Effectively Solving Glass Wash Water System On Oto

Effectively Solve Problems with Oto Glass Washer System to Secure Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2023

When traveling in unfavorable weather conditions (rain, fog, dust, ...), the driver's vision will be limited. Therefore, the glass washing system was born as an effective solution for car mobility - ensuring clear and safe visibility for the driver.

Car Glass Washing System
Car Glass Washing System

However, in the process of using, the glass washing system on cars also cannot avoid incidents affecting operations. In this article, Thanh Phong Auto will introduce readers how to effectively solve the problem of car wash glass systems. Along track posts offline!

1 Check the glass cleaner tank

Check the cleanliness of the glass washing container

Check the Cleanliness of the Car Glass Washer Tank
Check the Cleanliness of the Glass Cleaner Tank

When you see that there is dirt accumulating in the bottom of the container, you need to remove the jar and conduct cleaning. Cleaning the dirt at the bottom will help to increase the amount of water transferred to ensure circulation.

At the same time, you also need to be careful about re-plugging in the power jacks and pipes when you put the tank back into place.

Check the water pipes connected to the container

Check the Water Pipes Connected to the Tank
Check the Water Pipes Connected to the Tank

This is also something that you should not ignore when the car wash glass system problem. In case these pipes occur cracking, breaking or leaking water, of course the glass washing system will also be significantly affected.

2 Check if the glass cleaner needs to be added to the tank

Check to See If You Need to Add Glass Cleaner to the Tank
Check to See If You Need to Add Glass Cleaner to the Tank

When you realize that the glass washer tank is empty, it is time for you to supply more water to the jar.

However, the addition of glass cleaner to the container should also ensure the following requirements:

  • It is advisable to carry out the aqueous phase according to the manufacturer's instructions for use and pour the diluted water into the flask to the appropriate level.
  • Encourage you to use effective anti-freeze glass cleaners in case of low temperatures.

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3 Cleaning the necessary details

Proceed to remove dirt at the nozzle, pipe

Proceed to Remove Dirt from Nozzles and Pipes
Proceed to Remove Dirt from Nozzles and Pipes

Clean the parts by using a small toothpick. Meanwhile, the holes on the nozzle, the pipes will also be easily cleaned when removed. Just do it this way, making sure that the car wash system on your car will not be clogged with dirt.

Turn on the car keys while washing the glass

While washing the glass, start the car so that the glass cleaner can push the dirt out. If the system has been cleaned or replaced and water is still not spraying, the system may have an electrical problem.

Use other cleaning methods

If the glass washer container is located in a difficult place to remove, you will clean it by another method. You can fill the flask with water and then drain it out. Repeatedly doing so a few times, the water in the bottle will be clearer.

4 Timely fix other problems

Please check the direction of the nozzles

Please Check the Direction of the Nozzles
Please Check the Direction of the Nozzles

The direction of the nozzles should be set towards the center of the windshield. 

  • The sprinklers will be positioned above the windshield wipers, on the hood, or to the left and right of the windshield.
  • With the nozzle in position on the wiper, it is not necessary to adjust the direction.
  • If the nozzle is held with a screw under the bonnet: loosen the screw, then adjust it toward the center of the windshield and tighten it.

While adjusting the nozzle direction, you can use a pliers or a small needle to adjust it. Be careful not to clog or tear the nozzles during the adjustment process.

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If no water comes out, check the power source

If You Don't See Water Spraying Out, Check The Power Supply
If You Don't See Water Spraying Out, Check The Power Supply

Perform the test in the following order:

  • Turn off the car keys first.
  • Please locate the water pump on your car. Normally the water pump will be placed on the glass washer reservoir or on top of the wiper motor.
  • Conduct unplugging at the water pump.
  • Then try turning the car key back on and then turn on the glass wash mode.
  • Check if electricity is on with electric tester. You can also check the water pump fuse and, if necessary, replace it.
  • When you notice that the water pump has been plugged into the electricity and no water has been sprayed out, you need to replace the water pump.

When there is a problem with the windshield washer system on the car, do it in the following way Thanh Phong Auto so you can fix it. In case the problem cannot be fixed by yourself, you need to bring your loved one to a reputable auto repair and maintenance center. The enthusiastic and experienced staff at Thanh Phong Auto will definitely help your car overcome all the most difficult problems.

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