Prestigious, Professional Automotive Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

Prestigious, Professional Automotive Fuel Injector Cleaning Service
Latest update date: February 09, 12

Automotive fuel injectors are responsible for supplying fuel to the vehicle, specifically by injecting fuel into the engine's cylinders. This part directly affects the acceleration of the car, so if it is clogged, it will reduce the working performance and affect the vehicle operation.

Periodic cleaning of fuel injectors helps to remove dust deposits, minimize engine friction so that the fuel injection and combustion process goes smoothly, the engine operates more efficiently.

Electronic Fuel Injection System In Cars
Electronic Fuel Injection System In Cars

To clean the fuel injectors properly, effectively, without affecting the car – please come to the fuel injector cleaning service by Thanh Phong Auto provided. With many years of operation in the field of car care, maintenance and repair, Thanh Phong Auto confident in the experience, expertise, and enthusiasm for the customer's weak driver to be checked and cleaned the best fuel injectors.

The Benefits of Cleaning Fuel Injectors

The reason why cleaning fuel injectors is recommended by car manufacturers / garages and is taken care of by car owners is because of many benefits for the car:

  • Remove dirt from the fuel injector hole.
  • Increase the life of the injector.
  • Helps to keep the combustion chamber, piston top, cylinder clean.
  • Engine power is improved.
  • Makes the car easier to start.
  • Improve the vehicle's loading and acceleration for more comfortable driving.
  • Reduce fuel consumption and reduce environmental pollution…
Cleaning Gas Injectors Periodically Helps Cars Operate Better
Cleaning Gas Injectors Periodically Helps Cars Operate Better

When Should Fuel Injectors Be Cleaned?

Normally, it is recommended to clean car fuel injectors after every 15.000 - 20.000 km operate. However, if you have the following signs, you should check and clean the fuel injectors in time:

  • The car engine is weaker than usual: It is possible that the injector is blocked or clogged, affecting the amount of gasoline/oil entering the combustion chamber, making the combustion process happen sooner or later.
  • More emissions: maybe because the injector is blocked, can not burn all the fuel, the fuel comes out through the exhaust pipe, making the car exhaust a lot and black.
  • Engine malfunction: if the injectors are blocked, the combustion of gas and fuel is not smooth - causing stalling in the middle of the road, difficult to start, jerking when on the gas ...
  • Cars use more fuel: It is possible that the injectors are dirty, do not completely burn the fuel, causing the engine to consume more fuel.
  • Engine is noisy: clogged injectors make the engine work weaker, in order for the car to achieve the right capacity of the driver, the engine must work more, causing loud noise.

As can be seen, the work cleaning car fuel injectors extremely important, affecting the performance and life of the vehicle. Therefore, when you come periodically or notice abnormal signs, you should take your car to a reputable garage to be checked, cleaned and maintained by a professional fuel injector.

Remove the Fuel Injector for Cleaning
Remove the Fuel Injector for Cleaning
Image of Cleaning Car Fuel Injectors
Image of Cleaning Car Fuel Injectors

Thanh Phong Auto – Providing High Quality Automotive Fuel Injector Cleaning Service, Good Price

At Thanh Phong Auto, car fuel injector cleaning service will satisfy customers with high cleaning efficiency and optimal time saving. We clean the injectors with specialized tools and solutions – no complicated injector removal/installation required.

Whereby, The cleaning solution is put directly into the fuel injectors through the fuel line. This solution ensures high efficiency again More time saving, easier to operate than direct injector cleaning (use a special tool to remove/install the injector).

Before and After Pictures of Cleaning Gas Nozzles
Before and After Pictures of Cleaning Gas Nozzles

Nozzle cleaning procedure:

  • Step 1: Prepare a set of exhaust valves and a specialized cleaning solution for fuel injectors.
  • Step 2: disconnect the fuel by removing the fuel pump cover directly or removing the fuel pump relay.
  • Step 3: Disconnect fuel from fuel pump to Rail hose.
  • Step 4: Install a dedicated pipe that connects to the Rail pipe firmly, making sure it doesn't leak.
  • Step 5: Install a specialized solution into the injector rinsing tool to clean the injectors.
  • Step 6: turn the pressure relief valve gently, see if the connector is blown to tighten again.
  • Step 7: start the engine at idle for 3 minutes, then accelerate the engine to about 1500 RPM for 6 seconds; Repeat the last two steps until the flask is empty.
  • Step 8: Remove the injector rinser and reassemble the parts as they were removed.
  • Step 9: Start the engine and check the car overall.

Pictures of Repairs at Thanh Phong's Garage (Picture 1)
Pictures of Repairs at Thanh Phong's Garage (Picture 1)
Pictures of Repairs at Thanh Phong's Garage (Picture 2)
Pictures of Repairs at Thanh Phong's Garage (Picture 2)

Thanh Phong Auto's commitment:

  • Clean car fuel injectors quickly, efficiently and professionally.
  • Use fuel injector cleaning solution of reputable brands, ensure genuine, suitable for car engines.
  • Get cleaning fuel injectors for all cars under 16 seats, segment cars from popular to high-end series.
  • The staff is knowledgeable about technology and techniques for cleaning injectors with solution.
  • Fast and professional service process.
  • There is an air-conditioned waiting room for customers to use the service.
  • Transparent and reasonable quotation.

Watch more videos of cleaning car fuel injectors with specialized solutions:

With the above information, hopefully you will grasp the benefits of cleaning car fuel injectors and when to clean this part. At the same time, when the need arises clean fuel injectors effective, fast, affordable, come Thanh Phong Auto for professional service.

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