Learn Auto Repair Short-term - Urgent Where Ho Chi Minh City

Where to Learn Car Repair Short-Term - Intensive in Hcm

Are you a graduate of Intermediate/College/University in automotive technology and engineering, need to improve your practical skills?
Or are you pursuing a career in auto repair, want to improve your skills and skills quickly?

If you are looking for a short-term, flexible auto repair course, but don't know where to study in Ho Chi Minh, what the program is, how the tuition fee is, don't ignore this article. Thanh Phong Auto will introduce the top best fast car repair training centers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Address for a short-term, fast-paced Auto Repair Apprenticeship in Ho Chi Minh City

Thanh Phong Auto

Thanh Phong Auto is one of the most prestigious auto repair and maintenance centers in Ho Chi Minh City. With the desire to train skilled human resources, meet the human resource needs in the field of service - auto repair, after more than 10 years of operation, Thanh Phong Auto has signed a contract with Polytechnic University to provide professional training courses.

Short-Term, Intensive Auto Repair Course
Thanh Phong Auto Signed With Polytechnic University To Provide Professional Training Courses

Courses at Thanh Phong Auto variety from basic, intermediate to advanced on car repair and maintenance. In addition, the center regularly opens classes on Automotive Service Advisor, English for Automotive Industry... to meet the needs of the market.

Thanh Phong Auto carefully prepared from curriculum, route and professional learning environment. Students can flexibly study short-term (a few sessions) or long-term (2-6 months).

Theory Lesson at Thanh Phong Auto
Theory Lesson at Thanh Phong Auto
Learn to Repair Cars while Learning and Doing
Students get practical practice thanks to Thanh Phong's 2 large garages in HCM

Strengths at Thanh Phong Auto that not all centers have:

  • Fully equipped from textbooks, study materials, practical content, complete, not rambling.
  • The curriculum alternates between theory and practice, learning how to do it so that students can firmly grasp their skills.
  • The teachers are the core technicians at Thanh Phong Auto along with the engineers and experts at the University of Science and Technology.
  • Practice and practice at 2 big garages of Thanh Phong Auto or partner garages - students will have the opportunity to work with most cars on the market.
  • There is a commitment to output quality and job placement when students complete the courses.

In particular, Thanh Phong Auto has high input and output standards, so it only accepts Limited number of students (maximum 15-20 students/class). As a result, students will be trained and accompanied with practice in the most thorough way.

Address for Short-Term, Intensive Automotive Vocational Training at the Garage
Thanh Phong Auto – An Address Trusted and Chosen by Many Students

Contact information:

  • Branch 1: 68B Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, City. HCM.
  • Branch 2: 1260 Le Van Luong, Phuoc Kien Ward, Nha Be Dist., City. HCM.
  • Training room phone: 0845 26 31 86
  • See details at: https://thanhphongauto.com/chuong-trinh-dao-tao/

Central Vocational College of Transport III

Vocational training center for automobile - motorcycle repair of the Central Vocational College of Transport III is a destination you can refer to. Possessing a team of lecturers who are all highly qualified and experienced engineers and masters, the school is confident in providing quality courses from theory to practice. Thereby ensuring students have enough knowledge and best skills after graduation.

In addition to the package courses to become a worker, the school organizes many accelerated courses according to each module. The courses are short but still ensure the theory and practice criteria, providing all the knowledge that students need.

Car Repair Vocational Course In HCM Intensive
Central Vocational College of Transport Iii

Address: 73 Van Cao, Phu Tho Hoa Ward, Tan Phu District, City. HCM.

SCO Auto Repair and Training Center

Famous for its motto of Real Learning - Doing Quality, SCO Auto Repair and Training Center is a quality vocational training address you can choose from. The training program for repair and maintenance courses at SCO is 100% practical. Theoretical content will be flexibly mentioned in the lessons, so students will shorten the study time - only about 2 months.

Moreover, the practical workshop at SCO is fully equipped with advanced equipment and technology for vehicle repair and maintenance such as diagnostic machines, testing equipment, software, etc. to ensure in-depth technical knowledge for students.

Intensive Auto Repair School
Sco Auto Repair and Training Center

Address: 25/15 Truong Van Thanh, Hiep Phu Ward, District 9, City. HCM.

Automotive Technical Training Center VATC

VATC Automotive Technical Training Center is famous for its dynamic learning environment, complete facilities and a variety of vocational courses. With a team of lecturers with many years of experience in automotive engineering, VATC is confident in providing quality vocational courses, ensuring the preparation of necessary knowledge and skills for students when they graduate.

Most courses at VATC have a duration of 6 months. However, the center also regularly opens short-term courses (about 2 months) on automobile repair, maintenance and engineering. Therefore, if you want to study here, you can directly contact for details about the courses.

Automobile Repair Vocational Training Center in HCM
Vatc Automotive Technical Training Center

Address: 616/65/29 Le Duc Tho Street, Ward 15, Go Vap District, City. HCM.

9 District Vocational Training Center

If you want to learn a job quickly, get out of the job early, the District 9 Vocational Training Center is also a quality suggestion for you. The Center continuously organizes short-term vocational training classes to meet the local vocational training and employment needs.

In which, the fast car repair course is also regularly opened with a methodical curriculum. Coming to the course, students will be trained by experienced teachers and trained in standard techniques of car repair and maintenance. From there, create a springboard to go further with this profession.

Address: 2/38 Le Van Viet Street, Hiep Phu Ward, District 9, City. HCM.

Hung Vuong Technical Vocational College of Technology

Hung Vuong Technical Vocational College is a professional vocational training unit in Ho Chi Minh City. There are a variety of majors from IT, Mechanics, Electronics, Automotive, etc. In addition to long-term training programs for intermediate and college degrees, the school also regularly opens short-term vocational courses. – elementary to meet the needs of many students.

The short-term auto repair course at Hung Vuong Technical Vocational College ensures the use of selected curriculum, dedicated teachers and certifications as prescribed. Therefore, this is also a quality vocational training address you can refer to.

Intermediate Degree in Express Car Repair
Hung Vuong Technical Vocational College of Technology

Address: 161 - 165 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 12, District 5, City. HCM.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – College of Engineering II

The last name on this list is the Department of Dynamic Mechanical Engineering - College of Engineering II. This is a prestigious auto repair vocational training unit, favored by many students.

In addition to modern facilities and a team of experienced teachers, the school also has a spacious workshop space, automotive equipment, practice models and many new models of cars. Ensure maximum support for students in the learning - practice process.

The school has a full range of long-term study programs and short-term courses with a variety of topics in auto repair - maintenance - painting. You can contact us directly for advice on the right course.

Intensive Automotive Vocational Course in HCM
Department of Mechanical Engineering - College of Engineering II

Address: 502 Do Xuan Hop, Phuoc Binh Ward, District 9, City. HCM.

Above are the A prestigious address for short-term car repair training - fast You can study in Ho Chi Minh City. Depending on the center, the study time, program, syllabus and tuition fee will be different. You need to research carefully to make the choice that best suits your needs.

Hope the above sharing of Thanh Phong Auto will be useful, wish you soon success on the chosen path.

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