Experience Selecting The Best Battery For Your Car

- Experience in Choosing the Best Battery for Your Car
Latest update date: February 16, 05

For cars, the battery is an extremely important part. The battery is a place to store electricity and provide power for the start-up process of cars. Not only that, it is also a power supply for the loads such as sound systems, lighting ... when the car is not in operation.

Battery plays an important role, so you have to choose your car that best fits. In this article, Thanh Phong Auto Introduce to you how to choose the best battery for your car. Subscribe to this article!

Classification of batteries

Battery includes two types of water battery and acid battery.

  • Water battery

- Experience in Choosing the Best Battery for Your Car

Previously, the battery designed outside was a rectangular box with two handles. Inside are many small compartments containing lead foil, alternating metal and dilute acid solution. Above each compartment there is a separate screw cap. This type of battery contains water and is added periodically so it is often called water battery.

  • Acid batteries designed in an airtight fashion

- Experience in Choosing the Best Battery for Your Car

Nowadays, with the development of the automobile industry, batteries have also been greatly improved. Does not contain water and of course does not need periodic water replenishment, so it is called dry battery. But actually this word is incorrect because it is designed to be air-tight with a dielectric H2SO4 gel.

Advantages and disadvantages of water and dry batteries

  • Advantages and disadvantages of dry battery



Suitable for cars that travel less or go near. 

Still not running out of power for long periods of time.

Many types of sealed batteries must be imported so they have a high price.

After generating a large current, the voltage is restored faster thanks to the high-voltage charging current. This does not affect the excitation operation.

When you are on the road or in an urgent need, the car may suddenly run out of electricity, causing obstacles for users.

The closed design does not release any air so it does not cause an unpleasant odor.


No need to add gelidic acid H2SO4 during use.


No need to add water periodically and maintenance.


Sealed battery design using modern technology should be very durable and strong for users.


The surrounding metal is not corrosive to acid, so it does not rust check.


- Experience in Choosing the Best Battery for Your Car

With the disadvantage of this type of sealed battery, in case the driver runs out of electricity in the middle of the road, the driver should bring a set of fishing lines on the car.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of water batteries



Suitable for long-distance driving and traveling. 

Strong current.

If not in use, the electric charge must be recharged every 3 months.

The structure is simple and domestically produced, so the price is lower.

Additional signing should be made when the electrolyte is lower than the prescribed level.

Can be used for other purposes such as other vehicles or lighting.

The design is not airtight, so the charged air emits an unpleasant odor.

Running out of power slowly, users are more active and can automatically recover when left for long. 

Shelf life is lower than the sealed battery.


Metal rusted by acid evaporates.


May cause fire or explosion when sparking occurs

- Experience in Choosing the Best Battery for Your Car

Should you use a dry battery or a water battery?

Once you know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of battery, the question is which one to use for your car?

Depending on the purpose of use by customers, car repair experts will advise accordingly. Most cars under 9 seats near the city often use dry batteries because it is compact, safe and convenient. But not so that water battery can not be consumed. Trucks or long-distance vehicles still use a lot of water batteries.

- Experience in Choosing the Best Battery for Your Car

Depending on customers' economic conditions to choose the type of battery. Dry batteries are simple to assemble, and do not need maintenance, the price is high. As for cheap battery water, you must regularly add water and maintain.

Whether the battery or any other device, if you choose a high price, good quality product, you will still need to take care and take care of it in order for the product to have time to use. durable. And the battery is no exception, whether it is an airtight design battery or a water battery.

If you are confused in choosing a battery for your car, please come to Thanh Phong. We will advise and provide to your car the appropriate type of battery Best.

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