Unique and Safe Car Customization Experience

- Unique and Safe Car Customization Experience
Latest update date: February 12, 07

In recent years, the need for car beautification and customization has increased, becoming an indispensable part of modern car culture. Not only does it help increase the aesthetics and personal style of the car owner, beautifying and customizing the car can also enhance operating performance, improve the safety and durability of the car.

Professional services such as paint protection coating, bodykit customization, unique interior/exterior lighting installation, Hi-End sound... meet the increasingly diverse needs of car lovers. In addition to ensuring customer satisfaction with the quality of products and services, professional beauty and car tuning centers also need to focus on factors such as thoughtful advice and professional working processes. , long term warranty…

Grasping new trends and continuously updating new skills and technology is also an important requirement for experts in this field to be able to provide a great experience for customers. With the continuous development of automotive technology, beauty and car customization will become a potential market, full of challenges and opportunities in the coming years.

With cars, beautification not only gives the car owner a feeling of enjoyment but also creates unique highlights. The following is 5 experiences when decorating, beautifying, and customizing cars You should consult to be able to make your car as beautiful as desired.

The cars are designed to create unique accents of the owner
The cars are designed to create unique accents of the owner

Car lights

Car light is one of the most preferred parts of car owners. Lights play a role of lighting and also "eyes" to help the car exterior become more beautiful "shimmering" showing the style of the vehicle. This is the simplest car decoration, moderate cost, helping the exterior of the car become eye-catching, creating an impression of elegance, making the car more outstanding.

There are many methods of lighting for cars: bi xenon light, degree xenon lamp, headlights ... Currently the most popular is Bi-Xenon which is favored by uuwa because it helps to improve the brightness of the headlights.

Car light is the most preferred car owner
Car light is the most preferred car owner

However, when flashing your car, remember the following rules:

  • Luminaires usually have to open the whole lamp housing, which requires good knowledge and technique to do it.
  • Automobile luminance can affect vehicle registration, vehicles equipped with high-intensity light may be denied registration. This is due to an increase in traffic accidents due to owners of vehicles equipped with lights with excessive lighting intensity. And it greatly affects other vehicles involved in traffic.

Car interior level

The exterior makes the beauty of the car more sparkling, while the interior of the car will serve your comfort and class. In the category of interior interiors there are many items in a car. Here are some parts that car owners often beautify.

  • Car seat upholstery: Leather upholstery for the car brings great efficiency, bringing comfort, comfort and good driving experience to the car owner. And especially it will help increase the value of the car, bringing comfort and easy cleaning when needed. With hot and humid conditions like in Vietnam, you should use Singapor's 1 industrial leather upholstered to the chair to wrap up the chair is always full and durable with time.
  • Change the color of your car's interior: Changing the color of your car's interior is a way of spending a lot of time and effort, but the results are sure to make you satisfied.
  • Electric car seats: adjust electric car seats is an extremely necessary task, making driving easy, comfortable and more convenient.
Interior level cars to cater for the comfort and class
Interior level cars to cater for the comfort and class

Car audio level

The level of car audio to upgrade the entertainment system in the car is also popular to both entertain and also affirm the position of the car owner. The level of sound for a car requires technical music and an understanding of the sound system of each car to have the best modes based on the taste of music and the most cost-effective for car owners. .

Car sound level
Car sound level

Decorate your car with decal stickers

Decorating the car with decal helps the driver to be more gorgeous, eye-catching and also protects the car paint from scratches. Although this approach is old, it has never been outdated and is still popular with many people. There are 3 types of decal: transparent decal, color printing decal and compound decal. Currently, the composite decal is favored for its high sharpness, color and variety of designs.

Decorate your car with decals
Decorate your car with decals

Note: Need to find out suitable decal designs and quality to achieve aesthetics. And it is necessary to comply with the Road Traffic Law and not apply decals to the entire vehicle leading to changes in the paint color and structure of the registered car.

The note needed when decorating, beautifying, cars

6 necessary notes you should know when decorating/beautifying/tuning your car:

  • Modifying the vehicle must not affect some of its safety features.
  • Do not interfere with the generator.
  • Testing to commit 1 some additional aspects do not affect the warranty of the vehicle.
  • Discuss with your vehicle dealer and also check the service contract before adding or removing any parts.
  • Consider the funding incurred for the vehicle reasonable to its revenue or not.
  • Choose a car decoration and tuning facility that is reputable and has high quality workmanship.

Customizing the car arbitrarily will cost the car owner a lot of fines, the fine can be up to 16 million VND if the car is not properly modified.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Does car tuning affect the manufacturer's warranty?

Vehicle modifications may affect the warranty. About 70-80% of car modifications will void the manufacturer's warranty on the relevant parts. You need to carefully review the warranty terms before deciding to customize your vehicle.

2. What is the average cost to customize a car's interior?

Car interior customization costs range from 10-50 million VND, depending on scale and quality. Premium leather seat covers can cost about 15-25 million VND, while upgrading the sound system can cost up to 30-40 million VND for high-end systems.

3. What are the advantages of customizing LED lights for cars compared to original halogen lights?

LED lights have many advantages:

  • Save electricity more than 50-70%
  • 5-10 times longer lifespan (about 30.000-50.000 hours)
  • Brightness increased by 20-30%
  • Color temperature can be customized from 3000K to 6500K

4. What forms of car paint protection are popular today?

Popular forms of car paint protection:

  • Ceramic coating (durability 2-5 years)
  • Nano coating (durability 6-12 months)
  • Paste PPF (Paint Protection Film) (durability 5-10 years)
  • Polishing wax (durability 1-3 months)

5. What effect does the sunroof level have on the vehicle's structure?

The degree of sunroof can affect:

  • Reduce vehicle body stiffness by 5-10%
  • Increase vehicle weight by 30-50 kg
  • Change the vehicle's center of gravity, raise it 1-2 cm
  • May cause water leakage if installed incorrectly

6. What types of materials are commonly used to cover car seats?

Common types of materials:

  • Genuine leather (price 2.000.000-5.000.000 VND/m2)
  • Industrial leather (price 500.000-1.500.000 VND/m2)
  • Microfiber leather (price 800.000-2.000.000 VND/m2)
  • High quality felt (price 300.000-800.000 VND/m2)

7. What impact does suspension tuning have on driving feel?

Suspension levels can:

  • Reduce vehicle body tilt when cornering by 20-30%
  • Improves road holding ability by 10-15%
  • Increase shock absorption stiffness by 30-50%
  • Lower the vehicle's center of gravity 2-5 cm

8. What impact does tuning the exhaust system have on engine performance?

Exhaust system degrees can:

  • Increase engine power 5-10%
  • Improve torque 3-7%
  • Reduce back pressure by 15-25%
  • Creates a characteristic sound, increased by 10-20 dB

Read the article now: Pay attention when repairing car mufflers and exhaust pipes The most detailed information is updated on the website.

9. What new technologies are there in the field of car tuning?

Some new technologies:

  • Graphene nano coating (2-3 times more durable than ceramic coating)
  • 3D printing of bodykit details (30-50% reduction in production time)
  • LED matrix lighting system (50% increased lighting area)
  • HUD (Head-Up Display) screen integrates virtual reality

10. What legal regulations are there related to car customization in Vietnam?

Some main regulations:

  • It is forbidden to change the vehicle body size more than 10% compared to the original
  • Do not install more than 4 light bulbs for headlights
  • It is forbidden to install heat-insulating films with a reflective level of over 70%.
  • Vehicle sound level must not exceed 115 dB
  • Need to re-register after adjusting important parts such as engine and suspension

See article details: Regulations on penalties for arbitrarily modifying cars according to the latest state law.

Hopefully this article will bring you a lot of good and useful knowledge if you intend to beautify your beloved car.

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