4 Tips for Using Kia Cars to Help Extend Its Life

4 Tips for Using Kia Cars to Help Extend Their Life Best Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 30, 01

You probably do not know, at present Kia Being one of the leading automobile brands in the world, favored and chosen by many customers. Not only reasonable price, diverse appearance, Kia cars also possesses extremely durable engine.

So how to keep an engine durable over time? Join us to bring back four tips right away Kia car use, care and maintenance perfect help longevity

Experience Using Kia Cars Helps Extend Their Life
Experience Using Kia Cars Helps Extend Their Life

Why is Kia automobile brand so popular?

We cannot all deny that today, cars have become one of the most dominant vehicles on the streets in developed and developing countries. In particular, Vietnam is no exception.

Also, the car brands on the market appear more and more and register themselves by great advantages. However, there are separate reasons that many customers choose Kia cars.

Firstly in terms of appearance, Kia brand possesses a large number of terrible models topping both fashion trends and strong styles. Not only male customers but also women have their own models.

Next, it is impossible not to mention the reputation of Kia's quality with extremely durable, less damaged vehicle engine. Moreover, Kia is also ranked with the A-class models of equipment on the leading comfort vehicle.

Kia is a car brand chosen by many customers
Kia is a car brand chosen by many customers

Finally, to mention the price, Kia has models from the low-priced segment of approximately VNDUMUM million to luxury cars worth billions of dong. This is a wide price range for all customers with different financial conditions.

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4 pocket-sized perfect user tips that help extend the life of Kia cars

Choose the right car model to use

Similar to other car brands, Kia also has many models to choose from. But to be sure more about vehicle engine lifeYou need to make a choice of a car that really suits your needs.

Some of Kia's most popular automotive names on the market today are Kia Morning, Kia Ronto, Kia Cerato, Kia Optima,… Each model has its own set of engines with different advantages and disadvantages.

You Should Choose To Buy A Kia Car Model That Suits Your Needs And Your Family
You Should Choose To Buy A Kia Car Model That Suits Your Needs And Your Family

Suppose you only need to buy a car to work every day and the economic conditions are quite limited. You should buy one Kia Morning with a starting price of only about 290 million dong.

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In contrast, you need to buy a car for long-distance travel for the whole family or for rent a car. At this point you should refer to the sample Kia Cerato, Kia Ronto or Kia Sorento if you have more conditions. And each model will have different design design and different lighting system, if you want to be different, you can ask a professional to car lights create your own substance.

Only when suitable car engine With their daily use needs, the new car life can be guaranteed, avoiding minor damage to the maximum.

Wash the car often

Besides car owners who regularly invest in work car cleaning Their own cleanliness is something many people ignore this problem.

In fact, dirt and chemicals sticking too long on the car can eat into the paint that makes the car fast. Even these stains can even eat into the engine causing unpredictable damage.

Some engine operation error when start the Kia car It is also due to dirt on too many spark plugs or generator systems and wires.

Car washing is also essential if you want to prolong the life of your car
Car washing is also essential if you want to prolong the life of your car

Therefore, regular car wash is a tip to extend the life of the car that little known. Especially when your car comes back from a long distance trip, washing the car away from dirt is the first thing to do.

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Check and change oil as soon as needed

Lubricants for cars are the same as humans need to eat every day. It can be said that they play a key role in operating the machine.

When the oil runs out or there is a problem, your car will no longer operate smoothly and smoothly as usual. If you notice, you can also hear strange sounds coming from the engine due to reduced friction and engine heat. If this goes on for too long, cars will be shortened significantly.

So, make yourself a habit to regularly check the oil of the Kia car you own. The simplest, you can check with a toothpick.

You Should Regularly Check Engine Oil
You Should Regularly Check Engine Oil

Normally the schedule of changing and refining lubricants for cars is about weekly 1 if the car goes daily. With the occasional car, you can do this job when the kilometer meter has traveled about 6000 to 8000km for a normal Kia.

In addition, you should also check the engine coolant tank, brake fluid, gear oil, power steering oil to replace when necessary. All are guaranteed to be safe when using your vehicle and extend the life of the engine.

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Periodic maintenance

Many drivers are quite subjective at work Vehicle maintenance on schedule KM because I feel my car has no need. However, they do not know that regular car maintenance is extremely important to regularly check the condition of their vehicle.

When buying a car, customers will be guided in detail periodic car maintenance schedule every month, every year. Following the schedule helps you to detect early signs of vehicle damage and resolve promptly.

Regular Car Maintenance Is Very Important
Regular Car Maintenance Is Very Important

But to protect the maintenance cost and quality of engines, components and spare parts, you should choose the right one Kia brand maintenance center. You also do not need to worry because at each center you will be consulted about each type of engine and price to choose the right one.

In short, how long a car lasts depends largely on the vehicle's daily usage. So, do not miss any of the perfect tips on making sure your car is always new, always beautiful and most durable!

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