The Top Causes of Gasoline Engines “Consuming Fuel”

- Leading Causes of Gasoline Engines "Consuming Fuel"
Latest update date: February 22, 06

Unusual fuel consumption cars are a phenomenon that many drivers encounter after a period of use. Some of the reasons for this may be due to the driver's driving habits, or may also be due to the problem of some parts of the vehicle.

So in general, because of what causes the more used cars have the phenomenon of "consuming" gasoline like that? Article below Thanh Phong Auto Please send to you the leading causes of gasoline engines are "fuel consumption".

- Leading Causes of Gasoline Engines "Consuming Fuel"

Hopefully in the case of cars with fuel consumption status, the driver will easily "catch the right disease" to handle promptly.

1. Vehicles "consume fuel" due to worn out cement

Cement ring is a kind of elastic elastic ring with a glove that is installed in the grooves on the piston in the engine, which is responsible for ensuring the glass for the piston and heat transfer to cool the engine. There are 3 types of cement rings, which are gas cement, fire clay and oil cylinder.

Gasoline engines of cars consume fuel due to worn rings
Gasoline engines of cars consume fuel due to worn rings
  • With a gas cylinder and fire, its mission is to seal the piston chamber so that no air will enter so that it does not affect the engine's output and the lubricant inside is not destroyed. Apply lubricating oil to cylinder walls, not soaking oil in the engine combustion chamber.
  • Oil caskets, which have similar tasks but are the most out-of-the-sad components. Works to prevent coolant from spilling into the engine's combustion chamber.

If the case of worn-out casks and seals, especially oil caskets, will cause engine lubricating oil to go to the combustion chamber and be burned, this will cause white smoke.

If this situation occurs and persists for a period of time, it will lead to the vehicle consuming lubrication. Once the engine is not lubricated regularly conditions will cause severe damage to the engine. As a result, the engine's capacity, its acceleration will decrease, and the most important thing is that the fuel will be consumed more.

2. Due to the driver's habit of making cars that "consume fuel"

In the process of driving it is inevitable when sudden throttle acceleration or heavy load. The case when the throttle starts to open and allows plenty of air to enter the combustion chamber is when the driver departs the accelerator to accelerate faster.

At this time, to maintain the appropriate gas ratio, the control ECU will add a certain amount of fuel. Therefore, once accelerated quickly, the consumption of fuel is inevitable.

3. Due to cold weather, it costs fuel

Cold weather makes gasoline engines of cars consume fuel
Cold weather makes gasoline engines of cars consume fuel

When the weather is cold, the start-up time of the car will be longer than usual because the lubricant hardens because of the cold so the lubrication is not enough, causing the engine's rotation speed to not reach the necessary level. For gasoline engines, they must create a certain air-conditioning ratio so that the cars can start.

Along with that, the battery cannot operate well due to the chemical change of solvent, the thick lubricant greatly affects the performance of the car engine. Therefore, the car moving in cold weather is also one of the causes of gasoline engines "fuel consumption".

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4. Because when using fuel for vehicles with low octane

The octane index of gasoline represents the fuel's anti-knocking properties. High octane fuel is used for high compression ratio engines. The use of low quality fuel, doped with low octane will lead to many harmful effects to the vehicle.

The octane ratio and the compression index are closely related. The relationship between the compression ratio and the octane index is as follows:

Compression ratio

Optimal octane

Compression ratio

Optimal octane

















5. Gasoline engines "consume fuel" due to low pressure tires

Low tire pressure causes car engines to consume fuel
Low tire pressure causes car engines to consume fuel

Once the tire pressure is low, the friction area between the road surface and the wheel will be bigger, which will lead to the engine working more and increasing fuel consumption. On the other hand, in order to prevent the vehicle from consuming fuel and greatly affecting the life of the tire, drivers should pay attention to not letting the tire be young.

6. Forget not to change lubrication often

If gasoline is considered a "food", then lubrication is like the "blood" of an engine. The composition of lubricating oil contains additives to ensure features such as: chemical corrosion resistance, cleaning and anti-foaming.

Lack of lubricating oil causes gasoline engines to consume fuel
Lack of lubricating oil causes gasoline engines to consume fuel

In the process of burning fuel will generate carbon dust and dirt sticking to the engine, then lubricating oil disperses the effect of dispersing the deposits into small molecules to store in the oil.

After a long time of use, when the residue content has exceeded the level, it can then stick back to the engine.

On the other hand, if you forget to change the oil for a long time, it may cause the oil to lose its ability to lubricate. As a result, the friction between the engine parts will become larger, making the engine hotter and resulting in more fuel-consuming vehicles than usual. Since then, the frequent change of lubrication is essential.

7. Due to spark plug and ignition coil damage, not working properly

Ignition system and spark plug are two important parts of the engine, although they are very small, but their use is not small at all.

The fuel-consuming engine is also due to damaged spark plugs and ignition rod coils, not working well
The fuel-consuming engine is also due to damaged spark plugs and ignition rod coils, not working well

The ignition system does two main tasks:

  • When the engine needs to ignite the gas thoroughly, the ignition system will ignite at the right time, in order to create the maximum power and help reduce environmental pollution.
  • Another very important task that cannot be ignored is that it will generate a current greater than 20.000V so that it can be easily launched through the spark plug ignition gap and ignite the gas-fuel mixture.

On the other hand, take care that spark plugs are not worn or too dirty, as this will shorten the life of the spark plug and make the vehicle more fuel-efficient. Therefore, if these two parts are not working well, they will cause more fuel consumption and the vehicle will not be able to move normally.

8. Because the oxygen sensor does not work, the gasoline engine "consumes fuel".

The car's oxygen sensor is an important part of the car, which is not inferior to other details, it is a machine for measuring the amount of oxygen left in the engine exhaust.

When the oxygen sensor recognizes the amount of oxygen contained in the engine exhaust and sends the signal to the ECU in terms of voltage, the ECU uses this information to control the amount of fuel injection so that it is correct for the A / F ratio. request.

If the sensor is faulty, the amount of fuel that can be sprayed more will result in more fuel consumption, and this case over a long period of time will harm the engine.

9. Due to the "expired" wind filter

Too dirty air filter consumes engine fuel
Too dirty air filter consumes engine fuel

There are very few drivers who pay attention to the need to replace the air filter periodically (about 20.000 km / time). However, it is necessary to replace the air filter periodically, once the air filter has too much dirt, it will make less air into the combustion chamber, and dirt will also attach more. For that reason, it will cause the car to heat up quickly and block the spark plug due to soot so the engine can be suddenly turned off.

In order to keep the car "fuel-efficient", please pay attention to the time of taking your car to Thanh Phong Auto garage for routine maintenance! We will help you take care of your car in the best way. Do not leave your "driver love" damaged by any reason!

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