TOP Quality Vocational Training Places for Electrical - Automotive Electronics in Long An

electronics apprenticeship in long an
Top places for vocational training in auto engineeringTOP Quality Vocational Training Places for Electrical - Automotive Electronics in Long An

To find the address Apprenticeship in electricity - electronics in Long An It's very easy, but choosing the right place to study is not easy. The vocational training unit must at least ensure the following factors:

  • There are adequate facilities for the learning and practice process.
  • Professional training program, if you want to be able to study more in-depth in the future.
  • Commit to becoming a career after completing the training program.
  • ...

Besides, you also have to find out about tuition fees, study time, certificates... to find the best facility. The following article reviews TOP 7 address for vocational training in electricity - electronics prestige, let's explore!

Address for Vocational Training in Electrical - Automotive Electronics Prestige - Quality - Cheap in Long An

1. Long An College

At Long An College, if you want Vocational training in electrical and automotive electronics Then you can register for a major Car technology intermediate-college level. Students studying at the school have the opportunity to access knowledge about mechatronics, car refrigeration, automotive compressed air…

electronics apprenticeship in long an
Apprenticeship in automotive electrical and electronics at Long An College

Advantages of studying at Long An College:

  • Be provided with a full range of professional knowledge related to automotive engineering.
  • After completing the program, students have the ability to take on many job positions at the garage.
  • The school cooperates with Euro Auto - BMW on training materials, technical instructions, for students to practice... Therefore, studying at Long An College both acquires in-depth knowledge and practice lessons. work copy.
  • Have the ability to study continuously to a higher level as prescribed.

Address:: 60 National Highway 1A, Ward 5, Y, Tan An City, Long An.

2. Long An Economic - Technical Center

Long An economic and technical center is one of the training units auto repair profession prestige in Long An. Although there is no specialisation for electrical and electronics, you can still major in Automotive Technology. With only 2 years of study, in addition to the knowledge related to electricity - electronics, students also know many other useful related lessons (specialized English, maintenance, mechanics ...).

Long An Economic - Technical Center enrolls students in the form of entrance examination for high school graduates.

Address:: No. 27 National Highway 1A, Voi La Hamlet, Ben Luc Town, Ben Luc District, Long An.

3. Can Giuoc Vocational Intermediate

Necessary Electrical and Electronic Apprenticeship In Long An, it is not to be missed Can Giuoc Vocational School. The school has a major in Automotive Technology that provides the necessary knowledge and skills for the electrical and electronic profession.

Automotive electronics vocational course in Long An

Apprenticeships at Can Giuoc Vocational College, students can:

  • Taught by a team of highly qualified, dedicated teachers.
  • The training curriculum combines practice with theory, committing to a career after the course.
  • Short training period – about 2 years.
  • Further study is possible through the college-university linkage program.
  • Internship at large car garages in Long An province.

Address:: No. 96, DT835, Truong Binh, Can Giuoc, Long An.

4. Duc Hoa Vocational High School

Referring to a famous vocational training institution in Long An province, you cannot ignore it Duc Hoa Vocational School. With a major in Automotive Technology, you will be provided with the knowledge and practice of automotive electrical and electronics specialists and many basic and in-depth contents about mechanical systems. English for automotive engineering...

Advantages of studying at Duc Hoa Vocational School:

  • The tuition fee is cheap compared to many other vocational training institutions.
  • The teachers are enthusiastic and friendly.
  • Professional curriculum, regularly updated knowledge according to the market.
  • The class is small in number, easy to exchange when there is a problem to be answered.

Address:: No. 180A, 3/2 street, Hau Nghia town, Duc Hoa, Long An.

5. Thanh Phong Auto Automotive Technical Practice Training Center

Thanh Phong Auto Automotive Technical Practice Training Center trusted by many people in Long An Apprenticeship in auto electrical and electronic repair by:

  • It is geographically located adjacent to Long An province, convenient for studying.
  • As a large training institution, combining with Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Ho Chi Minh City and Thanh Phong Auto garage.
  • Intensive training curriculum, methodical combination of theory and practice.
  • Taught by a team of highly qualified lecturers (technicians of Thanh Phong Auto, lecturers of universities in Ho Chi Minh City).
  • Good learning material conditions: airy, fully equipped classrooms, advanced and modern machines for practice...
  • Can be re-learned or reserved upon request.
  • Short study time - 90 hours, flexible schedule 2-4-6 and 3-5-7.
  • Competitive tuition fees compared to the market average - only 12.000.000/course.
TOP Quality Automotive Electronics - Electrical Vocational Training Place in Long An Genuine Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
Thanh Phong Auto – a prestigious address for vocational training in automotive electronics in Ho Chi Minh City

After following the automotive electronics program here, students will be able to:

  • Proficient in automotive electrical testing and diagnostic procedures.
  • Understand circuit diagrams of vehicle models, actuators and sensors.
  • Proficient in the use of automotive electrical and electronic software.
  • ...

Besides automotive electronics, Thanh Phong Auto Automotive Technical Practice Training Center also offers 4 other courses: basic maintenance, auto service advisor, English for automotive industry, automatic transmission repair. Apprenticeship here, you are committed to a career after the course and introduced to work at the big car garages of Ho Chi Minh.

Contact information:

  • Address: 68B Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Email:
  • Tel: (028) 37755429 – Fax: (028) 37751046.

6. VATC . Center

Also located in Ho Chi Minh City, VATC . center is considered as a good environment to learn and practice the profession of automotive electronics.

VATC's training program provides knowledge about engine structure, electrical and electronic fault check and repair procedures, from simple to complex. In particular, here students can practice continuously and master professional skills.

Automotive electronics vocational school in Long An
Professional automotive electrical and electronics course at VATC

Address:: 50 Street 12, Tam Binh Ward, Thu Duc District, City. Ho Chi Minh.

7. Tien Giang Vocational College

Located in Tien Giang adjacent to Long An, Tien Giang Vocational College It is also a suggestion not to be missed when learning automotive electrical - electronics.

With the Automotive Technology program, students are trained:

  • General knowledge of automotive engineering: electrical - electronics, chassis system...
  • How to use machines for repair and maintenance.
  • English for automotive engineering.
  • Practice the work in the textbook.
  • Although not a big institution, Tien Giang Vocational College still offers good quality training and affordable tuition.

Address:: 11B/17, Hoc Lac, Ward 8, City. My Tho, Tien Giang.

The article summarizes the address for vocational training in electric and automotive electronics in Long An Quality should refer. Good luck with your apprenticeship!


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