Charges To Consider When Deciding To Buy A Car

- Fees to Consider When Deciding to Buy a Car
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You are planning to buy a car to make it easier and more comfortable to travel. If your financial resources are not too "abundant" then you should consider a few things before deciding to buy a car. In particular need special attention to the cost to "sustain life" for his beloved driver.

- Fees to Consider When Deciding to Buy a Car

So are there fees to consider when deciding to buy a car? Let's Thanh Phong Auto Find out in this article!

1. Fixed expenses

The mandatory fee is normally charged in accordance with the national norms, by region and vehicle type.

- Fees to Consider When Deciding to Buy a Car

  • Insurrance

Compulsory automobile insurance applies to all motor vehicle owners participating in traffic in the territory of our country as specified in Circular 22/2016 TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance. As a rule, 450.000 VND / year is the fee for cars with less than 6 seats and 873.000 VND / year for the premium for cars with 6 seats or more.

Car physical insurance: Insurance is calculated based on a percentage of the value of the car, depending on the old / new level of the car (this ratio varies within 1,5%).

  • Registration fee

- Fees to Consider When Deciding to Buy a Car

Our country requires cars to be periodically checked to ensure the quality and safety of vehicles. Also according to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance, the registration fee ranges from 240.000 to 560.000 / 1 year depending on the vehicle and region.

  • Loan interest and cost of capital

If you don't have the money to buy it, you can borrow it, considering the interest rate. Especially during the year, the distribution units also have several interest rate incentives! Please select a time suitable for your financial resources to buy offline.

  • Depreciation

Value gradually over time that few people pay attention to. Usually newer or expensive cars will lose more money when depreciated.

Some noted measures to reduce depreciation:

+ Always keep your car in good condition and clean.
+ Quickly handle the smallest damage.
+ Always keep the mileage low.
+ Carry out maintenance according to the schedule of the manufacturer.
+ Archive a full service record.


2. Flexible expenses

Depends on the transport process of the vehicle

- Fees to Consider When Deciding to Buy a Car

  • Fuel costs

On average, when traveling a distance of less than 1.000 km, it costs 1.5 million VND while moving a distance of about 2.000 km / month, about 3 million VND.

  • Tire replacement cost

Maximum tire life that manufacturers recommend users after 5 years or 50.000km distance.

  • Periodic maintenance

In order to keep your car in a stable and best condition, you should carry out a car maintenance every year. For vehicles moving in roads and a stable environment, this cost costs 5-7 million / year

  • Parking fee

The average parking fee is currently 1.500.000 VND / month. This cost depends on the area where you live and how often the car travels.

  • Tolls

There are two types of fees that are charged: tolls collected through BOT tollgate and road maintenance fees.

+ Road maintenance fee for contract delivery is around VND 130.000 / month to VND 1.430.000 / month.

+ BOT fees for people moving across the province and if in the province often have preferential policies.

Note: Rescue Plan For A Car In A Roadway

So if you calculate the preliminary calculation based on the above statistics, in addition to the cost of buying a car per month you will spend about 5 - 10 million to feed it. After using for 5 years, you will have to spend quite a large amount of money on maintenance, replacement and maintenance for the car. Therefore, it is important to understand these fees when you intend to buy a car!

And if you want to find a quality, reputable car maintenance and repair unit to reduce costs, you can contact Thanh Phong's service. Thanh Phong Auto will surely bring you absolute satisfaction with its services.

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