Checking Cars During and After the Trip

Checking the Vehicle During the Trip

Car inspection during and after the trip not only helps to detect problems early, but also saves maintenance costs and maintains the car longer. However, not everyone knows how to fully and effectively inspect a vehicle. In the next post, Thanh Phong Auto will guide specifically the most accurate steps to check the car during and after the trip for your reference. Let's explore together!

Guide to Checking Cars During the Trip

When driving, vehicle owners need to absolutely comply with the Road Traffic Law regarding signs and signals on the road...

In addition, the driver must observe and pay attention to the signals on the Taplo meter (engine rpm, running speed, engine temperature, oil temperature, engine temperature...) strange noises and cries to take timely measures when problems occur.

Checking the Vehicle During the Trip
Checking the Vehicle During the Trip

Some common warning signals while driving a car include:

Basic warning

If the car door indicator light is open, the trunk is open, and the seat belt is not fastened, the vehicle owner can check and adjust it to suit the general requirements.

Low hazard warning

The vehicle displays operating warnings related to brakes, collision sensors, 360 cameras... At this time, the car no longer meets the standard operating conditions, so it is necessary to drive carefully, avoid speeding, overtaking carelessly. cause traffic insecurity. After completing the trip, take the car to the garage immediately for a team of technicians to check and fix the problem.

Black Warning in Car
Warning Lights On Cars


The check Engine light is on, indicating that there is a problem with the engine system or related components (electrical system, control system, etc.). In this case, vehicle owners should drive very carefully and cut unnecessary travel to get to the garage for inspection as quickly as possible.

Warning is especially dangerous

Firstly, when the temperature meter indicates that the temperature is above the permissible limit, the driver pulls over to the side of the road, checks where the cause is coming from and takes appropriate action, namely:

  • Wrong temperature sensor: If you check and do not detect any problems on the car, it is likely that the heat sensor is having a problem. In this case, the car owner can continue driving and, after completing the journey, take the car to the garage to be checked and repaired/replaced the heat sensor.
  • Coolant water shortage / depletion: If the coolant capacity is lower than the specified level, it needs to be refilled, and if the water runs out, the engine must be turned off, let the engine cool down, and then refilled.
  • In other cases such as the radiator fan not working, the cooling system leaking, etc., it is necessary to stop the car and call the car for help.

Second, when you see a car showing a warning of low oil / insufficient lubrication, stop the car to check. If the car lacks oil, fill it up, if it's still enough, it's still missing, then try the gas to see if the light goes off because it may be because the oil pump is weak, the oil path is stuck. Especially in case the oil warning is associated with a hot engine and an abnormal sound, go to the nearest garage to check and fix the problem.

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Guide to Checking Cars After a Trip

After each trip, vehicle owners need to check a number of issues to ensure safety and continue to use the vehicle in a sustainable way, including:

  • Check and handle food spilled on cars to avoid food decomposition, odor and affecting the health of vehicle users.
  • Check fuel level: Check the fuel level in the fuel tank to see if there is enough fuel for the next trip.
  • Check Engine Oil: Check engine oil level and refill if necessary. Oil is vital to keeping your engine running smoothly and ensuring maximum performance.
  • Check coolant level: Check coolant level and refill if necessary. Coolant helps maintain engine operating temperature.
  • Tire Check: Check tire pressure and wear to ensure that they are safe enough to use on onward journeys.
  • Check lights: Check that all headlights, taillights, signal lights and brake lights are working properly.
  • Check other parts: Check other parts such as brakes, seat belts, windshield washer fluid tank, air filter, seat belts, gear lever, etc. to see if they are still in good use.

Watch Thanh Phong Auto's detailed instruction video:

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The service areas Thanh Phong Auto provides to customers include:

  • Car cleaning service: car wash, interior cleaning, engine cleaning, air filter cleaning, air conditioning system cleaning, brake system cleaning, steering system cleaning...
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  • Car repair service: Check, diagnose and repair problems of cars that are encountered.
  • Car rescue service: 24/7 fast and timely car rescue and relief.

Check the Car During and After the Trip Genuine Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Advantages of using the service at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • The team of technicians has a high level of expertise and experience in the industry.
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  • Replace genuine spare parts of type 1, say no to fake goods, poor quality goods.
  • Professional service attitude, friendly and dedicated to each customer.
  • Long-term and thoughtful warranty service.

Hope the article shares about How to check the car during and after the trip will be useful to you during vehicle operation. See more knowledge about umbrellas on our website!

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