Instructions for Fixing the Error of the Car Glass Door Stuck, Lifting Not Up

Instructions for Fixing the Error of the Car Glass Door Stuck, Lifting Not Up
Latest update date: February 31, 05

Car window is a part that is used continuously, the possibility of damage, screeching or jamming is easy to happen when the car is in operation for a long time. If not detected in time and taken measures to handle, causing inconvenience or danger of hand jam for people sitting, especially small children.

This paragraph Thanh Phong Auto instructions to fix the error of the car window being stuck, lifting and lowering, users can do it themselves with basic errors. Discover now.

Functions Of Auto Glass Lifting System

The auto glass lifting system is a part that is responsible for automatically adjusting the car glass up and down, solving the needs of the driver. This system has 2 integrated features: Auto flexible with 1 press (car glass automatically closes or opens) and door lock feature with the principle of sending a signal to the ECU system, then the car recognizes and acts on it. show operation.

Lifting and Lowering Function of Car Glass
Lifting and Lowering Function of Car Glass

The auto glass lifting system includes mechanical assemblies with anti-jamming function that operate according to the pre-programmed program of the central control system.

The principle of operation of car windows is as follows: When the switch is pressed, the motor changes the direction of rotation, causing the gear transmission to move. This movement acts on the glass lifting element, the rotation of the motor converts to an up and down motion, helping the glass door raise or lower.

Causes of Car Glass Door Stuck, Lifting Can't Lift

After a period of use, the car window may be stuck, unable to lift and lower, causing inconvenience to users. So what is the cause of this situation? Together with Thanh Phong Auto "catch the disease":

Broken window motor

If when pressing the operation switch, the glass makes a bleating sound but does not lift or does not work, it is very likely that the motor has been damaged.

Worn gear broken

The use of the lifting and lowering function of the glass frequently and continuously puts a lot of weight on the gear system. This leads to wear, cracking or breakage.

Car Glass Stuck
Car Glass Stuck

The door is jammed

A jammed car window may be caused by a broken cable or stuck in the torsion shaft during operation. One of the manifestations of this "disease" is that when pressing the up and down button, there is still a sound, the motor still rotates but the glass does not move.

Fuse blown

If the glass door lifting system is broken, the fuse cannot be connected to the ECU, the motor will not work and the door will be stuck and cannot be lifted.

In addition to the main reasons above, the car glass may not be able to be lifted or lowered, the jam may be caused by the door gasket being misaligned or the cable is rusted, the cog wheel is worn out, etc. However, any cause still causes any problems. convenient for users.

How to Fix the Error of the Car Window is Stuck, Lifting and Not Lifting

When encountering a failure of the car lifting system, car owners need to determine the specific cause. If it's a simple fault, self-repairing can be a laborious but money-saving solution. However, with severe damage, or the cause cannot be determined, it should be brought to a reputable garage or center to be repaired by a qualified technical team.

Check if Car Glass is Stuck
Check if Car Glass is Stuck

Steps to handle stuck car windows, lifting and lowering:

Step 1: Remove the screws holding the door body cover with a screwdriver. Note to remove carefully, avoid losing screws.

Step 2: Disconnect all connections of the vehicle. Control the handle to open and remove the screw from the door.

Step 3: Observe the lifting system, determine the cause. Treatment depends on the cause. If some parts fall out of the original position, proceed to return to the old position, if damaged - wear and tear, replace it with a new one.

  • The first test piece is the cable.
  • Then check the door gasket. If this part is damaged, it should be removed and replaced.
  • The third part to check is the electric motor, fuse, wire, etc.

Step 4: After finding the cause and handling, reinstall the screws in the original position.

One of the other causes of car windows hissing is due to long-term use, dirt clinging to the interstitial walls without periodic cleaning.

Check and Fix Stuck Car Glass Doors
Check and Fix Stuck Car Glass Doors

To overcome this situation, users proceed to adjust the glass door to pull down to open the door slot. Then use specialized tools and cleaning solution to handle dust, clean the rubber and plastic slots and finally apply a lubricating solution. Check again by turning on the lifting system button, if it still does not work, need to continue lubricating with solution or replace with new glass gasket.

During the repair process, if you feel beyond your ability or cannot handle the error, you should bring it to the garage or service center for help.

Thanh Phong Auto – Garage Inspection, Repair and Maintenance High Quality Cars In Ho Chi Minh City

Thanh Phong Auto is a unit specializing in the repair, maintenance and care of high-quality, competitively priced cars in the Ho Chi Minh market. Up to the present time, Thanh Phong owns a fairly large and stable customer file by the following outstanding strengths:

  • The staff and technicians are young, dynamic, with a spirit of learning and high responsibility. At the same time, he also has a lot of experience in "catch treatment" of cars.
  • The facilities are spacious and modern with a large area, the whole process is closed.
  • Attentive customer care service, dedicated consulting services for the right purposes and needs of customers.
  • There is a reasonable warranty policy for services.
  • Competitive prices, openness and transparency.
Thanh Phong Auto - Top 10 Reputable Garages in Hcm
Thanh Phong Auto – Top 10 Reputable Garages in HCM Voted by Customers

In addition to car maintenance and repair services, Thanh Phong Auto is also a reliable address if you want to take care of and beautify your car; consignment for purchase and sale of cars; provide spare parts – genuine accessories; … or 24/7 car rescue - car insurance. All services are reasonably priced and close to the market with the motto "Honesty - Dedication - Responsibility - Sharing" so that the highest beneficiaries are customers.

Here is the basic information Instructions for Fixing the Error of Jammed Car Window, lifting does not lift that Thanh Phong Auto shares. Customers can refer to when encountering the above situation. If you can't handle it or need more information about Thanh Phong Auto's service, contact the hotline for the most detailed and specific advice.

Thanh Phong Auto, with the development of self-improvement every day, always wants to provide customers with the best - most modern service with the most favorable price.

Thank you for your reading.

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