Electronic Fuel Injection System On Cars

Electronic fuel injection system
Latest update date: February 23, 01

Currently, most cars are equipped Electronic fuel injection system in order to save fuel and make the car operate more smoothly. So what is electronic fuel injection system, structure and principle of operation? Let's Thanh Phong Auto Go to find out details in the article below.

What is an electronic fuel injection system?

The electronic fuel injection system is essentially a new air-conditioning system. When using this system, the fuel tank will be replaced with an electronic fuel injector. This will help to customize and easily interfere with the injection of fuel into the combustion chamber thereby optimizing the amount of fuel used.

Learn About Electronic Fuel Injection System
Electronic fuel injection system

Classification of electronic fuel injection systems includes:

+ Single point fuel injection system: Only use 1 nozzle, suitable for small cars.

+ The two-point fuel injection system upgraded from a single point system: Enhanced by 1 nozzle at the rear of the throttle to increase fuel.

+ Multi-point fuel injection system: Each cylinder will have its own nozzle, they get signals from the crankshaft rotation angle, determine the exact fuel injection time.

Structure of electronic fuel injection system

Electronic fuel injection system is divided into 3 main parts, including:

  • The sensor: Air intake sensor, oxygen sensor, camshaft position sensor, voltage sensor, engine speed sensor, urinary tube pressure sensor, coolant temperature sensor
  • Electronic control parts: The most important detail is the central control system ECU. It has the function of receiving, processing and signaling to inject fuel to power the vehicle.
  • The control actuator: Nozzles, distribution pipes, fuel filters, strainers, fuel pumps, vibration dampers.

Working principle of electronic fuel injection system

How the Electronic Fuel Injection System Works
Operating Principle of Electronic Fuel Injection System

The EFI system will operate based on the self-electric control system to interfere with the injection of fuel into the engine combustion chamber, while optimizing fuel consumption for the vehicle.

  • This electronic control system will re-balance the A / F ratio, helping to optimize the combustion in the engine. At the same time, the toxic gases after the combustion process such as CO, HC will be at the lowest level.
  • In addition, this system also receives information from the sensors, the intake air measure, then processes and transmits signals to control the nozzle. Thus, the amount of fuel injection will be balanced with the intake air, helping to optimize the fuel in the best way.
  • The fuel system will have the role of sucking gasoline, passing through the filters and entering the nozzles. Only when receiving the signal from the control system does the valve open and fuel is injected into the intake manifold.
  • Gas filling system: Load and suck gas mixtures of the combustion process into cylinders.

Highlights of the electronic fuel injection system

Outstanding Advantages of Electronic Fuel Injection System
Advantages of Electronic Fuel Injection System

Electronic fuel injection system EFI increasingly proves its superiority over conventional carburetors thanks to advantages such as:

  • Models with carburetors will need time to warm up the engine before use. Meanwhile vehicles using electronic fuel injection system will Can be operated immediately when starting the vehicle even in cold weather.
  • Optimal fuel economy: Because the EFI system can adjust the amount of fuel according to the operating mode of the engine at a sufficient level, it helps Very good fuel economy.
  • Furthermore, the amount of air is also burned in the combustion chambers, thus helping to save fuel Generates maximum effort to support stable vehicle operation.
  • Higher power and torque compared with fuel system using carburetor.

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Prioritize the selection and use of applicable vehicles Electronic fuel injection system This modernity is to help save fuel and have a very enjoyable experience. Hope with information about that electronic fuel injection system Thanh Phong Auto The above sharing will help you to understand this system clearly. See more good knowledge about cars in the forum Experience and knowledge about cars.

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