Cause, How to Fix Air Conditioner No Wind Coming Out

Car Air Conditioner Has No Air Coming Out
Latest update date: February 16, 11

You are confused about what to do when the air conditioner still works normally but does not produce cool air for the car. This makes the occupants very uncomfortable and affects the life of the air conditioner. The following article presents the causes as well as ways to overcome the above situation. And Thanh Phong Auto Discover now!

Cause of Air Conditioner No Wind Coming Out

Air conditioning, also known as refrigerant, is moved through many parts and continuously transformed before cooling the vehicle. Wind can be wind in the cabin or wind from outside. Therefore, during operation, it is inevitable that dust or damage to one of the parts makes the air conditioner unable to operate and supply wind.

Causes of Car Air Conditioner No Air Coming Out
Causes of Car Air Conditioner No Air Coming Out

Here are the causes of the condition that the air conditioner does not have air coming out:

The cabin air filter is clogged

All air conditioners are equipped with an air filter. They work to filter dirt and foreign objects before spilling into the cabin. After a period of use, if not cleaned periodically, dirt can form thick patches to prevent the wind from blowing outside.

Car Air Conditioner Has No Air Coming Out
The Cabin Air Filter Is Clogged Due To Being Accumulated With Dust For A Long Time

The hot and cold rigs are dirty

The condenser and the evaporator are two parts that receive refrigerant movement to different places in the car. They act as an intermediary in the process of pushing the wind from the air conditioner to the cabin.

In order to cool the car, the air conditioner must constantly draw air in and push it out. Therefore, if not cleaned regularly, the outdoor unit will be clogged with dust, preventing air conditioning from circulating. Similarly, the indoor unit of the air conditioner will also be prone to freezing, obstructing circulation if there is dust forming a thick patch on the radiator fins and spokes.

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Car Air Conditioner No Wind
The heating and cooling coils are dirty, causing the air conditioner to have no wind

The blower is broken

Air conditioner is a vehicle cooling system including parts: compressor, air conditioner heater, air conditioner condenser, throttle valve, dry filter, blower. The blower is the last stage that is responsible for pushing cold air into the car's cooling cabin, pushing the air to circulate from the evaporator to other places in the system.

If the air conditioner has no air coming out, check the blower unit. A weak or damaged fan will stop the air circuit, hindering the process of blowing air into the cabin of the air conditioner.

Problem from gas tank

The motor and compressor are driven through the belt. The refrigerant in the gaseous state is sucked by the compressor from the gas tank, then compressed and pushed through the outdoor unit. In order for the car air conditioner to work stably, you need to pay attention to the gas tank.

In some cases, a clogged gas filter can lead to a decrease in the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. Running out of gas or lack of gas in the tank can cause the air conditioner to not blow.

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Causes of Car Air Conditioner No Air Coming Out
Check Car Gas Tank Problems

Blocked gas pipeline

In the process of circulation, the air from outside and the air in the cabin will contain a lot of dirt, garbage and paper debris that is sucked into the fan. Through the air duct, large-sized dust particles will clog the pipe, causing the gas to be unable to escape.

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How to Fix the Condition of the Air Conditioner No Wind Coming Out

  • Air conditioner is a part that easily encounters problems with ventilation. If not resolved for a long time, it can easily lead to damage and reduce the life of the air conditioner. Here are some ways to fix the condition that the air conditioner does not have air coming out:
  • Regularly remove the filter, check and clean the dust.
  • Equip an ampere meter on the vehicle to check the fan motor.
  • Clear the air ducts under the customer's foot taplo and regular wipers.
  • Check and replace the gas battery.
  • Clean the blower, radiator fins and spokes, the bumper on the air filter.

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Above is the article Thanh Phong Auto Sharing experiences Air conditioner does not come out: Causes and solutions hopefully will bring many useful manuals for readers in the process of car care and maintenance. Good luck!

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