Basic Automotive Electrical Repair Course

Vocational course in advanced automotive electrical repair #1 HCM

1 Auto Repair Course at Thanh Phong Auto – Basic Automotive Electrical Repair Course

Automotive electrical repair is attracting the attention of many people. From students who have just graduated from high school; students majoring in civil electricity, electronics, mechanics; machine repairman - roar to freelancers who have the need to "get a job".

Basic Automotive Electrical Repair Course.
Basic Automotive Electrical Repair Course

To be able to repair cars professionally, the basic knowledge of auto repair is an extremely important background. That's the reason Technical Practice Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto provide Basic Automotive Electrical Repair course.

2 Automotive electrical repair course content

Course Contents include

  • Basic electricity and electronics.
  • Structure & working principle:
  • Engine electricity (battery, generator, starter, ignition, engine...).
  • Body electricity (clock, lighting, signals, wipers, glass washers, glass doors...).
  • Disassembly, assembly & alignment process.
  • Check, diagnose & repair.
  • Use software to look up circuit diagrams.
  • Using power meters & oscilloscopes

Course Output Standards

  • Master the structure and working principle of electric motor and body parts.
  • Read electrical diagrams.
  • Use electrical measuring tools.
  • Disassemble and assemble parts and details.
  • Connect electrical systems.
  • Check the installation status of parts and details (leakage, cracks, open...).
  • Check the status of the electrical circuit (open circuit, short circuit).
  • Check the status of sensors and actuators.
  • Check working parameters of electrical systems (voltage, starting current, leakage current, early ignition angle).
  • Check engine condition based on spark plug head condition.
  • Clean, maintain, replace new parts and details.

3 Differences Of Basic Automotive Electrical Repair Course At Thanh Phong Auto 

Nearly 10 years - not too long a time, but enough for Thanh Phong Auto to affirm its position as a prestigious and professional auto repair training unit in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Criterion “Learning can be done”

The difference of the Basic Automotive Electrical Repair course at Thanh Phong Auto is the training method: imparting to students the knowledge they have studied and experienced for easy absorption, taking practice as the basis. , can work after school. Because anyway, the "destination" of the course is still car electrical repair techniques, service skills of students.

learn auto repair in HCM
Students will have hands-on learning at the garage with many of the latest car models

Lecturer with "real combat" experience

Thanh Phong Auto's auto electrical repair training team is a gathering of lecturers from University of Science and Technology, University of Technical Education, University of Transport, College of Cao Thang... Committed to conveying Effectively the basic knowledge of automobile electrical repair such as structure, principle, disassembly, inspection, diagnosis, repair of electric motor parts, body electrical ... for students.

Output quality commitment

After finishing the basic course on auto electrical repair, Thanh Phong commits students to achieve the output requirements. Help students learn to correct immediately, gain professional working skills. 

Support after the course

After completing the Basic Automotive Electrical Repair course and other necessary modules, if eligible, they will have the opportunity to work for Thanh Phong Auto's auto repair service.

A prestigious address for vocational training in auto electrical repair in Ho Chi Minh City
Automotive Technical Practice Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto

In particular, Thanh Phong Auto always creates the most ideal learning conditions for our students, constantly improving the time, program, and quality of training so that students can best absorb theoretical knowledge and practice. for car electrical repair.

With the motto of training Practice – Reality – Practice, Automotive Technical Practical Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto is an ideal environment for those who want to stick with the auto repair profession. Any problems related to Learn Basic Automotive Electrical Repair – Immediately contact the training room via hotline 0845 27 31 86 for specific support.

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