Instructions for Adjusting Car Rearview Mirror Correctly

Uses of Car Rearview Mirrors

Car rearview mirror helps you to travel on the road more easily, despite the high density of vehicles. However, they can be damaged by car accidents or by excessive force of mirror rotation. So when repair - replace car rearview mirror how? What should be paid attention to? Together Thanh Phong Auto Find out in the following article!

Effects of Car Rearview Mirror

Car mirror is a part installed on the outside of the vehicle to help the driver see the area on both sides and outside the driver's line of vision.

Rearview mirror brings many conveniences to car drivers when participating in traffic - helping to ensure the safety of the driver and people around. The driver can see behind without looking back. When you want to change lanes, turn, stop or accelerate, simply check all the mirrors. This operation only takes 5-8 seconds to help control all operations better.

Uses of Car Rearview Mirrors
Car Rearview Mirror Helps You Easily Observe While Driving

Note Using Car Rearview Mirror Safely, Long-Term

Everyone understands the role of car rearview mirror but not everyone knows how to use the mirror properly. Here are some important notes for drivers to keep in mind when using mirrors:

  • Before entering traffic, align the rearview mirror to the right eye level, covering the viewing angles. During driving, pay attention to the mirror to control the driving direction well and avoid sudden collisions.
  • Every 5-8 seconds, check the rearview mirror once to ensure a safe distance from the person behind and promptly adjust to unexpected situations (even when traveling on highways).
  • When you want to change lanes or reverse, vehicle owners need to look at the rearview mirror and side mirror to see if there is ventilation, if there is anyone in the blind spot.
  • If you are new to cars or in an area with bad terrain, vehicle owners can adjust the mirror down a bit before reversing to see the rear of the car near the road surface, avoiding collisions with low-level obstacles.
  • Clean the rearview mirror regularly to ensure durability and visibility.
  • When parking, it is necessary to choose a space with plenty of space to avoid collisions with the rearview mirror with other obstacles.
How to Use Car Rearview Mirrors Correctly
How to Use Car Rearview Mirrors to Always Last Longer

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When to Repair - Replace Car Rearview Mirror?

  • Broken or cracked mirrors: If the rearview mirror is cracked quite significantly, it can affect the driver's ability to see. Especially with large cracks, visibility will be limited, making it difficult to monitor the traffic situation on the road.
  • Dirty car mirrors: Uncleanable stains appear on the mirror, distracting the driver when observing.
  • Broken light dimming function: Mirrors with reflective dimming are found in some modern vehicles. If you have to move at night, this function is very useful to help the driver of the vehicle not be dazzled.
  • Broken car rearview mirror: broken car mirror due to impact affects the driver's ability to see. Whether broken on one side or the whole, the replacement is also extremely urgent.

Self Repair Steps – Replace Car Rearview Mirror

In fact, you can install your own rearview mirror easily through a few simple steps:

  • Before repairing the rearview mirror of a car, you need to prepare all the necessary tools such as rearview mirror, glass cleaning tool, razor ...
  • Lower the window on the car door to the lowest level.
  • Remove the button on the rearview mirror of the car.
  • Use a hair dryer to blow heat onto the windshield area.
  • Clean the windshield carefully and make sure to completely clean up any remaining glue. Then use a quality glass cleaning solution to clean the windshield again.
  • Determine the correct position to install the rearview mirror: for old cars, car owners can use adhesive tape to mark. As for a new car, you can rest assured that it has been marked by the company.
  • Apply a special adhesive for the rearview mirror to the inside surface and allow to dry.
  • Apply glue to the rearview mirror base, press firmly for 1 minute until the glass is firmly attached.
  • Install the rearview mirror according to the joint removed.
How to Adjust Car Rearview Mirror
Steps to Repair and Replace New Rear View Mirrors for Cars

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Choose a Prestigious Car Rearview Mirror Repair Center

If you do not have time to repair your car's rearview mirror, you can take the car to a reputable garage. And we - Thanh phong It is a suggestion not to be missed. Here, you will be consulted to share samples rearview mirror suitable for car exterior as well as personal financial ability. After that, Thanh Phong proceeded to replace with new glass to help ensure safety during the move.

Installing a mirror / rearview mirror at Thanh Phong, the driver is committed to:

  • Install firmly, in accordance with the technical requirements of each vehicle model.
  • Genuine replacement mirror, quality assurance, aesthetics and visibility.
  • Competitive prices compared to the general market.

The above has been shared related to repair/replace car rearview mirror. Thereby, when the car's rear glass is broken, you need to replace them to ensure the safety of everyone in the car and easier on the road.

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