Signs, How To Check The Problem On Car Charging System

Signs, How To Check The Problem On Car Charging System
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Knowing the important role the charging system plays in the car's performance, owners pay close attention to the signs that this system is in trouble. Through initial checks and checks, the owner will know what is the problem with the choking system? Need to repair or replace anything? Let's Thanh Phong Auto Learn signs, how to check the problem of the car charging system in this article.

Car Charging System
Car Charging System

Signs that the car charging system is having problems

1. The battery indicator lights up

When you notice that the indicator light with the battery icon lights up while the car is running, it means the charging system has encountered a problem. The cause may be that the battery is not charged by the generator. Make the car use the same energy from the battery.

In case the light is flashing, it may be because the generator is worn out of the brush. NAlso you can refer experience choosing to buy batteries to ensure your car is operating safely and stably.

2. The engine cannot be started

If your car's engine fails to start, it may be that the generator is not charging the battery. Causes insufficient voltage in the tank to run the motor.

Engine Cannot Start
Engine Cannot Start

3. The water in the battery quickly drains

When the battery is charged too much, its temperature will increase, causing the amount of water inside to be lost. This time need to refill water regularly, reducing battery life.

4. Low light

Low light in cars (headlights, interior lights) is also a sign of a charging problem. In this case, it is possible that the diodes inside the generator rectifier have been damaged, or the battery is not being charged. Let's learn more about these the cause of damage to car lights to know how to fix it effectively.

5. Engine compartment has a loud noise

If you notice a loud noise coming from the engine compartment while the vehicle is in motion, some parts of the charging system (shaft, bearing, pulley) may have problems. This issue requires you to know how to distinguish these engine noise to determine the damage.

Instructions for checking the car charging system

Signs, How to Check Problems on Professional Car Charging System Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

- Check if the drive belt, jack, generator fixing bolt are loose?

- Check if there are signs of oxidation on the electrodes, battery piles of the battery?

- Check straps: is tension consistent? Is the belt booster damaged? Are there any signs of tearing, cracking or peeling off the rubber?

- Check if the power cord, jack behind the generator is rusted, worn or broken?

- Check the voltage of the battery: the voltage level for the car's charging system to work well is 12,2 - 12,6V. If the voltage at the time of the test is lower than this range, the battery needs to be recharged before checking.

  • High load case: Have the person start the car, let the engine rotate at a speed of 2000 rpm. Turn on the load and measure the battery voltage. The value of the voltage on the meter should then be at least 0,5V higher than the base voltage. If not higher, the operation of the charging system is not guaranteed.
  • Where there is no load: Do the same and run the engine at 1000 rpm. Take the meter to measure the battery voltage, the voltage value should be higher than the basic value when charging 0,5 - 2V. If it exceeds 2V from the base voltage, the battery is being overcharged.

- Check the level of pressure drop:

Start the car, have someone else pedal and hold the gas pedal, and let the engine run at 1500 rpm. Turn on the load: lights, sound system, cooling system, ... Put the meter on the DCV scale, use the black and red probe of the meter to turn the B + pin of the generator, the positive pole of the battery.

The voltage should be 0,2V or less, if it is higher than this, it will reduce the amount of charging voltage for the battery. Then need to check the generator and the battery for connection problems (loose, worn or rusted). Continue to repeat the same procedure, but change the black probe to the negative of the battery, the red rod to the generator case. A pressure drop equal to or less than 0,05V is guaranteed. If it is higher then it is possible that the ground connection of the battery has been problematic.

Thanh Phong Auto both hints to you the signs and How to check the car charging system. Hope that this information will help you to promptly detect problems on the charging system to drive safely, maintain vehicle life.

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