How To Know Damaged Wheel Bearings

How to know if the wheel bearings are damaged high-class Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Bearings (ball bearings) are an important part of a car that play a role in transmitting movement and reducing friction. Thanks to the bearings, the sliding friction between the hub and the wheel shafts becomes rolling friction, causing less damage as other types of friction. If you do not want the bearings and wheel axles to wear out quickly, you should have regular maintenance so that the grease does not degenerate, damage, reduce the lubrication effect. Posts today Thanh Phong Auto will introduce you to the phenomenon of identifying broken car bearings.

How to know the best damaged wheel bearings Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Wheel bearings are very simple structure, it is the steel ball bearings or cylinders are kept in metal rings. The balls will roll on the inner metal ring, while the outer metal ring holds the ball. This operation will be lubricated with grease. The bearings are usually located in the trailers and are fixed with nuts as well as rings.

Damaged bearings will show what?

How to know the best damaged wheel bearings Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Usually damaged bearings will have the following main symptoms:

The area where the wheels make noise: When the grease lubricates in the bearing degenerate the bearings will cause friction and broken bearings. Leading to the moving wheel will cause unpleasant noise and gradually destroy the wheel axle.

Car shook when moving: If the wheels show signs of not moving in or out of motion, the bearings are damaged or too loose. Therefore when driving often lost control or difficult to control.

Tire wear is uneven: Unevenly worn tires can be caused by many different reasons, including ball bearings. So if you see uneven abrasion of the tires, try checking the wheel bearings, forks, or rotors.

There is a burning smell: In addition to the symptoms on a damaged drive can also cause a burning smell. Metal filings appear in the grease layer, which can cause wheel damage if you do not detect it early.

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What causes bearings to be damaged?

How to know the best damaged wheel bearings Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Steel quality: The manufacture of ball bearings requires high precision and complex processes. If using poor quality steel, it will easily generate heat during operation and quickly damage.

The temperature is too high: All bearings are manufactured with good heat resistant materials. However, if in the process of using the wheel temperature is too high, degreasing grease leads to metal surface cracking and peeling.

Water enters the bearing: Water is also an enemy of bearings because water corrodes metal and damages the grease on bearings.

Sealing seal is damaged: If the seal seal is damaged leading to dirt entering the bearing, damaging the lubricant layer, the bearing is also damaged. The bearings in the bearing will be basketball, strong and make noise.

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Thus, if your car has the above expression, do not hesitate, please bring it to the car service center for repair immediately. Because the bearing is a very important part that cannot be rescheduled. Above Thanh Phong Auto has told you some signs of damaged bearings. If you need to repair and renew your driver, come to Thanh Phong Auto.

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