Car Exhaust System

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Catalytic converters - Catalytic converters are a combination of special thermal and metal effects to convert CO and Hydrocarbons into steam and CO2. Some other converters are also able to convert toxic NOx into molecular nitrogen. 

In addition, the exhaust system also handles noise and engine cooling. Every component in the Exhaust System is an important part of the car and also for the environment.

Car Exhaust System
Car Exhaust System

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Exhaust system construction

Let's learn about the exhaust system by Thanhphong Auto to understand why it is so important in a car. 

The exhaust system includes: Exhaust duct assembly, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, silencer and exhaust pipe.

Exhaust air duct assembly

Installed in series with the cylinders, directing the exhaust gases from each cylinder into the common pipe. This hose assembly can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, or some cast metal.

Guaranteed Car Exhaust System Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

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Oxygen sensor

All gasoline engines use an oxygen sensor to determine the amount of excess air in the exhaust. From there, the machine can know whether to add or reduce the amount of oxygen (air) in the intake air, to save fuel for the vehicle. The oxygen sensor is located inside the exhaust manifold assembly right next to the tube.

Catalytic converter

It is used to convert carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons into CO2 and water vapor. Some other converters are also capable of converting toxic NOx into molecular nitrogen. This adapter is fixed between the exhaust assembly and the silencer.

Guaranteed Car Exhaust System Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

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Explosion of engine generates a lot of noise, especially diesel engine due to high compression ratio. Most silencers today use barriers and sound absorption. Some silencer systems also use fiberglass to absorb noise.

Exhaust pipes and lines

Connecting all the above components is the exhaust pipe that leads the air out. Exhaust pipes are usually made of stainless steel or steel-aluminum alloy, with long service life. 

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Guaranteed Car Exhaust System Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Some “diseases” related to the exhaust system

Corrosion due to steam

The biggest enemy of exhaust systems is rust and corrosion. The presence of steam in the exhaust pipe and high temperatures are the main causes of system rust and corrosion. Water in the system is a byproduct of combustion and catalytic conversion, in addition to weather is also a cause of stagnant water in the car such as heavy rain, flooded roads.

Fuel consumption

When you notice that your car is consuming more gas than usual, check your car's oxygen sensor.  Please replace the oxygen sensor when the vehicle is driving 100.000km. Thanhphong Auto is committed to genuine spare parts are imported directly from the main production unit.


The silencer is also very susceptible to rust and needs replacing. When suddenly your car makes quite a loud noise, especially when accelerating, it is best to check and replace it immediately. See details at; "Signs that the silencer is having problems"

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