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- Top 8 Best Experiences for Buying Auto Insurance
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After owning a car, the owner will learn and buy auto insurance, partly to be circulated, partly to limit the risk. Currently on the market there are quite a lot of car insurance business units, and there are many different prices that make buyers wonder when to choose. To help buyers better understand, we will list the Top 8 best car insurance experience, for reference when needed.

Auto insurance has many benefits
Auto insurance has many benefits  

Learn about types of insurance

Currently there are 4 forms of automobile insurance, 1 compulsory insurance and the other 3 types are voluntary insurance.

  • Compulsory insurance for civil liability of motor vehicle owners.
  • Insurance of vehicle owners' civil liability for goods transported on vehicles.
  • Physical damage insurance for motor vehicles and passengers.
  • Insurance for passengers in cars and auxiliary drivers.
When buying car insurance, you should choose a reputable company
When buying car insurance, you should choose a reputable company

Choose a reputable insurance company

There are many providers of auto insurance services, with domestic and foreign companies. The forms and values ​​of these insurances are also varied. From simple insurance like hull insurance to genuine component insurance, or full auto insurance.

Therefore, the buyer should carefully understand the insurance company by setting comparative criteria such as: fee level, procedure, compensation liability level, support, and procedure to solve the problem, Standard repair service.

Some reputable insurance companies:

  • Bao Viet Insurance
  • Bao Minh Insurance
  • BIDV Insurance
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • PVI Insurance
  • PTI insurance

+ Note: Top 5 information to know about UIC automobile insurance

Choose the right insurance package

Choosing an appropriate package for your car is what you need to pay attention. Some experiences of professionals in the profession such as:

  • For mid-range cars you can depend on your financial level to choose the types of insurance such as hull insurance and flooding insurance (water attack).
  • As for the high-value cars, you can choose more like: parts theft insurance, ...

Carefully read the introduction to the insurance policy

  • When buying from a consulting company, you should be cautious by reading the insurance policy brochure to avoid future regrets.
  • If you meet a qualified staff member they will advise you on the appropriate appropriate insurance package. But there are some employees for personal gain, so advising you with insurance that doesn't match the value of the car can be a waste.
  • Reading your insurance policy will help you find the best insurance for your vehicle and help you understand insurance and how to handle the problem.
Read the introductory document about insurance rules to avoid later regrets.
Read the introductory document about insurance rules to avoid later regrets.

Understand your rights and responsibilities

  • To be compensated quickly when an incident occurs, you need to understand your rights and responsibilities to know how to correctly resolve them.
  • This helps you meet the essentials in line with the criteria that insurance companies require. Not mastering these rights is your disadvantage.

Liability of the insurance company

  • The degree of responsibility of each type of insurance and each insurance company is different, buyers should pay close attention to this issue.
  • Before you buy auto insurance, customers should research and refer to all insurance companies so that you can get the best quality insurance for your price.

Choose a reasonable deductible

  • Deducting or exemption is often the way the insurer encourages the insured to share their financial problems with the company. If you choose a high deductible, the cost of buying insurance is low and vice versa.
  • When registering to buy quality auto insurance, ensure benefits, you should choose a deduction level appropriate to the actual situation of the vehicle.

Mastering the claim procedures

  • Although many procedures, but you need to master to help you not get caught in the lawsuit when claim. This is the extremely valuable experience that you have used for just insurance.
  • Please provide adequate valid documents to the insurance seller when unfortunately an accident occurs

Find out carefully the items that are not covered

Find out carefully the items that are not covered

Above is all the necessary experience that the insured need to learn before choosing to buy insurance. Please choose carefully before buying so you and the car are best protected.

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