Auto Maintenance Experience Every Car Owner Should Know

Auto Maintenance Experience Every Car Owner Should Know
Latest update date: February 14, 05

Along with regular maintenance, self-maintenance of the car is also very important. This will help your pet always be "healthy", limit many risks when traveling, bring the most comfortable experience in every trip.

So, how should you take care of your car at home? In this article, Thanh Phong Auto will teach you how to maintain your car yourself that any car owner should know.

Tires And Tire Pressure

It will not be difficult to see cars with worn-out tires on the street. This situation seriously affects the safety and longevity of the car, but is ignored by many car owners.

Regularly Check Tire Condition and Tire Pressure to Ensure Safety
Regularly Check Tire Condition and Tire Pressure to Ensure Safety

Before moving, you should go around the vehicle and carefully check the 4 tires for wear, underinflated, stuck foreign objects. Because if the tires are not in the best condition, the grip on the road will decrease, it is easy to slip and increase the risk of traffic accidents.

Cars have a tire pressure control system (TPMS). If the pressure reading drops below 25%, the system will activate the warning light. At that time, you should inflate the tire to ensure safety when traveling. See more articles: Instructions on how to protect car tires effectively and durablely.

Car Light System

Headlights and rear lights on cars are extremely important, helping car owners navigate on low-light roads or at night. You need to check these parts regularly to ensure safety on the road as well as avoid violating traffic laws.

Check the Car Light System
Check the Car Light System

In case the lamp is found to have low light, it is necessary to bring the car to the company for inspection, warranty, and correct bulb replacement. It is not recommended to replace the high-powered bulb yourself, as this will not only void the vehicle's warranty, but may also affect other components. See more: The reason for the quick failure of the headlights

Clean, Vacuum the Interior Regularly

Regular cleaning and vacuuming of the interior and floor of the car will help keep the car's space smelling clean. Not only that, this habit also prevents mold, dirt, maintains the new clean condition of the car, increases the transfer value later.

Regularly Clean and Vacuum Car Interiors
Regularly Clean and Vacuum Car Interiors

To properly clean and clean the car, without affecting the quality of the parts on the car, you should use specialized cleaning solutions (especially for leather, felt, plastic, rubber, etc.) metal,…).

Checking Car Fluids

Even those who never manually change the oil, apply the power steering fluid or the coolant to the car should know how to check the amount of fluid left in the car.

Check Liquids Such as Lubricants and Coolant in Cars
Oil Detector Stick

You can test the fluid levels in your car with an oil dipstick. Here are specific instructions:

Step 1: Prepare the oil dipstick.

Before you start checking your vehicle's fluid levels, you'll need some oil dipsticks (these dipsticks can be purchased at auto parts stores or auto repair garages).

Step 2: Find the liquid container.

Next, you need to determine the location of the liquid tanks on the vehicle. These containers often have brightly colored screw caps or are marked with symbols and initials so they are easy to find.

Step 3: Check the liquid level.

Once you have located the fluid reservoirs, you can start checking the liquid level with the oil dipstick. The steps are as follows:

  • Open the lid of the container containing the liquid to be tested.
  • Take an oil dipstick and insert it into the dipstick's measuring tube.
  • Pull out the dipstick and check the liquid level on the dipstick. The oil dipstick will show the liquid level on the scale.
  • Compare the liquid level on the dipstick with the scale to determine the current liquid level.

* Note: When checking the fluid levels on the car, you need to make sure that the vehicle is parked in a flat and safe place (away from electricity, sources of fire). Also, read the manufacturer's manual carefully to ensure the safety of yourself and your vehicle.

Vehicle Exterior Check

On the outside, you should pay attention to 2 important parts: the windshield and the wipers. If the windshield is cracked, it is easy to break when there is an external force or when traveling on bumpy roads. And if the wiper is worn, the rubber part will make the glass easily scratched and the wiper is ineffective, obstructing vision when participating in traffic.

Check Car Exterior Care
Check Car Exterior Care

In addition, you should also pay attention to the exterior paint. If you see that the car is scratched, discolored, peeling, etc., it is necessary to bring the car to the garage immediately, to avoid leaving it for a long time will make the situation worse and cost more to repair and repaint. See details: Car exterior care service in Ho Chi Minh City in Thanh Phong.

Some Other Notes When Self-Care, Car Maintenance At Home

In order for the self-care and car maintenance to be effective, help you save a lot of repair costs and keep the car last longer, you need to pay more attention to the following points:

  • It is recommended to clean and wash the car when the weather is less sunny because the hot sun will make the cleaning solution and water dry quickly, easily leaving stains on the car's surface. In case it is sunny, you should prioritize washing your car indoors.
  • Should invest in basic cleaning and car care tools such as cleaning cloths, cleaning solutions, brooms, brushes, gloves, oil dipsticks, oil hoppers, tire pressure gauges, etc. Maintain the vehicle effectively.
  • Cleaning and maintenance solutions should be purchased genuine to help the parts on the car be cleaned, kept new, and increased longevity.
    It is recommended to dry the interior and exterior of the car before use to avoid moldy, stagnant water, chemical odors, etc. affect the health of the user.

Watch detailed instructions via Video of Thanh Phong Auto

Thus, Thanh Phong Auto has shared some Experience in self-maintenance of cars at home. Hope this article will help you take care of your pet in the most effective way. Any questions about the car repair - maintenance - care service or products of Thanh Phong Auto, you can contact us for dedicated advice!

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