3 Experience in Recovering Cracked, Scratched, Fading Car Seat

3 Reputable Experiences in Restoring Cracked, Scratched - Frayed, Faded Car Seats at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
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Most car leather seats are made from real cowhide material. Although this material is common on most cars, they are rare to find. Therefore, the leather upholstery has high value and expresses the luxurious beauty of the car. So when the car seat is cracked holes, scratches ... what to do? The following article will share to you experiences Restoring a cracked automobile seat holes, scratches - frayed, fading. If you are also interested in this issue, do not rush through the following article.

Typically, a set of leather seats for cars is worth between 60 and 100 million. The exact price depends on the number, type of leather, and style of the chair. The reason to use real cowhide to cover car seats because it gives us a feeling of comfort and comfort. The characteristics of the cowhide upholstery are hygroscopic, lightweight, breathable and soft. Not only that, the seats are also very friendly to the environment because they can decompose, protecting the health of people sitting.

According to information from technicians working in the field of providing repair services. Car seats are cracked, torn, punctured, the surface of the skin is degraded (dull, yellow, discolored). At the same time, signs of aging appear on the surface of the skin such as peeling, roughness, cracks ... All of the above phenomena are caused by many causes. However, the main reason is that users do not know how to properly preserve and maintain the product.

Car Seats Can Have Many Problems If Not Maintained Properly
Car Seats Can Have Many Problems If Not Maintained Properly

Specific causes of car seat degradation

Perforated, torn leather car seats is mainly caused by deteriorated leather quality. The bonding on the surface of the skin is no longer solid so the skin can not withstand large impacts from outside. Not only that, human impact is also the main reason that holes in the skin surface are torn.

Leather car seats are not cleaned regularly. Normally, every 3 months, the leather seats of cars need to be cleaned once using specialized cleaning agents. The type of cleaning agent used to clean car leather seats is Leather Ultra Clean. Leaving the leather seat on the car for too long will not make the dirty dirt stick more firmly, affecting the outer skin leading to dull, degraded.

There are many reasons why the leather of a car seat is damaged
There are many reasons why the leather of a car seat is damaged

+ Note: 4 experience in maintaining Porsche cars

Process for repairing a car's leather seats with holes or holes

Step 1

Need to prepare all tools, machinery, equipment, chemicals.

Step 2

Examine the leather seats for cars, mark the faults on the surface of the leather, offer the most appropriate solution to fix leather seats.

Step 3

Cleaning car seats leather holes, torn.

Step 4

Begin to process the leather surface of car seats that are punctured, torn.

Step 5

You begin to patch the tears, cracks, cuts, holes, rashes, rotten and weak skin areas.

Step 6

Create a bonding layer on the surface of car leather seats.

Step 7

Start dyeing or painting your skin to the desired color. You need to rely on the characteristics of skin type to choose paint or dye accordingly.

Step 8

Use a special layer to spray over the skin surface.

Step 9

Use nutrients that protect the skin surface and complete the final stages. This will end the repair process of the leather of the car seat.

The process of repairing torn or punctured car seats requires complete steps
The process of repairing torn or punctured car seats requires complete steps

3 experience of preventing car leather seats cracking

If you want to increase the service life of car leather seats, you can apply some of the following:

  • The first way

Limit contact between chair and human skin repeatedly. There are many ways to limit the skin of people in direct contact with the seat leather, these are:

+ Using bamboo mats to cover leather seats.

+ Restricting children to play in the car cabin.

These methods all bring relatively good results
These methods all bring relatively good results
  • The second way

Limiting stopping and parking in the hot sun.

+ Note: 2 noted when repairing and maintaining car coolers

  • The second way

Vehicle owners should pay attention to the periodic maintenance of the car, using cleaning solutions and a special sealer for the skin.

It can be said that car leather seats are one of the relatively expensive equipment. If you apply the above measures, it will not only help the car's seats to limit the tearing, cracking, puncturing, coloring ... This is also a way to help you minimize unnecessary expenses.

Hopefully the information we share will help you have a more comprehensive view on the restoration of car seats that are torn, punctured, cracked, dull.

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