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Checking Reputable Car Tires at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
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Tires as well as soft soles. If we travel a thousand miles, there is a time when they will wear out, lose the necessary traction and safety. To use the more durable tires, please Regularly check tires every 9.600 - 12.800 Km to make sure that your car tires are always working properly, to ensure the safety of your journey. If your tire shows the following signs, replace it immediately.

Signs That Car Tires Are "Unstable"

Tires Worn To One Side

Tires sideways are a phenomenon caused by a problem with the steering wheel tilt angle of a car. Then the tire will be tilted inward or tilted outward than usual. Problems in the performance of the suspension, coupling and tweezers can also cause the tire to wear sideways. 

In addition, it is not excluded that the tire will encounter this sign because the car often has to carry heavy loads, the owner does not turn the car around often.

Signs of Broken Car Tires
Tire Worn on One Side


Tires Worn On Both Sides 

When you notice that the tire is worn out on both sides, while the middle part is still not worn, it may be because the car is constantly moving when the tire is bloated. More importantly, if the tire is too soft, the elasticity of the tire is not maintained, the heat will easily accumulate in the tire and possibly cause the tire to explode. 

The case of long-worn sideways tires is also likely to cause the car's suspension system to completely fail. 

Middle Part Of Tire Worn

If the deflection on both sides of the tire is caused by running the car when the tire is low, then the middle tire wear is a common condition if you frequently drive when the tire is too tight. In fact, many people are thinking: stretch tires are easier to drive. But the truth is not so.

Tires too stretch will make the middle part of the tire in contact with the road surface more than the sides of the tire. Causes tire traction uncertainty and leads to tire damage quickly.

Signs You Should Replace Car Tires
Middle Part Of Tire Worn

Tires And Cracked

If a car regularly moves on rough, convex roads, it will soon appear that cracks in the tire wall will appear due to a strong collision. In addition, a tire that is too young or too stretchy can cause swelling and cracking of a tire.

Check Car Tires
Tire Is Inflated

Tire Wearing Bar Visible

Modern automotive tires will incorporate wear bars under the tread groove. When the tire is new, it is difficult to see the presence of wear indicator bars. However, after a long period of use, if the wear bar can be clearly seen on the tire, it is time for the tire to be replaced.

Signs of Worn Car Tires
Tire Wear Determination Bar

Depth Of Tire Groove Not Guaranteed

In order for car tire traction to be effective, the tire grooves need to reach a depth of over 1.6mm. If moving regularly on slippery roads, the depth of the groove should be over 3.2mm.

Check the depth of car tires by using a thin plastic ruler and plugging in the tire groove. If the tread depth does not meet the above specification, your tire will be in "unstable" situation.

Measure Tire Groove Depth
Measure Tire Groove Depth

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note: Thanh Phong Auto recommends you Regularly go to the garage to check whether to change the tire or wiseg when about 64.000 Km.

We recommend the following tire brands: Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Yokohama... is famous for quality to ensure economy and comfort to you.

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