The Difference Between Electric Motors and Internal Combined Motors

The Difference Between Electric Motor And Burning Motor In 1 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Currently on the most popular automotive market with two main types of engines are electric motors and internal combustion engines. Each type will have its own characteristics, to help you have more information and easily select the right car, please join Thanh Phong Auto Go find out more.

Summary Of 4 Differences Between Electric Motors and Internal Combined Motors

1. Concept of motivation

The Difference Between Electric Motor And Burning Motor In 2 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

The engine converts some form of energy into kinetic energy. The engine is usually located below the capo for cars, SUVs, Minivan, pickup trucks, CrossOver. As for sports cars, the engine will usually be at the rear.

2. About electric motor

With the strong development of science and technology, electric motor was born as a necessity for the development of society. Cars use electric motors more and more, they will run on electricity. Electric motors act as leaf generators that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The Difference Between Electric Motor And Burning Motor In 3 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Types of electric motors:

  • DC motor (DC Motor).
  • Asynchronous motor (Induction Motor - IM).
  • Synchronous Reluctance Motor (SynRM).
  • Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM).
  • Brushless DC motor (BLDC motor).
  • Internal Permanent Magnet Motor (IPM motor).

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3. About the internal combustion engine

Despite decades, the internal combustion engine has always been selected by many people, they play an important role in the production life. For those who want to follow the technical path, working with machines, the internal combustion engine is an indispensable part.

The Difference Between Electric Motor And Burning Motor In 4 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Internal combustion engines create mechanical work in the form of torque and operate by burning fuel inside the engine.

Types of internal combustion engines:

  • According to thermodynamic process: Otto engine and diesel engine.
  • How it works: 4-stroke, 2-stroke engines.
  • By cooling method: Air, water, lubrication.
  • According to the way the piston moves: Piston, rotary piston, Wankel, free piston.
  • According to engine shape and number of cylinders: 1-cylinder engine, V-shaped, W-shaped, in line, radiated, boxer, symmetrical piston, letter VR.

4. What is the difference between electric motor and internal combustion engine?

The Difference Between Electric Motor And Burning Motor In 5 Thanh Phong Auto HCM


  • Combustion engine: About 35%.
  • Electric motor: approx. 90%
  • Electric motors have a much smaller size and volume than internal combustion engines, so their performance is always much higher.


Cars with electric motors will have a much faster speed than cars using internal combustion engines.

The reason is that the car uses an electric motor when working steadily and can generate torque. And vehicles using internal combustion engines achieve high working speed to achieve torque.

Engine characteristics

Electric motor has a lot more advantages than internal combustion engine because it has created its own advantage when its characteristic line is close to the actual human desire.

Meanwhile internal combustion engine needs the assistance of the powertrain.

Maintenance costs, use

Because cars that use electric motors will use batteries to operate, the cost will be many times lower than that of cars using internal combustion engines.

5. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of electric motors and internal combustion engines

The Difference Between Electric Motor And Burning Motor In 6 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Electric motor


  • Environmentally friendly, zero emissions.
  • Quiet operation.


  • High price.
  • It takes a long time to recharge, is not flexible.

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Internal combustion engine


  • Suitable for super speed cars that help achieve the maximum maximum speed fast.
  • Flexible, fast fuel way.
  • With diesel engine fuel economy many times more than using gasoline.
  • The cost of diesel is also cheaper than gasoline.


  • If using a gasoline engine costs a lot of money.
  • Although the engine is fuel efficient, it has noises when used.

Hopefully, the information that Thanh Phong has provided above will help you have more useful information. We are a professional unit providing professional automotive maintenance and repair services, with a team of experienced technical experts. Besides the modern equipment and support system, our commitment to bring you the most perfect service.

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