Automotive English Course

Automotive English Course in Ho Chi Minh City
Latest update date: February 18, 03

English courses for automotive engineering in Ho Chi Minh City

(Course code: TPA00-01)

With the strong development of automotive technology, in order to master diagnostic machines and understand repair manuals from abroad, specialized English is an essential tool for people in the profession.

Understanding this, Automotive English Course training students in foreign language skills on the basis of automotive technical knowledge. Thereby helping students read - understand specialized documents, use English at a job-appropriate level.

English Course for Automotive Industry
English Course for Automotive Industry

Course Information

Course code





60 theoretical periods

Study time

Monday 2-4-6 or 3-5-7

Number of participants

15-25 students


note: Tuition fee for 1 course English for Automotive Industry includes the cost of documents and certification.

There are special preferential fees for

  • Students register for the course 10 days before the opening time.
  • Loyal customer of Thanh Phong Auto.
  • Active member on Thanh Phong Auto forum.
  • Group registration from 3 students.
  • Pupil.
Photos of Students at the Automotive English Course
Photos of Students at the Automotive English Course


  • Automotive engineering students.
  • Technical staff at auto repair shops or car dealerships.
  • Car garage owners oriented professional service model.

Course content

  • Automotive English vocabulary training: common types of cars, basic structure of cars, car parts, common English terms in the automotive industry...
  • Practice English conversation and interview samples about automotive industry.
  • Training skills to help read comprehension, guess the meaning of new words quickly without using a dictionary.
  • Training skills to accurately translate the meaning of terms, sentences, paragraphs, articles on the topic of cars.

Course Benefits

  • Help students read and understand English documents related to automobile industry.
  • Look up information on repairing car systems from specialized documents.
  • Master advanced automotive diagnostic equipment.
  • Practical training method, students can easily relate their own knowledge to research and learn new knowledge, creating excitement at work.
  • Trained by a team of good instructors, knowledgeable about cars in general and specialized English in particular.

Output Quality

With the course Specialized in Automotive English, Thanh Phong Auto commits to the following output quality:

  • Students can read and understand specialized documents.
  • Students can use specialized English at a job-appropriate level.
Thanh Phong Auto - Prestigious, Professional English Teaching Address for Automotive Industry
Thanh Phong Auto – A Prestigious, Professional Address for Teaching English in the Automotive Industry

Why should you study English for Automotive at Thanh Phong Auto?

  • The curriculum is well designed and realistic, compiled by the experience of Thanh Phong Auto and the automotive department of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.
  • The instructors have many years of experience and are well qualified.
  • The teaching method is intuitive, easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to apply: learn new words with accompanying pictures or learn when approaching automotive parts and equipment.
  • Thanh Phong emphasizes interactivity in class, students can exchange continuously with teachers to firmly grasp knowledge.
  • Facilities, teaching and learning equipment are complete and modern - creating the best learning environment for students.

Master English for the automotive industry and turn it into a springboard on the road to career success.

Any questions regarding Automotive English course or other courses of Thanh Phong Auto, please contact us for quick and professional advice.

Photos at the automotive vocational course at Thanh Phong Auto

Theoretical class pictures

Practical Class Pictures

Video of Graduates Completing Car Maintenance Course at Thanh Phong Auto

Sharing Career Orientation From Thanh Phong Auto

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  • Can I ask if there is a specialized English course in the evening?


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