5 Tips When Cleaning and Deodorizing Cars

5 Tips When Cleaning and Deodorizing Quality Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Using a car for daily transportation is like your mobile home. Keeping your car clean is essential, it helps you feel more comfortable and relaxed when driving. Especially on wet, rainy days, your car will have a very unpleasant smell. How to return a clean and fragrant car.

Here are 5 tips when cleaning, vacuuming, deodorize cars Help you clean up your car quickly and effectively.

Car Odor Is The Fear Of Many People
Car Odor Is The Fear Of Many People

How to Clean and Eliminate Car Odors Effectively

Remove trash and clean the interior of the car

The most common cause of bad cars is the spillage of food and drink or the long-term negligence of mold and mold, causing the car cabin to smell. Due to the use process, the interior surface of the car is dirty but not clean. So the simple way of deodorizing is to clean, and clean inside the car space.

You can use a cleaning cloth or a special vacuum cleaner to clean dirt from slit-free, difficult-to-clean slot surfaces in the car. Especially foot mats should be washed and renewed immediately if it no longer soaks up water and dust.

Food and Cigarettes Are Common Causes of Bad Odors in Vehicles
Food and Cigarettes Are Common Causes of Bad Odors in Vehicles

Clean the steam in the car

After vacuuming, it is advisable to clean the condensed steam using a suitable dedicated deodorant with a vacuum (steam cleaner, dehumidifier or heater). Clean surfaces or floor mats to shake off dust particles.

Check and eliminate odors

After cleaning the garbage, vacuuming, cleaning the steam but still stinking in the car, you should check every detail, the smell may stem from the following sources:

  • Due to the air conditioning system: use some specialized cleaning sprays or disinfectants.
  • The bad smell from the engine compartment penetrates into the cabin: If you have cleaned the air conditioning system and it still emits an unpleasant odor, it is likely that the source of the odor is from the engine compartment. At that time, you must take the car to have the engine compartment serviced to completely remove the odor.
  • Bad smell from the car interior: due to high humidity, airtightness, sweat, organic waste, cigarette smoke, degeneration of leather and foam mattresses, moldy floors and lots of dirt, even perfume... causing bad odors. To avoid these factors, it is best to always keep the cabin dry and clean of trash. Regularly clean the interior, especially after prolonged periods of wet rain.
  • If your car's interior compartment still smells strongly of cigarettes after cleaning: Soak a towel in white vinegar and put it in a bowl, place this bowl on the floor of the car, the passenger seat, the front driver's seat or the smelliest areas for a few hours. This method will help you eliminate cigarette smell in the car.
You Should Clean And Maintain The Air Conditioning Unit Regularly
You Should Clean And Maintain The Air Conditioning Unit Regularly

Use the following tips to reduce odors

  • Use Baking Soda: This is a common powder used to remove odors and stains. Sprinkle a small amount of Baking Soda powder on the areas that need to be deodorized for about 3 hours.
  • Use coffee: Use a coffee bean bag to "mask" the smell in the car's interior. Or you can use a deodorized coffee bag to hang in the car, or put coffee beans in a small cup and place it carefully on the car's tray.
  • Use pineapple: If your car has an unpleasant smell, you should prepare a pineapple, you can leave it whole or cut out the flesh and place it in a corner of the car. The fragrance created from pineapple will mask the musty smell and unpleasant sweat smell in the interior compartment.

Or you can use aromatic bags, mini air filters or essential oil diffusers for cars to remove unpleasant odors in the interior of the car interior.

Coffee Fragrance Helps Your Car Eliminate Odors Effectively
You Should Clean And Maintain The Air Conditioning Unit Regularly

How to prevent odors in the car

  • No smoking in the car
  • Regular cleaning on the car periodically
  • Regular maintenance of vehicles, air-conditioning systems, engine compartments
  • Open the car door often to ventilate
  • Use aromatic bags to limit odor

The opportunity to make money from videos with many likes and shares is huge. To create and attract viewers, Youtubers and Tiktokers continuously transform content, including content about car cleaning very interested. Many car owners save on maintenance costs, listen and follow without knowing the potential risk of damaging their "beloved car" later.

If you are planning to clean your car at home, immediately avoid the following online tips to avoid wasting money and damaging your car!

Should You Clean Your Car According to Online Tips?
Cleaning a Car According to the Tips Above: Should or Shouldn't?

Car Cleaning Tips Online That Damage Your Car

The strong development of 4.0 technology has conveyed many useful tips and tricks in car care and cleaning. Although it can bring quick results, its safety has not been tested and can easily cause damage to the car after a period of use. Some "internet" hygiene tips warned by experts:

Remove mirror scratches with toothpaste

Tip to remove mirror scratches by using glue, toothpaste and wiping with a microfiber cloth. Although it can handle a few light scratches, it is not really effective in the long run. Because toothpaste contains mild abrasives, the mirror surface may be scratched or more severely damaged.

An effective way to clean scratches is to wipe the mirror with mild soap and warm water or a specialized car mirror cleaning product with gentle pressure in a circular motion.

Remove grease stains with beer and baking soda

Is removing engine grease stains with beer mixed with baking soda really effective? This is considered the most unwise method because it is not only ineffective but also damages the surface of the material.

Notes When Cleaning Your Vehicle According to Online Tips

Baking soda + beer is a solution that causes abrasion on the surface of materials

The reason is because baking soda has a very high abrasive ability and can remove all stains on the surface. Therefore, the nature of the mixture of beer and baking soda is not to clean off grease stains but will "erase" away the surface layer of materials containing grease, over time this layer thins and becomes seriously damaged.

Clean car plastic with coconut oil

Coconut oil can be effective in cleaning car plastic in small quantities, but long-term use can easily damage the car's paint, making the paint look dull. Sometimes it can even cause small scratches to spread.

When the paint layer is peeled off, these areas have a very high chance of rusting, costing a lot of repair costs. Not to mention, this is a way to quickly reduce the life of a car.

Clean the chair with laundry detergent tablets

Laundry detergent tablets are specifically designed with chemicals that clean and scent clothes, but have not been researched and proven to be safe for car interiors. Using laundry tablets to clean seats can bring immediate cleaning results (because they basically also contain detergent ingredients), but there is still a risk of damage and abrasion to the surface of car accessories. .

How to Clean Your Car at Home

Are laundry tablets really effective in cleaning car seat surfaces?

Therefore, you should not spend too much money on re-upholstering the leather or replacing new seats for your car. If you want to renew your seats, buy specialized car interior cleaning products available on the market, highly effective - proven safety.

Notes for Safe and Proper Car Cleaning

To properly clean your car, do not follow the cleaning tips of “cyber experts”. Because this may be creative content for the purpose of pushing views, it can completely affect the quality of the car.

Therefore, experts advise car users to note the following:

  • Wash your car regularly and periodically

Cleaning the car regularly helps car owners detect scratches or chipped paint on the surface. This prevents the negative effects from making them worse. When detected, car owners should promptly take their cars to maintenance centers for treatment to avoid causing rust or spreading, which is costly.

  • Use the correct cleaning products

Each type of cleaning and cleaning product has been researched for its effectiveness and safety on a certain type of material. Therefore, car owners or drivers should comply and use the correct type of specialized car cleaning products to avoid any future damage.

Best Car Cleaning Garage in HCM

Increase cleaning efficiency when using the correct specialized car cleaning solution

It should be noted that each part of the car will use different types of specialized solutions, which need to be chosen carefully for optimal effectiveness.

  1. Car glass cleaning solution.
  2. Asphalt and tape remover solution.
  3. Biological deodorant solution.
  4. Specialized car wash solution.
  • Use correct cleaning tools

Specialized cleaning tools for cars include microfiber car cleaning towels, specialized tire cleaning brushes, wheel brushes, roof brushes, gloves... Use the right car cleaning tools. Cars are also very important because:

  • Avoid scratching the surface as well as spreading scratches on the car.
  • Removes stubborn stains without damaging components.
  • The car dries quickly, does not retain water and detergent residue.
  • Shorten cleaning time but with outstanding efficiency.

Thanh Phong Auto – Prestigious, Professional Car Care, Maintenance, and Service Address in HCM

Known as Car maintenance - maintenance - car care address Professional and reputable in HCM, Thanh Phong Auto is confident with a quick process, ensuring the safety of your "beloved car". Committed to thoroughly solving problems with clear and transparent prices for each service.

5 Tips When Cleaning and Deodorizing Quality Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Services At Thanh Phong Auto

The strengths that Thanh Phong Auto possesses:

  • The staff and technicians are agile, enthusiastic and work extremely enthusiastically.
  • 24/7 support service, meeting the time needs of all customers.
  • Specialized cleaning and maintenance tools and products are guaranteed to be safe for each surface and suitable for each vehicle brand.
  • Airy garage system, with convenient waiting area for customers,
  • The fee schedule is clear, detailed and specific to each service. Quote before implementation.

In addition to maintenance - maintenance - car care, Thanh Phong Auto also provides a variety of other services such as:

  • Car beauty and aesthetics.
  • New and used car sales.
  • Providing car parts and accessories.
  • Providing car insurance.

Come to Thanh phong, customers can experience service with modern equipment, advanced technology with the most dedication and thoughtfulness in HCM. Hopefully with the information provided by Thanh Phong Auto, customers will have more notes during use car cleaning. Stop following "trend" - follow Thanh Phong Auto for more useful information!

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