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The crankshaft plays the role of an important transmission part of the car, understanding the structure, function, and common problems with the crankshaft will help car owners be more active in the process of use, maintenance, car repair.

In this article, Thanh Phong Auto will provide important information about the car's steering system.

What is Automotive Shaft?


The automobile crankshaft has a cylindrical shape, belonging to the automobile transmission system with the task of driving from the car gearbox or differential to the wheel axles for the car to move.

Car Drive System
Car Drive System


Automotive drive shafts are divided into two main types:

  • Single shaft: usually made of aluminum or steel with high strength, light weight; used on 4-wheel vehicles with a small distance between the engine and the axle.
  • Two-three-piece crankshaft: used for 4-wheel vehicles with a large distance between the shaft and the engine.


The driveshaft of a car is composed of 9 main parts:

  1. Center shaft: the main part of the moving shaft and the articulating shaft linked to the housing on the center bearings.
  2. Tubular shaft: the part that helps to correct the gear ratio and the rear axle.
  3. Tube: maintains the rear position of the vehicle when accelerating or braking.
  4. Center bearing – middle bearing: links the 2 parts of the crankshaft, maintaining the position of the transmission.
  5. Flange: connect the shaft to the transmission, gearbox, differential...
  6. Coupling (U-joint): connects the rotating axles of the vehicle, drives the wheels to move the vehicle.
  7. Stopper: reduce vibration and noise when the vehicle accelerates.
  8. Slide pin: connect with drive shaft, move outside the transfer box to supply power.
  9. Pipe pin: rotates around the coupling and drive shaft.

In addition, the car drive system has a number of other components such as anti-lock braking system, torsion damper, etc.

Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft

Common Problems With Steering Wheels In Cars

Shaft gear rust:

Signs: the car starts up with a loud, jerky and sluggish sound than usual.

Cause: the car moves in the rain, in a flooded area or improperly cleaning the car causes water to overflow and collect in the compartment - not dried in time, so the gears are oxidized.

Wear of transmission gears and synchronous joints:

Worn gears and synchronous joints will reduce transmission power, if prolonged, it can break, chipped gears, making cars unable to move.

Signs: appear "pop" sound when hugging a crab.

Cause: gears, synchronous joints are affected by friction, so it is difficult to avoid wear and damage after a long time of operation; especially when it is not lubricated or the lubricant is contaminated with dirt.

Quality Car Drive System Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Broken palm tree:

Appears croaking and louder when running straight.

Shaft grease flow:

Grease in the crankshaft must be of a special type used for the crankshaft, if used incorrectly, it will flow out through the rubber door slot.

Shaft cover is torn:

Because it is made of rubber, the shaft cover can be torn by rubbing during vehicle operation. It is necessary to replace this part as soon as there are signs of tearing to avoid sand and dirt getting in and abrading the parts inside the bearing.

As an important part in the operation of a car, the power steering system needs to be checked and maintained periodically to promptly detect and fix problems - to avoid affecting vehicle quality and safety. safety of occupants and costly repair costs.

Thanh Phong Auto Providing professional car maintenance and repair services in Ho Chi Minh City. A team of professional and experienced technicians at the center will carefully check the vehicle's condition; advise on the most effective and cost-effective maintenance and repair direction for customers.

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  • My car is shaking, I don't know what the problem is, hope the advisor will help me

    • Hi bro, the steering wheel has many causes (rotuyn is broken, rubber is torn ....), If possible, you can leave the account in the car advisor to call you back, or let the car pass Check it by my side and will report the detailed status to you. Thank you!

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