Cautions When Choosing To Buy Automotive Tire Pumps

Notes When Choosing To Buy Genuine Car Tire Pumps Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Equipping a car tire pump is something that car owners should consider, it will help you fix problems such as tire leaks, tires, perforation, ... in a timely manner. Especially, for those who often have to run long distances or empty roads is extremely important.

With this post, Thanh Phong Auto Please share with readers some notes on purchasing quality, suitable car tire pumps. Stay tuned.

Benefits of Equipping Automotive Tire Pumps

Electronic Car Tire Pump
Electronic Car Tire Pump
  • Owners are more active in balancing the tire pressure of the car and ensuring the tire pressure is at the standard level. Helps improve tire life and makes trips safer.
  • Promptly overcome problems such as: tire spraying, tire sticking ... especially on empty roads, highways ... unable to reach repair addresses in time.
  • The car tire pump has a compact design, easy to use, helping to save costs for vehicle owners.

Cautions When Choosing To Buy Automotive Tire Pumps

In order to choose the best and suitable automotive tire pump, the following important factors should be kept in mind:

Select pump according to needs

Currently, there are many different types of automobile tire pumps on the market, but the most popular ones are still pneumatic pumps and pedal pumps.

  • Pneumatic pump type: Compact design, fast pumping time, no noise, but difficult to use and higher price than other types.
  • Foot pedal pump: Simple design, high durability, easy to use, cheap price, but need to use power to pump, so it often becomes difficult for women.
Foot Pedal Tire Pump
Foot Pedal Car Tire Pump

Choose a pump with the right capacity for the tire

In some cases, vehicle owners, because of cost savings, should choose pumps with small capacity. This will cause an unbalanced tire pressure, shortages of steam, and the pump may burn out. Therefore, you should consider buying automobile tire pumps with a capacity suitable for your vehicle model.

  • Line of 4-7 seats: Select pumps with small capacity such as ACR 120 Psi, MICHELIN 12266 pump, STEELMATE pump, ...
  • Large models such as SUV, MVP, pickup,…: you need to choose a 2-cylinder car tire pump such as ACR Super, ACR MAX,… with a minimum capacity of 60-80 L / P or more.

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Equip and feature of the pump

Note when buying automobile tire pumps should prioritize the types with extension lines and multiple pump heads for convenience when pulling the rope or used for many different purposes.

Select tire pump with electronic gauges, the units of pressure are clearly divided for easy control of the exact amount of steam to be pumped to the tire.

Tire Pump With Pressure Gauge
Tire Pump With Pressure Gauge

In terms of pump performance, you should choose those that are equipped with a self-disconnecting feature with sufficient pressure preset to ensure safety and convenience when using.

Choose to buy car tire pumps from reputable brands

You should buy tire pumps from reputable brands with clear origins to ensure the quality and pressure of the pump tires. Some types of tire pumps Currently on the market can mention some of the following quality automotive tire pumps: Michelin 12260, Michelin 12266, Steel Mate, ACR Super, Toyota, AIK Japan, Mini Xiaomi Mijia

Notes When Choosing To Buy Genuine Car Tire Pumps Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Xiaomi Mijjia Handheld Tire Pump

Cautions When Using Auto Tire Pumps

  • Pump tires according to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer to ensure smooth operation.
  • It is advisable to read the instruction manual carefully, remember the pressure level and set the correct level when pumping.
  • When the pump should pay attention to control the power source if the pump takes power directly from the battery, avoid fire and explosion.

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Thanh Phong Auto has just shared with readers some Note when choosing to buy car tire pump. Hopefully, the above information will help you own a suitable and quality tire pump for your beloved car.

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