Instructions on how to Replace Spare Tires in the event of a problem

Instructions on How to Change the Spare Tire When Having a Problem Reputable Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 12, 06

On the road, if your car suddenly has a tire problem, all you need to do is replace the spare tire to move to the nearest garage. If you do not know how to replace it, you need to call rescue and pay a certain fee. With the article below, Thanh Phong Auto will guide you how to change spare tire when having trouble most easily.

1. Learn about automotive spare tires

The reason for the spare tire is designed smaller than the main tire

The spare tire is designed to be smaller than the main tire, its weight will also be reduced as well as help save fuel. Small tires will have more space to store other items in the car. At the same time, it helps the car owner when changing the tire to be easier to carry because it is light, compact and not too bulky.

Instructions on How to Change the Spare Tire When Having a Problem Reputable Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Vehicles that do not need backup tires

Currently, there are some models using run-flat tires, with this technology, if there is a problem, the car can still move hundreds of kilometers.

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Note when the car does not leave spare tires

Many car experts are now recommending the removal of these spare tires. Because to limit its weight, limit the costs incurred related to spare tires or even help avoid the situation where the driver does not know how to replace and make the situation more serious.

Instructions on How to Change the Spare Tire When Having a Problem Reputable Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Instead they made some notes such as:

  • Should drivers know their cars need spare tires?
  • Regularly check the tire pressure before use. For vehicles equipped with a tire pressure warning system, it is simpler to tell the driver when the tire needs to be inflated.
  • Compliance with the manufacturer's regulations is how many new tires after changing km.
  • Instead of using spare tires, it is possible to use tools that can block small air leaks.
  • Service life of spare tire

Spare tires often have a small design, less friction due to only a small amount of inflated rubber, less spikes. So spare tires need to be replaced as soon as possible for small tires that can travel an average of about 80 km. Larger tires should be replaced when worn or aged 10 years from the date of manufacture on the tire.

2. Instructions on how to replace the spare tire when the vehicle has a problem

Step 1: Insert the wheel:

To replace a spare tire, look for a flat place to park your car. Turn off the engine and remember to turn on the priority light and hand brake. Please put another wheel under the ground to support offline.

Step 2: Prepare the necessary equipment:

Take spare tire and kit including screws, con / jacks, wheel inserts, car crank / jack, anti-rust tank.

Step 3: Lift the car by jack

The jack should be placed in the frame about 15-20cm from the tire to avoid affecting the structure of the vehicle.

Instructions on How to Change the Spare Tire When Having a Problem Reputable Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Step 4: Remove the old wheel

Remove the tires to be replaced and put them under the car.

Note: When removing the bolts will first choose to remove any one then remove the opposite so on proceed until finished. Remove each bolt in the star shape.

Step 5: Install spare tire

Install spare tire properly, avoid misalignment and tighten screws and screw. Then, lower the jack, remove and tighten the screw. After completion should check by running test to see if there are any abnormalities anymore.

The information that Thanh Phong Auto has shared above will help owners somewhat understand and do a good job replacing spare tire when something goes wrong. Also, don't forget to bring your beloved driver to the car maintenance center for routine care! Thanh Phong Auto with its professionalism and dedication will surely bring you satisfaction about its services.


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