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- Explore Current Beauty and Car Care Careers
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Beauty, car care or Car Spa is also known as a professional name rather than detailing. Currently, this is considered a fairly popular and strongly developing industry in Vietnam. To better understand it let's go Thanh Phong Auto Go find out more.

1. About beauty, car care - detailing

Previously detailing was only popular abroad but about the past 4 years in Vietnam this industry is becoming very hot. Unlike conventional car wash, detailing has been improved with more car care and beauty services than just car washing.

- Explore Current Beauty and Car Care Careers

In order to do that, the garage must have a good staff with many skills and must have a good level of knowledge and knowledge about cars as well as beauty procedures.

Due to the growth of the automotive industry, it also leads to the relatively rapid development in the number of business units in this industry. However, the limited human resources make the quality of technology and service quality in many places still not good. Therefore, in the future, it is necessary to solve this problem of human resources to make Vietnam's detailing profession stronger.

2. Which arrays are Detailing?

As mentioned, detailing is not the same as car wash, exterior refurbishment for conventional cars but it is more developed with such areas as:

  • Wash cars

- Explore Current Beauty and Car Care Careers

This is considered a traditional profession, both very simple, less investment but more development opportunities. The current situation is due to the pollution, the roads are full of dust, so the frequency of car washing is higher. After the apprenticeship process, you can also open your own car wash shop with low capital investment and very stable profits.

4 Note When You Care For Certain Cars You Must Know

  • Cleaning and replacing car interiors

- Explore Current Beauty and Car Care Careers

In addition to washing cars, cleaning, replacing interior cars is also used a lot. This profession requires more specialized technology, not only cleaning, replacing conventional furniture but also learning about issues such as:

+ The operating principles of the car parts.

+ How to disassemble and repair equipment, machinery systems in the vehicle such as lights, sound, navigation, car screens, anti-theft systems,….

+ How to reduce vehicle noise.

+ Disassembly, seat upholstery, floor coverings, car glass, interior details, ...

+ How to clean, deodorize the interior of the car.

+ How to paste insulation films for car glass.

  • Car tire making

- Explore Current Beauty and Car Care Careers

It is a very simple profession because now everything has machines and people need only a little support to be able to do it.

This job is very fast learning time if hard, you can open a shop to make tires and sell tires, tire accessories, and distribution agent for big car tire companies ... but the cost is also low. Because Vietnam's road system is not synchronized, the need for regular tire care and maintenance is huge.

  • Car paint - polishing - underlaying - ceramic coating - nano coating

- Explore Current Beauty and Car Care Careers

The demand for beauty for cars is constantly increasing, so this car paint job is very hot. Whether the car paint, car polishing, undercarriage, automotive ceramic coating, nano coating, ... of different properties, the method has many similarities.

So the mechanic just need to know the technique of painting the car base, it will all be very easy. At present, car painting is very hot because of a serious shortage of skilled manpower, so you can consider choosing.

  • Craft sewing car accessories

Due to the increasing demand for beauty, shopping for more accessories for customers' cars, tailors work on 2 needles of all types such as taplo carpets, 5D - 6D floor mats, seat covers ... high. Time for apprenticeship is very fast, not too hard, most women choose a lot.

3 Simple Experience To Test The Cooling System

3. Development potential of detailing

- Explore Current Beauty and Car Care Careers

When the demand for beauty for cars is increasing, it facilitates the development of detailing industry. If previously the car owner simply took the car to wash and clean the interior, now these car care services are more concerned, even requiring the car wash process according to the principle of 3 buckets, Car paint correction gloss and ceramic coating.

In recent years, the business of high-class detailing cars is an investment model that is being sought by all places. Detailing is considered a lucrative piece of cake for those who want to start-up and get rich quickly. When the owner only needs to spend a small amount of capital, he will get rich quickly because of the car's need for regular car maintenance and care.

Through the information that Thanh Phong Auto has provided above, surely helped you understand more about the beauty, car care industry, right? If there is a need to use car care and beauty services in Ho Chi Minh City, please come to Thanh Phong Auto! Thanh Phong will definitely bring you absolute satisfaction.

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