

  • Receive and wash all models of cars from 16 seats or less, segment cars from popular to high-end models.
  • The staff is knowledgeable about automatic car washing technology, thoughtful customer advice BEFORE - IN - AFTER when using the service.
  • Glass car wash room design helps customers observe the car wash process.
  • Convenient service: when customers buy in packages, they will be given a QR code and use the service quickly. 
  • The car wash is spacious and clean; There is an air-conditioned waiting room for customers to use repair/maintenance services…
  • The automatic car wash process is done on the App and is closely and comprehensively monitored.
  • The automatic car wash system is regularly checked and maintained: ensuring productivity and stable operation.
  • Committed to using specialized, quality cleaning solutions, with high cleaning efficiency and environmental friendliness.
  • Technicians check the car's condition carefully after washing, handing over the car in the cleanest condition to the customer.
  • There are many service packages suitable for each customer (individuals, businesses, driving technology cars...).
  • Transparent and reasonable quotation.

*** Especially, Thanh Phong Auto deploys attractive promotions: FREE AUTOMATIC CAR-WASH SERVICE - UNLIMITED NUMBER OF USE.

Above is information to help you better understand the automatic car wash service of Thanh Phong Auto. Any questions related to the service, please contact Thanh Phong Auto for professional and effective advice and support!


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