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What is a car blind spot? Car blind spot warning system
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"Eliminate" the car's blind spot is what every driver wants. Because this is one of the factors that causes collisions, even tragic traffic accidents. So how to effectively overcome blind spots in cars? Thanh Phong Auto provide some experience in this article.

What Is A Car Blind Spot?

What Is A Car Blind Spot?
Blind spot positions in cars

A car's blind spot is an area beyond the driver's field of vision - the driver cannot see through the rearview mirror or directly. Blind spots appear when the vehicle is on the road, when turning at an intersection, when changing lanes, when reversing...

Common blind spot positions: rear blind spot, front blind spot, rearview mirror blind spot, A column blind spot (the first pillar is located on either side of the windshield).

Fixing Car Blind Spots

Sit and drive with the correct posture

Visibility is significantly affected by the driving position. Driving with the right posture Not only helps the driver feel comfortable, but also creates the best vision, avoiding the influence of blind spots.

How to fix car blind spots
Sitting in the right posture helps you to observe better

Adjust the rearview mirror to suit the situation

The rearview mirror is a part to support better vision when driving, helping to overcome blind spots. In order for the rearview mirror to be effective, the driver needs to adjust the rearview mirror to suit each situation.

  • When driving normally: adjust the mirror wide to be able to see the two sides of the car more.
  • When the car is parked in reverse: adjust the mirror to a narrow direction so that you can see the rear tire and the part close to the rear corner of the car.

Currently, most cars are equipped with electric mirrors, so adjusting the mirrors is easier.

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Install car convex mirror

Currently, the market has produced small convex mirrors to install on car rearview mirrors, this is also known as car blind spot removal spherical mirror. This mirror has a wider viewing angle than a flat mirror due to its spherical surface, thereby helping the driver have a better view, especially with the quadrant behind the car.

How to fix car blind spots
Convex mirror helps to remove car blind spots

Use car reverse sensor

Installing a car reverse sensor is also a way to overcome car blind spots. This device detects and gives a warning signal if it detects that the cell is at a close distance from obstacles while reversing. As a result, the blind spots behind the car, in front of the car and even the corners of the car are overcome, helping the car owner to drive more safely and effectively.

Use car camera

360 camera helps to effectively remove car blind spots
360 camera helps to effectively remove car blind spots

Car camera is also an effective way to overcome car blind spots. There are many types of car cameras, in which the reversing camera is a device to remove the blind spot area behind the car. From the image provided by the reversing camera, the driver can observe the area behind the vehicle and reverse smoothly.

In addition, you can equip a nose forward camera (observation in front of the car), an auxiliary mirror forward camera (observing the area on the side of the car), 360-degree camera (observing around the car) ...

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Install car blind spot warning system

Install car blind spot warning system
Automotive blind spot warning system

One of the most modern ways to overcome blind spots in cars is to install a blind spot warning system. This system detects and alerts you if there is a vehicle behind or behind you that is too close to your vehicle.

Avoid Big Vehicle Blind Spots

In addition to avoiding other vehicles entering your vehicle's blind spot, it's also important to avoid your vehicle entering another vehicle's blind spot.

Limit running into the blind spot of trucks and containers

The larger the vehicle, the wider the blind spot, so it is very dangerous to run next to trucks, container trucks, etc. When driving, pay attention to avoid entering the blind spots on the sides and rear of other vehicles. Because if their car changes lanes, changes direction, brakes suddenly, it is very easy to collide with your car.

Limit running into the blind spot of trucks and containers
Limit running into the blind spot of trucks and containers

Tips to identify the blind area of ​​large cars: open the rearview mirror of other cars, if the driver can be seen, then they can see you too. On the contrary, it is possible that your car has entered the blind spot of another vehicle, it is necessary to exit the blind spot quickly to ensure safety.

Don't go over the blind spot

When passing a vehicle, the rule is to notify the vehicle you intend to pass in advance and make sure that it has received a signal from you. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid overtaking in the blind spot of another vehicle, because the driver of that vehicle will not be able to see your vehicle, potentially posing many risks when overtaking.

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Above is the information about How to fix a car blind spot? that Thanh Phong Auto wants to suggest to you. Hopefully the above sharing will help you have more experience to drive safely and effectively.

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