Checking and Serving Brake System

Service of checking and maintaining car brake systems in garages
ServiceChecking and Serving Brake System

Brake system is an important part in the operation and safety of the car. To ensure the good working condition of the vehicle, it is necessary to regularly check and maintain the vehicle. We usually replace the brake/brake by the following situations: Driving condition, rotor (brake disc unit) hissing, brake pad quality is not good... Periodic check brake/brake system along with replacement time lubricant to ensure the safety of the Brake/Brake Unit.

If you check the brake / brake system too long for the oil change period, it is easy to re-rinse the rotor surface, or even replace it, causing a financial cost.

Therefore, to ensure the safety for you and your car, we need to check regularly maintenance.

Attention on the inspection and maintenance of the brake system in the car

While driving, pay attention to how the brakes work.

  • If stepping on the brake pedal is not sure, or the pedal is almost touching the floor to "stick to the brake", those are signs to check. The cause could be a lack of brake fluid, or where the oil is leaking.
  • If the brake pedal vibrates or the steering wheel vibrates, it is a sign that the brake disc needs to be replaced or the brake disc is too worn and needs to be resurfaced.
  • It is necessary to listen to the sounds that indicate wear and tear. For example, a squeaking sound, or the sound of metal rubbing against each other, indicates that the brake lining is worn. If not promptly repaired will lead to many other serious dangers.

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Work of Garage staff when maintaining the Brake system.

Open the lid to check the amount of brake fluid stored in the box. If the oil level is low, an extra charge is required. But if you notice that the oil level drops regularly, it is a sign that the system is leaking somewhere, possibly in the system's oil piping.

1 Oil color test

Check and Maintain Quality Brake System Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

New oil is clear or translucent. Old oil and about to be too "dull" with a dark color after a long time being contaminated with dust, soil, moisture ... If the brake fluid has changed to a dark color, then it is time to change the oil, not just refill it.

+ Note: Car Exterior Care

2 Check oil brake system under the car

To check the brakes, the car needs to be clicked up. Pay attention to whether any of the Flexible hose and hard metal pipes are leaking or leaking.

Metal pipes run along the length of the vehicle, so all must be checked. At the same time to check the rubber pipes that transfer oil to the "oil pigs" located at the wheels. With flexible tubes, it is important to see if anything is lumpy, because lumpy is a sign of a leak. Do not let these pipes touch mobile parts in a vehicle, or heat-generating parts, such as the exhaust.

3 Check by removing the cake

Check the condition of the brake disc (rotor) on the front wheel 2. Pay attention to whether the brake disc is scratched or worn. The scratches on the surface of the brake disc, if any, are signs of a large amount of dirt (such as gravel, or sand) sticking between the surface of the disc and the surface of the disc that causes such damage.

If the brake disc surface is heavily scratched, it may need to be rinsed, or even replaced.

As for the drum brakes (brake calipers) on the rear wheels, we need to carefully remove the drum brake so that we can check the inside. Check for many other signs, such as whether the brake is sticking too much dust, the brake ball surface or the disc surface is bent; Has the oil pig been damaged? and oil in dad ...

4 "Air release" in the brake system

After replacing the brake disc, replacing the brake pad and oil, perform the "exhaust" process for the brake system. This is because there is still air in the brake fluid and the oil pipes (air mixes when the brake pedal is worn, when the brake fluid is low), making the braking less efficient. Then the "exhaust" in the brake system to ensure the brakes work more efficiently and safely.

+ Note: Interior Car Care

5 Smoothing the brake discs

Why need Lang brake disc?

After a period of use, under the impact of the brake and the external environment such as soil, rock, many degrees ... These effects can warp the brake disc, make the brake disc rough or the thickness is not uniform. Best. In such cases, brake disc glazing is considered the most effective way to solve the brake problem.

Check and Maintain Quality Brake System Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Brake disc is reversed

The brake disc is reversed when the brake disc and motor are not concentric. This usually happens due to braking. When braking, the working environment of the brake disc and brake pads is extremely harsh: the surface is covered with impurities, high temperatures and sudden changes, which can easily cause deformation and uneven wear.

In addition, the reversed brake disc can also be caused by the surface of the brake disc fitted to the absolutely flat non-contact trailer rack. This may be due to the disassembly process or local deformation caused.

The most recognizable sign of the brake disc phenomenon is reversed when the brakes show a sudden vibration, the brakes deviate to one side (robbery when braking). When the brake pedal is pressing the brake pedal, the brake pedal is vibrated and bounced slightly; if the pressure is greater, the pedal vibrates more strongly. At that time, the driver felt that the steering wheel was also shaking, it was obvious that the brakes were not effective.

For vehicles with ABS braking system should be very careful, when smoothing brake discs must consider the minimum allowable thickness. Some cars cannot be overcome by smoothing the brake disc, but having to replace the brake disc when it is scratched or worn. See details at:But important note when repairing car brakes"

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