For High-Speed ​​Booting What Need To Pay Attention

What to Pay Attention to Professional Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Starting motor is simply understood as the system that drives the crankshaft to a certain speed, helping the engine start automatically. Therefore, the engine starts to play a very important role in cars. Just a small problem with the starter will directly affect your car. 

So, do you know how to extend the durability of the boot machine? If you do not know it thoroughly, then let's do it Thanh Phong Auto Check out some tips to increase the durability of this system in the following article!

Things to Note For High-Speed ​​Starting Machine

Principle of operation of the starter 

In order for the Starter to have a high durability, what should be paid attention to prestigious Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

  • Suck in

The current from the battery will move into the holding coil and suction coil when you turn on the ignition to START. The current then flows in the current from the coil through the armature to the coil and finally cool. The purpose of generating the electromagnetic force in the holding and suction coils is to magnetize the polar core, which leads to the piston of the magnetic switch being sucked into the polar core of the electromagnet. Thanks to this suction, the gears matched the gear of the flywheel. Along with that is the contact disc that will turn on and off.

  • Hold

There will be no current flowing through the suction coil whenever the main switch is turned on. Because at this time the two ends of the suction coil are inductors, reactors and isotopes receiving direct current from the two battery ends. The engine will be started by the rotating coil at high speed. At this time, the piston is held in place by the electromagnetic force of the coil because current does not flow through the suction coil.

  • Back

When the electromagnetic lock is turned from START to ON, the main contact is still closed. The current then flows its current from the main switch to the suction coil and then through the holding coil. Suction and hold coils have the same structure in terms of number of turns and winding in the same direction. At this time, the current flowing through the suction coil is reversed. This makes the piston unable to hold because the electromagnetic force generated by the suction coil eliminates back and forth. Therefore, the piston was pushed back to the spring. The main switch is disconnected and the machine starts to stop.

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Tips to help the boot durable

  • Clean the boot machine in the proper way

In order for the Starter to have a high durability, what should be paid attention to prestigious Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Over time of use and different usage methods may lead to battery corrosion. Internal acid batteries generate hydrogen and other substances that cause corrosion. When the electrodes are completely eroded, the current is no longer transmitted from the battery to the starter. Therefore, the electrodes must be cleaned regularly to maintain current.

  • Clean the wire

In order for the Starter to have a high durability, what should be paid attention to prestigious Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

The conductor connects the battery from the battery to the starter. It will be affected by the dirt on the wire. 

Should clean the wires periodically to avoid electrical congestion leading to starting the car more smoothly.

  • Tighten the bolt

If the bolt is loose, the flywheel and starter will not be connected. So how to know if the bolt is loose? When you hear a creaking sound when starting the car, the bolt is loose now.

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  • Check the flywheel

In order for the Starter to have a high durability, what should be paid attention to prestigious Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Gears are connected to flywheels to spin the engine. The teeth of the gear and flywheel must fit together for smooth operation. 

Once damaged flywheel is detected, it must be replaced immediately. Do not attempt to use the flywheel when a failure is detected. If you do not want your booting machine to be destroyed quickly.

Above Auto Thanh Phong has tips you a few tips to extend the time to use the car boot to your "pocket" when used. Not just for cars but any item is the same. You all need to have certain knowledge to take care and guarantee to use it for a long time.

Thanh Phong Auo is a reputable repair, maintenance and replacement unit. With a team of experienced and enthusiastic technicians. If you need to take care of your beloved driver, please contact Auto Thanh Phong. We will bring you a service quality more than expected.

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