The 11th Discount of the Year, A92 Gasoline is VND 19.930 / liter

11th Price Discount of the Year, Genuine A92 Gasoline 19.930 VND/Liter Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 09, 10

From today's 13H (6 / 12), Vietnam National Petroleum Group Petrolimex has officially reduced gasoline prices. Accordingly, gasoline RON 92 decreased 320 VND / liter, diesel decreased by VNDUMUMUM / liter, kerosene decreased VNDUMUMX / liter. If compared to the recent time, at noon on the day of 240 / 280, with the decrease to 22 VND / liter of A11 gasoline, the decrease today is not significant, especially compared to the changes in petrol and oil prices on the world market. .

11th Price Discount of the Year, Genuine A92 Gasoline 19.930 VND/Liter Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

After falling, retail gasoline prices to the market in turn are as follows: gasoline RON 92 price 19.930 VND / liter, diesel oil price VNDUMUMX / liter, kerosene price 18.410 VND / liter.

Petrolimex leaders said that the reduction of gasoline prices this time stems from the fact that the price of finished petroleum products on the world market in the price cycle is in accordance with the principle of price determination in Decree No. 83. / 2014 / ND-CP dated September 3, 9 of the Government on petroleum business (Decree 2014), and documents guiding the implementation of Decree 83 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade - Finance.

This is the 11 gasoline price down continuously since the beginning of the year, the total reduction is VNDUMUMX / liter. Previously, at the decrease of the 5.710 price on the day of 10 / 22, the price of gasoline RON 11, RON 95 decreased by VNDUMUMX / liter, diesel decreased by VNDUMUMX / liter, kerosene decreased by VNDUMUMX / liter, madut oil decreased by VNDUMUMX / kg.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the reason for the decrease in petrol price this time is that the Ministry of Finance has just increased the petrol import tax rate to a fairly large level.

Specifically, the gasoline import tax increased by 9% (from 18% to 27%), the import tax of diesel increased by 9% (from 14% to 23%), the import tax of petroleum increased by 10% (from 16% to 26). %).

In addition to the tax adjustment, the Petroleum Stabilization Fund is also reduced from VND 5,000 / liter to VND 5,000 / liter for all types of gasoline (engine gasoline, diesel, kerosene). and madut oils).

Along with the movements of world petrol and oil prices in the daily price calculation period. From the date of 15 / 22 to 11 / 6, the average price of Singapore Platt with RON 12 gasoline is USDUMUMX / barrel, diesel 92S is USDUMXX / barrel, kerosene is USDUMUMX / barrel and madut 81,289CST 0,05S is USDUMXX USD /ton.

Predicting the profit for the whole year of export turnover, Mr. Tran Ngoc Nam, Deputy General Director of Petrolimex said that if the world oil price continues to fall, it will greatly affect the business results of the Group.

According to Diep Sa - Zing News

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